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2016年陕西省安康市紫阳中学七年级英语教案:Unit 6《 I’m watching TV 》Period 4 (新人教版下册)

Unit 6 I’m watching TV.
一、Teaching Goal: In this unit students learn to talk about what people are doing. Teach students how to cooperate and be good at watching something and love our lives. 二、Teaching difficulties 1. The vocabulary and the sentence structures. 2. Learn the grammar: Present progressive tense. 3. Oral practice using the target language. 三、Teaching Methods Listening and practicing methods, pair work, Task-Based Learning method. 四、Teaching Aids A tape recorder, some pictures and cards. 五、Teaching Time: 5 periods Period 4 (Section B:3a—4) Teaching aims: 1. Ss can use the present progressive tense to describe the pictures. 2. Ss can ask and answer questions about the picture fluently. Language points 1. To use the following sentences: Here is a photo / picture of my family. I’m with my sister Gina. Thank you for your letter and the photos 2. To learn the following phrases Thank you for sth. / doing sth. Teaching difficulties How to write the sentences about the present progressive tense correctly. Teaching steps 1.warming-up and revision (1)The teacher asks Ss some questions. T: Hello, how are you? T: How is your father? T: Where is your father? T: What is he doing? S1: I’m great. Thank you. S1: He is very well. S1: He is at the mall. S1: He is shopping.

be with

T: Is your father shopping now? T: Where is he watching TV?

S2: No, he isn’t. He is watching TV. S2: He is watching TV at home.

(2) Show some pictures, let Ss ask and answer the questions in pairs. S1: Look! What is she doing? S1: Where is she reading a book? 2. Work on 3a. (1)Show the pictures of 3a and let Ss say it one by one. S1: He is playing basketball. S2: The girl is doing homework. S3: The boy is watching TV. S4: He is swimming. S5: They are eating and talking. (2) T: Here is a letter from Mike to his pen pal, Linda. Please read the letter and underline the activities and circle the places. Check the answers: eating dinner home playing basketball doing homework School watching TV swimming pool S2: She is reading a book. S2: She is reading a book under a tree.

(3) T: Now read the letter again and number the photos, using 1,2,3,4. Check the answers: 1, 4, 2, 3

(4) Let Ss work in pairs, ask and answer about the photos like this. A: What is Mike doing in Photo 1? B: He is playing basketball. A: Is he playing basketball at school? B: Yes, he is. 3.Writing Show the pictures to the Ss and let Ss finish the sentences, then check the answers. They are dancing. He is running.

Yao Ming is playing basketball. The teacher is writing. 4.Group work T: Now take out your photos or pictures, please work in fours and tell your partners about your pictures or photos. I’ll give you two minutes to practice it. T: At this time I’ll ask several students to say something about your photos. 5. Practice

Xie Tingfeng is singing.

T: Take out the pictures or photos of your own and write one or two sentences about them. Ss write the sentences in their exercise books, the teacher walks around the class and see if the Ss can write the sentences correctly. Give Ss some help if necessary. The teacher collects some pictures and sentences, shows them to the Ss and checks the answers. 6. Fill in the blanks. ( finish 3b) (1) T: Here is another photo, look at the photo and the letter next to it. Please take out your pens and fill in the blanks. Check the answers: watching TV reading the newspaper talking eating

(2)Show the picture of 3b, let Ss say the picture like this: 7. Homework. Write a short composition about your own photos or pictures.



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