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广东省天河区2016届高考英语二轮复习 语法精讲精炼 名词性从句06

名词性从句精讲精炼 06
155. The art center is ______ used to be Factory 789 and _______ millions of tractors were made. A. what; where B. where; where C. that; which D. where; which

【答案】A 156. Upon graduation he asked to be sent to _______________. A. where he is most needed B. where he needed C. where he is mostly needed D. where is he mostly needed 【解析】主要测试宾语从句。分析句子的结构可知借此to需要宾语,另外结合所给答案: 主语he和动词need应该属于被动结构,再结合所学词汇 most和mostly的意思区别,至此可知 选A最佳。译文:一毕业他就被派到最需要他的地方去了。 【答案】A 157. These photographs will show you _____________. A. what does our village look like B. what our village looks like C. how does our village look like D. how our village looks like 【解析】主要测试宾语从句。由以前所学知识可知宾语从句中应该用陈述句语序,先排 除C和D两个答案,再结合答案中look like为短语动词,而且介词like需要宾语,故此选择B 最佳。译文:这些照片能给你说明我们的村庄是什么模样。 【答案】B 158. _____________ the Games will be held in Beijing is not known. A. Whenever B. If C. Whether D. That

1 59. — Do you remember ____________ he came? — Yes, I do, he came by car. w.w.w..c.o.m A. how B. when C. that D. if 【解析】主要测试宾语从句。另外组此类试题应该充分注意句子的语境,充分挖掘题干 中所含信息,由语境可知译文:---你记得他是怎么来的吗?---是的,我确实记得。他开车 来的。从以上的译文可知第二句起到制约性作用。正好照应了所给答案how。 【答案】A 160. _____________ is a fact that English is accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It


【解析】主要测试主语从句。此题是测试的形式主语it。例如:It is a fact that the gire has left home。女孩子已经离家是个事实。译文:英语被接受为一门国际性语言是个 事实。 【答案】D 161. ____________ we can’t get seems better than ____________ we have. A. What; what B. What; that C. That; that D. That; what 【解析】 主要测试主语从句和表语从句。 第一空测试主语从句: 句子______ we can’t get 中动词get需要宾语;第二空测试表语从句:句子_______ we have中的动词have也需要宾语, 结合所给答案可知均选择what最佳。 【答案】A 162. The government has announced that a modern city will be set up in ____is still a wasteland now . A. what B. which C. that D. where 【解析】 “____is still a wasteland now .”做介词 in 的宾语从句,从句中缺主语 句意为:政府已经宣布一座现代化的城市将在这片现在仍是废墟的地方建成。 【答案】A 163.Many people wrote articles on ___Liu Xiang had failed to compete in the event . .A. why B. what C. who D. that

1 64.The couple are spending their holiday on __is described as one of the most beautiful islands . A. that B. what C. which D. where 【解析】 “__is described as one of the most beautiful islands .”宾语从句, 从句中缺少主语, 【答案】B 165.The book is meant to ___needs it . A. who B. whoever C. whomever D. whom 【解析】whoever 在宾语从句中做主语,部分学生,因为只看到介词 to,误认为要添 whomever 做介词的宾语。 【答案】B 166.The experience of the Chinese nation attests to a truth____ a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress A. that what B. what C. that D. what that


167.Golf is rapidly becoming more popular. Near some towns and cities new courses are being built in ___________. A. what is farmland B. what farmland is C. what farmland was D. what was farmland 【答案】D 【解析】本题考查从句,前面的介词 in+宾语从句,依照名词性从句的特点,结合新球场(new courses)可知是从过去的耕地上建造的。what was farmland 是说明前面的介词 in 的内容, 相当于某个名词后接定语从句。 168. seems to be no possibility Li Hua can win the first prize in the 100 – meter race. A.It; that B.There; that C.There; whether D.It; whether 【答案】B 【解析】考查 there be 句型及同位语从句的连接词。句意:李华赢得 100 米赛跑的一等奖似 乎没有可能。 169 . is known to us all is that the old scientist, for life was hard in the past, still works very hard in his eighties. A.As; whom B.What; whom C.It; whose D.As; whose B 考查主语从句及定语从句的用法。第一空为主语从句,what 作主语从句的主语;第二空为 定语从句,whom 作 for 的宾语,life was hard for him in the past。 170.A reward of 1,000 dollars will be given _______can find the lost child. A.whomever B.whoever that whomever whoever D 考查宾语从句的连接词。此处 to 为介词,其后为宾语从句,whoever 在宾语从句作主语。 171.After five days’ climbing in the mountain, they reached they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of. A.that B.where C.which D.what D 考查宾语从句的连接词。此处 reach 是及物动词,其后是宾语从句,what 在宾语从句中作 主语。 172.________ I cannot understand is ________ she wants to resign her present job. A.What; why B.Which; how C.That; why D.What; which A 考查名词性从句的连接词。此处 what 是主语从句的连接词,其在句中作 understand 的 宾语;第二空 why 在表语从句中作原因状语。句意:我所不能理解的是她为什么辞去了他目


前的工作。 173.________ worries me a lot is that I keep forgetting what I have just done. A.As B.What C.That D.It B 考查主语从句的连接词。此处 what 作主语从句的主语。句意:最使我担心的是我总是忘记 我刚刚做过的事。 174.—How will you deal with these papers, Ann? —I will leave them to takes over the job. A.anyone B.someone C.whoever matter who C 考查宾语从句的连接词。此处 to 后为介词的宾语从句,whoever 在宾语从句中作主语。 175.It a Saturday afternoon in May ______ Margaret could arrange for me to meet her elder sister. A.was until, when B.was until; that C.was not until, when D.was not until; that D 考查含有 not until 句型的宾语从句。Not until a Saturday afternoon in May 为被 强调的部分。 176.—What were you trying to prove to the police? — I was last night. A.Where B.When C.That D.What A考查宾语从句的连接词。此处相当于:I was trying to prove to the police where I was last night。 177.The new research center will be set up was a wasteland 20 year ago. what B.where which D.there A 考查宾语从句及句法知识。此处 in 后为介词的宾语从句,what 作宾语从句的主语。 178._______ made many contestants angry is ________ was called the fair play turned out to be unfair at all. A. What; that what B. What; what C. It; that D. It; what that

A 考查名词性从句的连接词。第一空 what 在主语从句中作主语;第二空 that 为表语从句中的 连接词,what 是表语从句中的主语从句的连接词。句意:使参赛者气愤的是所谓的公平比赛 结果根本不公平。 179.Make a tentative guess _____ Peking Man _____ have done and used thousands of years ago. A.that; may B.that; must C.what; may D.what; should

C 考查同位语从句的连接词。此处 guess 为抽象名词,其后是同位语从句。What 在同位语从 句中作 done 和 used 的宾语。

180. It was a matter of________ would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever

A 考查宾语从句的连接词。此处 of 后为介词的宾语从句,who 在宾语从句中作主语。


The chance came last year ________ I could go to visit China with my parents. B. when C. which D. where

A. that

A 考查同位语从句的连接词。 此处 the chance 是抽象名词, that I could go to visit China with my parents 是同位语从句。 183. The fact ____ this country spends more on its military than on education and health care combined is a serious and worrying thought. A. where B. which C. that D. why C 考查同位语从句的连接词。此处 that 没有意思,不作成分,只起连接作用。 184. ---Tell me something about your adventure in the rainforest, please. ---We lost our way in the forest and ___ made matters worse was ___ night began to fall. A. what; that B. it; that C. it; because D. what; because A 考查名词性从句的连接词。第一空 what 作主语从句的主语;第二空为表语从句的 that。 185. A normal young child gains great pleasure when___ he(she) does pleases his(her) mother. A. that B. if C. as D. what D 考查主语从句的连接词。此处 what 为主语从句的连接词,其作 does 的宾语。 186._______________her so upset last night? A. What do you think making B. What do you think made C. Do you think what made D. Do you think what had made B 考查插入语及句法知识。此处 do you think 为插入语,根据 last night 可知用一般过 去时。 187. —You can’t imagine ____ fantastic fun web chatting is. —Really? But it may cause a lot of trouble sometimes. A. what B. how C. why D. so A 考查宾语从句及感叹句。此处强调名词 fun 故用 what。 188. Whether ways will be found to stop pollution or not is just worries the public. A. why B. which C. that D. what D 考查表语从句的连接词。此处 what 在表语从句中作主语。句意:是否能找到制止污染的 方式是公众所担心的。 189._________ is known to us all is that the 2012 Olympic Games will take place in London. A.As B.What C.That D.It B 考查主语从句的连接词。此处 what is known to us all 是主语从句。 190.The question doctor. A.which we should call in a specialist now was raised by the family B.who C.whether D.when


C 考查同位语从句的连接词。句意:我们是否应该找专家的问题是由家庭医生提出的。 191. _______was known to us all that Johnson had broken his promise _______ he would give each of us a small gift. A. As ; which B. What ; that C. It ; that D. It ; which

答案:C. It 作形式主语,that 引导同位语从句。 192. —It’s reported that the new underground line has been completed. —Yes but it hasn’t been made clear it’s to be opened to traffic. A.that B.who C.what D.when 答案:D 考查名词性从句的连接词。此处是 when 引导的宾语从句。 193. The news _______ Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize is _______ surprised the world. A.that;what 答案:A 考查名词性从句的连接词。第一空同位语从句;第二空表语从句。 194. We went to the Great Wall yesterday, ________, not surprisingly, was crowded with visitors from all over the world. A.where 答案:B 考查定语从句的关系词。此处是 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。 195. It’s in the city________ you are going to pay a visit to ________this kind of beer is produced. A. /, where 答案:B 考查强调句型。第一空是 where 引导的定语从句;第二空为强调句型。 196. __________ Taiwan has purchased a large quantity of arms from the US causes great tension in the Asian and Pacific district. A. What B. That C. It D. As 答案:B B. where, that C. /, that D. that, which B.which C.that D.when B.which;that C.that;which D./;how


考查主语从句的连接词。此处 that 没有意思,不作成分,只起连接作用。 197. He had to admit it was where he fell down __________ his competitor made it. A. who B. that C. at which D. where 答案:B 考查强调句型。此题在宾语从句中含有一个强调句型,where he fell down 是被强调的部分。 198. We think that it’s love, generosity and perseverance make the world is today. A.what; that B.that; what C.which; what D.which; that 答案:B 考查强调句型及宾语从句。第一空为强调句型;第二空是考查宾语从句的连接词 what。 it

199. When travelling in buses or trains,we are likely to have conversations _____ we give information or opinions about different things. A. where B. which C. what D. when 答案:A 考查定语从句的关系词。此处 conversation 作先行词。 200. Is it, in your opinion, possible __________ new measures will be taken to improve the terrible traffic? A. whether 答案:D 考查主语从句的连接词。此处 it 是形式主语,that 引导的从句为真正的主语。 201. Now, the world’s focus is all on Shanghai ______ the 2010 world Expo is to be held. A. when 答案:C 考查定语从句的先行词。此处 Shanghai 作先行词,其后为 where 引导的定语从句。 202. life began on the earth is one of the biggest puzzles to scientists. A.How B.What C.Where D.That 答案:A 考点:名词性从句。连接词的选择考查。句意为: “生命在地球上如何开始的?” 。此 题容易选择 B,误认为感叹句,感叹名词 life,误选 B。 203.

B. what

C. when

D. that

B. whose

C. where

D. that

—What are you worrying about? —It is ________ there is any chance of being infected by AH1N1 virus. A.why 答案:D 考查名词性从句的连接词。此处是 whether 引导的表语从句。 204. I did love my mom very much but it got to a point _________even she did not want me to see her as she was. A. where B. when C. that D. which 答案:A 考查定语从句的先行词。此处 point 作先行词,其后是 where 引导的定语从句。 B.that C.if D.whether

205. —Did you buy a dress yesterday? —No, _____ I liked the color, I didn’t like its style. A. as 答案:B 考查让步状语从句。此处 while 意为:尽管。句意:尽管我喜欢这颜色,但我不喜欢其样式。 B. while C. if D. since




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