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人教版英语高一必修1Unit 1 Friendship-Listening 课件

人教课标版 高一 必修1

Unit 1


Listening on P6
Lisa wrote to Miss Wang of Radio for Teenagers. First read the letter.

Dear Miss Wang,
I am having some trouble with my classmates at the moment. I’m getting along well with a boy in my class. We often do homework together and we enjoy helping each other. We have become really good friends.

But other students have started

gossiping. They say that this boy and I
have fallen in love. This has made me angry. I don’t want to end the friendship, but I hate others gossiping. What should I do? Yours, Lisa

1. get on / along ( well/nicely/badly/) with
sth. 进展, 与某人相处 He asked me _______________________ how I was getting along/on

_______________ (我的英语进展如何). with my English

I told him that I ________________ was getting along __________ well with it (进展得很好). He is a pleasant person who is easy ___.

A. to get along with B. to get along
C. to be getting on D. getting along with

2. fall in love (with sb.) “爱上某人” , 表动作 be in love (with sb.) “与某人相爱”, 表状态 Marry has been in love with Bill for _____________ three years.

Discussion Discuss in groups and predict what Miss Wang will say.

Listen to the tape for the first time and check your guesses.

Listen to the tape for the second time and try to complete the following sentences. 1. There is nothing wrong with you and this boy _____ friends and studying _______ being together. 2. _______ your friendship with this boy Ending would be a ______ thing to do. stupid

3. Teenagers like to _____, and they gossip often see something that isn’t real. 4. My advice is to ______ your ignore classmates. That way you _____ will show them that you are more ________ grow-up than you are.

Listen to the tape for the third time and answer the following questions.
1.What does Miss Wang say about their friendship? She says that ___________________ there is nothing wrong _______________________________ in Lisa making friends with a boy. _______________________________ She also thinks that it is possible for _______________________________ a boy and a girl to be just good _______ friends.

2. Why does Miss Wang think it would be foolish if they end their friendship? She thinks that Lisa would lose a good __________________ friend who helps her with her studies. _______________________________

3. How does she explain why Lisa’ classmates gossip about their friendship? teenagers like to gossip She says that____________________ and that perhaps they can’t understand _________________________________ Lisa’s friendship with the boy. ___________________________ 4. What is Miss Wang’s advice? She asks Lisa to ignore her gossiping _________________ __________ classmates.

Workbook listening

1. Do you think it is a good idea to make friends with people from other countries? ? to broaden one’s world outlook ? to avoid national stereotypes

2. What are the advantages of this friendship?
?To practise another language with a native speaker ?To learn new ways of thinking and ideas ?To find out more about another country

Listen to the whole text and get the main idea of it.

Listen to the tape again and write down in one sentence what Leslie does in China. Leslie does some business in China and her company sells buses.

Listen to Part 1 again and tick the things done by Leslie. __ going to watch Peking Opera __ going out for delicious dinners __ seeing the Great Wall __ visiting a mountain __ going to people’s homes __ staying in a good hotel __ swimming in the sea __ going shopping

What does Lesile say about the friends

she made in China? Listen to part 2
again and write your answers in one or

two sentences.

Leslie says that she made some friends
but they are just business friends because she thinks one cannot make real friends on a short visit. Leslie thinks some of the friends in China may have liked her, but others may try to be nice to her so as to gain a business advantages.

Listen to the story to find out what happened. (P43) What Anne’s What Anne father thought thought about being friends with Peter She should be careful because they lived so close together. She wanted her father to be happy for her to have a friend.

about talking to him every night

He was unhappy.

She wanted to continue.

He thought about Anne would She thought following her agree to stop her father father’s ideas seeing Peter was wrong. so often.

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字


1. I heard an item on the radio about i___
women engineers.

2. Your book looks more interesting than
mine: Do you want to s___ (with swap me)?

3. T__ the dirty water out of the Tip bowl and into the sink. 4. She should be grateful (感激的) that he _______ was making things easier for her. 5. As a(n) ________ (青少年), I had a teenager

weekend job in a fruit market.

II. 用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。
1. If you ______ (like) someone or dislike something, you consider them to be unpleasant and do not like them.

2. Kevin’s teachers saw him as quiet and serious, but with his friends he was ______ (exact) the opposite. exactly 3. You must continue to see them no matter how much you may disagree _______ (agree) with them.

III. 英汉互译。
get along well 1. 相处融洽 _____________ join in our discussion 2. 加入我们的讨论 __________________ 3. 将衣物打包;整理行装 pack up one’s clothing ____________________ 4. fall in love with sb. _________ 爱上某人 5. get tired of her gossip

________________ 讨厌她的闲言碎语



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