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词汇book2 unit5

Unit 5


1. Roll n 1 卷状物 Wallpaper is bought in rolls. 壁纸是成卷买的. a roll of carpet, film, cloth 一卷地毯、 胶 卷、 布. a man with rolls of fat around his stomach 腹部有层层肥肉的男子. 2

小圆面包 Six brown rolls, please. 请给我来六个黑面包. a bacon and tomato roll 腌猪肉加西红柿馅的面包. 3 摇摆; 摇晃; (左右)翻滚 The slow, steady roll of the ship made us feel sick.船老是晃晃悠悠的, 弄得我们很恶心. walk with a nautical roll 走路摇摇晃晃(像海员似的) 4 正式的表册; 登记表; (尤指)名单, 花名册 call/read the roll in school, class 在学校、 班...里点名. roll ??v 1 [Ipr, Ip,, Tn.p] (使某物)滚动 The ball rolled down the hill. 球滚下了山. The coin fell and rolled away. 硬币掉下滚走了. men rolling barrels across a yard 滚著圆桶经过院子的人 Roll it over and look at the other side. 把它翻滚过来看看另一面. 2 [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn,, Tn.p] (使某物)转动, 旋转, 转圈 a porpoise rolling in the water 在水中翻滚的鼠海豚 rolling a pencil between his fingers 把铅笔夹在他的指头上捻. 3 [Ipr, Ip, Tn,, Tn.p, Dn.n] ~ (sth) (up) (将某物)卷或绕成球形或圆柱形; 卷起(某物) I always roll my own (cigarettes). 我总是抽自己卷的(烟). roll string, wool (up) into a ball 把细绳、 毛线等绕成线团 4 [Tn,] 将(某人[某物])包或裹在某物内 He rolled himself (up) in his blanket. 他用毛毯裹住身体. 2. folk n 1 [pl v] (a) people in general 人们 Some old folk(s) have peculiar tastes. 有些老人有特殊的爱好. Well, folks, what are we going to do today? 喂, 各位, 今天咱们干什麽? (b) 某一国家(的地区)的人们; 与某种生活方式有关的人们: country folk 乡下人 townsfolk 城里人 farming folk 从事农业劳动的人. 2 folks [pl] (infml 口) (a) 家属; 亲戚 How are your folks? 你家里人好吗? (b) (esp US) 父母 Have you ever met my folks? 你见过我父母吗? 3 [attrib 作定语] 民间的,流传于民间的 folk-music 民间音乐 a folk concert 民间音乐会.

3. attach 1.[VN] ~ sth (to sth)把…固定,把…附(在…上) : I attach a copy of the spreadsheet. 我隨電子郵件附上電子表格一份。 They have attached a number of conditions to the agreement. 他們在協議上附加了一些條件。 2.[VN] ~ importance, significance, value, weight (to sth) 認為有重要性(或意義、價值、分量等) ;重視 : I attach great importance to this research. 我認為這項研究十分重要。 3. [VN] ~ yourself to sb (有時不受歡迎或未受邀請而)參加,和…在一起,纏着 : He attached himself to me at the party and I couldn't get rid of him. 在聚會上他老是纏着我,我簡直無法擺脫他。 4. ~ sth/sb to sb/sth (esp passive 尤用於被动语态) 使隶属於; 使附属于 You'll be attached to this department until the end of the year. 你在年底前将暂属於这一部门. This middle school is attached to the Normal University. 5. ~ to sb/ sth (formal)(使)與…有聯繫;與…有關連 : [V] No one is suggesting that any health risks attach to this product. 沒有人指出這個產品可能會危害健康。 No blame attaches to you. 你一點責任也沒有。 [VN] This does not attach any blame to you. 這事你一點責任也沒有。 4. form n TYPE 類型 1.[C]类型,种类: forms of transport/ government/ energy 運輸種類;政體類型;能源種類 one of the most common forms of cancer 最普通的一種癌症 WAY STH IS/ LOOKS 形式 2. [C, U] 形式;外表;樣子 : The disease can take several different forms. 這種疾病可能有幾種不同的形式。 Help in the form of money will be very welcome. 以錢的形式資助將十分受歡迎。 The training programme takes the form of a series of workshops. 培訓課程採取一系列研討會的形式。 We need to come to some form of agreement. 我們需要達成某種形式的協議。 3. [C]表格 : an application/ entry/ order form 申請╱報名表;訂貨單 to fill in a form 填表 (especially NAmE) to fill out a form 填表 (BrE) a booking form 預訂單 ? (NAmE) a reservation form 預訂單 SHAPE 形狀 4.[C] 形狀;體形 : her slender form 她苗條的身段 The human form has changed little over the last 30 000 years. 3 萬多年以來,人的體形沒有多大變化。 BEING FIT/ HEALTHY 健壯;健康 5. [U] (BrE) 體能;良好的健康狀態 : After one months' training the whole team is in superb form. 經過半年的訓練,全隊狀態極佳。 I really need to get back in form. 我實在需要恢復狀態。 The horse was clearly out of form. 這匹馬顯然狀態不佳。 In form 状态良好 out of form 状态不佳 On (good) form (表现方面)状态很好,在状态 Off form 状态不好 As a matter of form 按照惯例 Partners of employees are invited as a matter of form. 按慣例,雇員的配偶受到了邀請。 Good form/bad form 有礼貌的/失礼的 Take form 逐漸成形; 漸漸發展 : In her body a new life was taking form. 一個新的生命在她的體內逐漸形成。

Form v START TO EXIST 開始存在 1.(尤指自然事物) (使)出現,產生 : [V] Flowers appeared, but fruits failed to form. 開了花,但沒有結果。 Storm clouds are forming on the horizon. 天邊出現了暴雨雲。 [VN] These hills were formed by glaciation. 這些山丘是冰川作用形成的。 2.(使)形成 : [V] A plan formed in my head. 一個計劃在我的頭腦中形成。 [VN] I formed many close friendships at college. 我大學時結交了許多密友。 I didn't see enough of the play to form an opinion about it. 我對這部戲劇瞭解得不夠,說不出什麼意見。 MAKE SHAPE/ FORM 使成形 3. [VN] [often passive] ~ sth (into sth) | ~ sth (from/ of sth)(使)成形,組成;製作 : Form the dough into balls with your hands. 用手把生面粉揉成一些球團。 Bend the wire so that it forms a 'V'. 把鐵絲彎成 V 形。 Rearrange the letters to form a new word. 重新排列字母,組成另一單詞。 The chain is formed from 136 links. 這根鏈條由 136 個環組成。 4. ~ (sb/ sth) (up) (into sth)(使)排列成,排成 : [VN] to form a line/ queue/ circle 排成一行╱長列╱圈 First get students to form groups of four. 首先讓學生分成四人一組。 5. earn 1.掙得;賺得;掙錢 : [VN] He earns about $40 000 a year. 他一年大約掙 4 萬元。 She earned a living as a part-time secretary. 她靠做兼職秘書為生。 She must earn a fortune (= earn a lot of money). 她準是掙了一大筆錢。 [VNN] His victory in the tournament earned him $50 000. 他在這次錦標賽中獲勝,掙得了 5 萬元。 [V] All the children are earning now. 所有子女都在掙錢了 2. [VN]. 生(利) ;獲(利) :Your money would earn more in a high-interest account. 你的錢放在高利息賬戶裏可獲利更多 3. 應得;博得;贏得 : [VN] He earned a reputation as an expert on tax law. 他贏得了稅法專家的美名。 As a teacher, she had earned the respect of her students. 作為教師,她贏得了學生的尊敬。 I need a rest. I think I've earned it, don't you? 我需要休息一下。我覺得應該讓我歇一歇,你說是不是? [VNN] His outstanding ability earned him a place on the team. 他非凡的能耐為他在隊中贏得了一席之地。 Idm earn a/ your 'crust 掙錢餬口;謀生 earn your 'keep 1. 掙口飯吃;為有棲身之處而工作 2. 值得所花的時間(或金錢) : He felt he no longer deserved such a high salary. He just wasn't earning his keep. 他認為他不應再得到那麼高的薪金了。他根本不配拿那麼多錢。 6. perform 1. [VN]做;履行;執行 carry out : to perform an experiment/ a miracle/ a ceremony 做實驗;創奇跡;舉行儀式 She performs an important role in our organization. 她在我們的組織中發揮着重要的作用。 This operation has never been performed in this country. 這個國家從未做過這種手術。

A computer can perform many tasks at once. 電腦能同時做多項工作。 2. 演出;表演 : [VN] to perform somersaults/ magic tricks 表演空翻╱魔術 The play was first performed in 1987. 這個劇於 1987 年首次上演。 I'd like to hear it performed live. 我希望聽現場演出。 [V] to perform on the flute 吹奏長笛 3. [V] ~ (well/ badly/ poorly) 工作,運轉(好╱不好) : The engine seems to be performing well. 發動機似乎運轉正常。 The company has been performing poorly over the past year. 這家公司過去一年業績欠佳。 7. rely re'ly on/ upon sb/ sth 1. 依賴;依靠 : As babies, we rely entirely on others for food. 在嬰兒時期,我們完全依賴別人餵食。 [+ to inf ] These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work. 現在,我們在很大程度上依賴電腦來安排我們的工作。 [+ -ing ] The industry relies on the price of raw materials remaining low. 這一產業靠的是原料便宜, 不漲價。 2. 信任;信賴 : You should rely on your own judgement. 你應該相信你自己的判斷。 [+ to inf ] You can rely on me to keep your secret. 你可以相信我一定會為你保守秘密。 He can't be relied on to tell the truth. 不能指望他說真話。 Depend on count on calculate on 依靠,指望--8. familiar 1. ~ (to sb) 熟悉的;常見到的;常聽說的 : look/ sound/ taste familiar 看╱聽╱嚐起來熟悉 He's a familiar figure in the neighbourhood. 他在這個地區是大家熟悉的人物。 The smell is very familiar to everyone who lives near a bakery. 住在麪包店附近的人都很熟悉這種氣味。 Something about her voice was vaguely familiar. 她的聲音有點耳熟。 Violent attacks are becoming all too familiar (= sadly familiar). 暴力攻擊變成了司空見慣的現象。 2 ~ with sth 通曉;熟悉 : an area with which I had been familiar since childhood 我自幼就瞭若指掌的一個地區 Are you familiar with the computer software they use? 你熟悉他們使用的計算機軟件嗎? 3. ~ (with sb) 隨便的 : You seem to be on very familiar terms with your tutor. 你似乎和你的導師之間很隨便。 After a few drinks her boss started getting too familiar for her liking. 老闆幾杯酒下肚以後就開始令她覺得過分親昵。 9.attractive 1. (of a person 人)性感的;嫵媚的;英俊的;誘人的 : an attractive woman 嫵媚的女人 I like John but I don't find him attractive physically. 我喜歡約翰,不過我認為他長得並不英俊 2. pleasant 吸引人的;令人愉快的 : a big house with an attractive garden 帶有美麗花園的一所巨宅 That's one of the less attractive aspects of her personality. 那是她個性中不太討人喜歡的一面 3.(事物)有吸引力的;誘人的 appealing : an attractive offer/ proposition 誘人的提議 unattractive


at?tract?ive?ly adv.: The room is arranged very attractively. 這個房間佈置得十分宜人。 at?tract?ive?ness noun [U] : the attractiveness of travelling abroad 國外旅遊的吸引力 10. addition 1.[U] 加;加法 : children learning addition and subtraction 學習加減的兒童 2. [C] ~ (to sth) a thing that is added to sth else 增加物;添加物 : the latest addition to our range of cars 我們汽車系列新增加的款式 an addition to the family (= another child) 這家新添的一口人(又生了一個孩子) 3.[U] ~ (of sth) 增加; 添加 : Pasta's basic ingredients are flour and water, sometimes with the addition of eggs or oil. 意大利麪製品的主要成分是麪粉和水,有時加雞蛋和食用油。 IDM: in addition (to sb/ sth) 除…以外(還) : In addition to these arrangements, extra ambulances will be on duty until midnight. 除了這些安排以外,另增救護車值班至午夜。 There is, in addition, one further point to make. 此外,還有一點要說。 11.dip 1. [VN] ~ sth (into sth) | ~ sth (in) 蘸;浸 : He dipped the brush into the paint. 他拿畫筆蘸了蘸顏料。 Dip your hand in to see how hot the water is. 把手伸進去看看水有多熱。 The fruit had been dipped in chocolate. 這水果用巧克力醬浸泡過。 2. [usually +adv./prep.](使)下降,下沉 fall : [V] The sun dipped below the horizon. 太陽落到地平線下了。 The road dipped suddenly as we approached the town. 我們向城裏駛近時道路陡然下斜。 [VN] The plane dipped its wings. 機翼向下傾斜。 3.[VN] (BrE) dip your headlights when driving a car at night 把(汽車前燈的)遠光調為近光 dip into your 'pocket 花錢;掏腰包 dip a 'toe in/ into sth | dip a 'toe in/ into the water 涉足試試;試做 dip 'into sth 1. 把手伸進(…裏取東西) : She dipped into her purse and took out some coins. 她從錢包裏掏出一些硬幣 2. 瀏覽;略為過目;涉獵 : I have only had time to dip into the report. 這份報告我來不及細看,只是草草瀏覽了一遍。 3. 提取(款項) ;動用(存款) : We took out a loan for the car because we didn't want to dip into our savings. 因為不想動用存款,我們申請了一筆貸款買汽車。 dip n 1.[C] (informal)游一游;泡一泡 : Let's go for a dip before breakfast. 我們早飯前去游一會兒泳吧。 2. [C](通常指暫時的)減少,下降,衰退 fall : a sharp dip in profits 利潤急劇下降 3. [C] 凹陷處;低窪處 : a dip in the road 路上的凹陷處 Puddles had formed in the dips. 低窪處形成了一個個水坑。 4. [C, U] 調味醬(用來蘸食物吃) 5. [U, C] 藥浴液,清洗液(用於綿羊或其他牲畜洗浴以殺死身上的蟲子) 6. [sing.] ~ into sth 瀏覽;草草翻閱 : A brief dip into history serves to confirm this view. 隨便翻閱一下歷史就足以證實這種觀點。


12. confident 1.自信的;有自信心的 : She was in a relaxed, confident mood. 她的心態從容而自信。 The teacher wants the children to feel confident about asking questions when they don't understand. 教師要孩子們遇到不懂的問題就大膽提問。 2. ~ of sth | ~ that... 肯定的;確信的;有把握的 : I'm confident that you will get the job. 我肯定你能得到那份工作。 The team feels confident of winning. 這個隊覺得有把握取勝。 13. brief adj briefer briefest 1. 短時間的;短暫的 : a brief visit/ meeting/ conversation 短時間的訪問╱會議╱交談 a brief pause/ silence 暫時停頓╱沉默 Mozart's life was brief. 莫扎特的一生很短暫。 2. 簡潔的;簡單的 : a brief description/ summary/ account 簡明扼要的描述╱總結╱敍述 Please be brief (= say what you want to say quickly). 請簡明扼要。 3. (of clothes 衣服) 過短的;暴露身體的 : a brief skirt 超短裙 in brief 簡言之;一言以蔽之 : In brief, the meeting was a disaster. 總之,那會議糟透了。 Now the rest of the news in brief. 現在簡要報道其他新聞。 N 1. (BrE)任務簡介; 指示 : It wasn't part of his brief to speak to the press. 交付他的任務不包括向新聞界發言。 I was given the brief of reorganizing the department. 我被分派去改組這個部門。 to stick to your brief (= to only do what you are asked to do) 僅做分內的事 to prepare/ produce a brief for sb 給某人準備╱制訂指示 2. 案情摘要;委託辯護, 辯護狀, 事務律師;辯護律師 Idm hold no brief for sb/ sth 不支持,不贊成(某人或某事) ;不為…辯護 : I hold no brief for either side in this war. 這次戰爭的雙方我都不支持。 V ~ sb (on/about sth) 給(某人)指示;向(某人)介紹情況 : [VN] The officer briefed her on what to expect. 軍官簡要向她說了一下可能遇到的情況。 I expect to be kept fully briefed at all times. 我希望隨時向我報告全面情況。 13. devotion 1. [U, sing.] 摯愛;關愛;關照 : His devotion to his wife and family is touching. 他對妻子和家人的關愛感人至深 2. [U, sing.] 奉獻;忠誠;專心;熱心 dedication : her devotion to duty 她對職責的忠誠 Her devotion to the job left her with very little free time. 她全身心投入工作,幾乎沒有閒暇。 14. afterwards adv. 以後;後來 : Afterwards she was sorry for what she'd said. 後來她後悔說了那些話。 Let's go out now and eat afterwards. 咱們現在出去,然後再吃飯。 Shortly afterwards he met her again. 不久之後,他又遇到了她。


15. sensitive 1. ~ (to sth) 體貼的;體恤的;善解人意的 : a sensitive and caring man 體貼的男人 She is very sensitive to other people's feelings. 她很能體諒他人的感情。 2. 感覺敏銳的;藝術感覺好的;有悟性的 : an actor's sensitive reading of the poem 演員對那首詩富有表現力的朗誦 a sensitive portrait 栩栩如生的畫像 3. ~ (about/ to sth)易生氣的;易被惹惱的;神經過敏的 : You're far too sensitive. 你也太敏感了。 He's very sensitive about his weight. 他很忌諱別人說他胖。 She's very sensitive to criticism. 她一聽批評就急。 4. 須謹慎對待的;敏感的 : Health care is a politically sensitive issue. 醫療衞生是政界的一個敏感問題。 5. ~ (to sth) 敏感的;過敏的 : sensitive areas of the body 身體的敏感區 My teeth are very sensitive to cold food. 我的牙齒對冷食過敏。 6.~ (to sth) 靈敏的 : a sensitive instrument 靈敏的儀器 (figurative) The Stock Exchange is very sensitive to political change. 證券市場對政局變化非常敏感。 sen?si?tive?ly adv.: She handled the matter sensitively. 她謹慎細緻地處理了那件事情。 He writes sensitively. 他文筆細膩 16. dream of (about) 想像;夢想 She dreams of running her own business 17. to be honest 18. in cash 19. play jokes on--20. rely on--21. be/get familiar with 22. or so 23. break up 24. in addition 25. sort out 26. above all




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