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Unit 7 Family affairs

Unit 7 Family affairs

Today’s Tasks 7.1Lead-in: family tree

7.2Inside view
7.3listening in: Passage 1 7.4 Outside view 7.5 Pronunciation


/>Grand father/ Grand dad/ Grandpa Grand mother/ Grand mom/ Grandma Grand father/ Grand dad/ Grandpa Grand mother/ Grand mom/ Grandma

Father/ Dad

Husband & Wife/ Partners/ a couple you/son/grand son

Mother/ Mom

Get to know your family tree

Mysterious Genetics
? That’s because of mysterious genetics.

How mysterious! How interesting!

Conversation 1 Let’s see whom Kate is like the most.
? find out the characteristics possessed by Kate, her mother and her father respectively.
Word tips: sociable: [‘s?u∫?bl] a. Sociable people are friendly and enjoy talking to other people. 好交际的 chilled: [t?ild] a. very relaxed; not worried or annoyed 冷淡的 whereas: [hw??r‘?z] conj. used to introduce a comment which contrasts with what is said in the main clause 但是;却 easygoing: [‘i:zi.g?ui?] a. relaxed, calm, and not getting easily upset about things 随和的 mess: [mes] n. a situation in which a place is dirty or untidy.脏乱

lodge:[l?d?] n. a room or small building at the entrance to a college, institution 门房;传达室

Characteristics sociable quiet funny likes spending time alone Kate Kate’s mother Kate’s father

√ √ √

√ √

reads a lot
tends to worry quite easygoing good at listening

√ √

Conversation 2
? Kate is meeting her parents and they are chatting. ? Watch Conversation 2 and number the sentences in the order you hear them. ? ? I feel awful that we can’t be with him. ? ? He said his arm doesn’t hurt him. ? ? I’d love to eat in an English pub. ? ? But they let him go home. ? ? He fell down the steps in the backyard. ? ? Listen, honey, Grandad had a fall just before we left.
Check your answer

Check your answer
? 4-5-6-3-2-1

? Are you right?

Conversation 2: complete the sentences
Julia This is great. It’s just like I pictured it. Look at that, isn’t it beautiful? Rob Wow, Kate, honey! I love your school! Kate No, Dad, I’m not at Law School. I’m at university! Rob OK, honey. It’s Oxford, England – I know! … Rob Listen, honey, Grandad had a fall just before we left. Kate Oh, no! Rob It’s OK. He broke his arm but (1) __________________ they don’t think _______________. it’s serious Julia I don’t know, when old people break something, it can be very serious. Rob I think (2) he’ll ____________! be fine me all about it (4) _______________________? Kate (3) Tell _________________. What exactly happened


He fell down the steps in the backyard.

Kate Rob

Oh, poor Grandad! So go on! He was taken to the hospital by ambulance… they kept him there for several hours, didn’t they, Julia? But they let him go home. Julia I feel awful that we can’t be with him. Rob Julia, I spoke to Grandad as soon as we landed and he said the doctors aren’t worried. Kate (5) ____________________? What else did he say Rob He said his arm doesn’t hurt him. Kate Oh, good! (6) ________________, right? So he’ll be OK (7) ________________________? There’s no real concern

Rob Kate Rob Kate Rob

No, I told you, honey, (8) there’s no need to worry … _______________________. Just look at that! What a great place! Yes, isn’t it wonderful? Come on, let’s go and eat. Isn’t there a pub nearby? I seem to remember passing one. I’d love to eat in anEnglish pub. OK, let’s do that. There’s no need to worry, honey.

Language and Culture
? In the conversations, Kate and her family use these American English words. Let’s get to know the British English words with the same meanings. American English British English

school/ college
clean up real (funny) backyard

tidy up very (funny) garden

? Think of some other pairs of expressions.

Everyday English
? ? ? ? ? ? Would you like me to give you a hand? Mum’s pretty sociable. He’s kind of quiet. He’s a lot more chilled than Mum. Listen, honey. Poor Grandad!

? Describe one of your classmates in our class for us to guess who it is. Tell us his/her characteristics but do not mention his/her name. ? Think of the words we have learnt in the Integrated English Classes. Maybe they are useful. (thoughtful, insightful, slim, plump, kind, sensible, warm…) She’s easygoing. She has a lot of friends!

Listening in:
family planning/birth control
identical twins/fraternal twins

We are going to listen to a passage about identical twins. Passage 1


born from one egg, same sex, look exactly the same


born from two eggs, not exactly the same, maybe different sexes


Passage 1: Listen and answer the questions below

? ? ? ? ? ? ?


What question does the chat show host want to discuss in the program? What happened to the girls when they were born? What subject do the girls learn at university? When did the two girls’ adoptive fathers die? When did the two girls fall through glass doors? What do we know about the two girls’ boyfriends? What kind of dream do the two girls have? What brother does Josh have? What do we know about Josh’s and his brother’s girlfriends? How are they going to get married?


Before listening, let’s learn some words.


Passage 1: Vocabulary
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? gene: [d?i:n] n.基因 a dominant/recessive ~ 显性[隐性]基因 reunite:[,ri:ju:‘nait] v. 重聚,团圆 The children were finally ~d with their families. coincidence: [k?u‘insid?ns] n. 巧合 There are some amazing ~s in their life stories. adoptive: [?‘d?ptiv] a.收养的, 有收养关系的 ~ father/mother recur: [ri:’k?:]vi.再发生,重现 ~ring dreams

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The question is which is more important, your family environment or your genes? They were separated and adopted by different families. They both learn psychology at university. Their adoptive fathers both died when they were children. They both fell through glass doors at the age of five. Their boyfriends have similar names. They both have the same recurring dream. Josh has a twin brother. Their girlfriends are sisters. Josh and his brother are going to have a double wedding next June.

Outside view:
watch and complete the sentences
1 David is ______. (a) 36 (b) 35
(c) 32 (d) 33

2 Bob worked for 38 years as ______. (a) a chemist (b) a computer programmer (c) an electrical engineer (d) a designer

3 Diane works as a ______. (a) doctor (b) lawyer (c) biochemist (d) dentist

4 David looks after his children ______. (a) before 8 in the morning (b) before 9 in the morning (c) between 3 and 5 in the afternoon (d) after 5

√ √

5 There are ______. (a) many similarities between David and his father’s family lives (b) some similarities between David and his father’s family lives (c) many similarities between David and his father (d) some similarities between David and his father
Now check your answers.

Pronunciation: silent /h/

In connected speech, when the first word ends in a consonant, the /h/ sound in the next personal pronoun sometimes becomes silent. Listen and notice how the /h/ sound is silent, and then practice after the teacher.

Pronunciation: Plosion (2)
We have already seen that when words finish with /t/ or /d/, sometimes the sound disappears completely or almost completely. The same effect happens with words which end with /k/ and also when the first consonant of the next word is /m/ or /b/. Listen and notice the /t/and /k/ sounds in the underlined words.


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