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下面是 2011 年 8 月 13 日雅思作文真题范文的详细内容,2011 年 8 月 13 日雅思作文真题题 目是关于有人认为学校设立的目的就是为了把孩子变成一个好的公民和工人, 而不是使他们 在个人身份上获益。你在何种程度上同意还是不同意这个观点呢? Some people think that the main purpose of school is to turn children to good citizens and workers, rather than benefit them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree? A person in shanghai, with a doctor’s degree, supposed to contribute greatly to the development of the society, turned out to inflict a huge loss valued 3 billion RMB to the country. Thus, whether schools should turn children into qualified citizens and employees or conduct education for their personal benefits is under a heated debate. In my opinion, the former side carries more weight than the latter. Only when students are educated to be good citizens and workers, can the sound progress of the society be maintained, and positive social order be established. Otherwise, the damages from the well-educated but ill-willed ones may be disasters to others and the nation. Besides, the development of society is based on the contribution of its citizens, which is hard to be achieved when the citizens are not provided reasonable guidance and moral education, no matter how they are powerful in their individual abilities. Educating the children to be ones that are needed in the society will help to serve a guiding light in the growth of the children. They will learn to tell the right from the wrong, and develop into the ones that can contribute to the country rather than the ones to hinder or undermine the development of the society. Also, the children will gradually form into the awareness to be members in the society, rather than focus too much on their own interests to be selfish ones. Admittedly, being trained in skills and enriched in knowledge, the children themselves can, in some sense, benefit a lot in the process of education. However, this is just the side effect of schoolings, and just as we cannot deny the main functions of medicines because of their existing side effects, we cannot turn our attention from the main functions of schools in educating the children to be good citizens and workers to the education for personal benefits. To sum up, the main purpose of schooling is to train children to become the ones needed by the society instead of just for the sake of improving their private abilities. Only in a society with enough qualified citizens, can it be developed sustainably and promisingly. 以上就是 2011 年 8 月 13 日雅思作文真题范文的全部内容,是站在不同意题目的观点的 角度上展开的,结构清晰,内容丰富。大家在备考雅思作文考试的时候,可以参考借鉴一下 上面所列的雅思作文真题范文。



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