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lesson 1 a matter of taste(品味)

Unit 6 Design

eg: He drew a straight line on the paper.

I think it's time for some straight talk now.

go straight stand straight straight away
我太累了,径直上床睡了。 The soldiers stood straight, waiting to be

径直,直接去 站直 立刻, 马上

eg: I was so tired that I went straight to bed.


2.fix one's eyes on ...注视,凝视??

[点津] 该短语可用作被动结构,转化后的句 式为:one's eyes are/were fixed on ...
eg: His eyes are fixed on her, full of anxiety. 他满含渴望的双眼专注地望着她。 He sat there with his eyes fixed on the window.

fix on sth./sb. 确定或选定某事/某人 fix one's attention on ... 注视/注意?? fix (...) up 安排??;修理
eg: The workers fix their attention on what they are doing. 工人们正专心致志从事他们的工作。 I'll fix you up with a place to stay. 我会给你安排住处的。

3. valuable adj. 贵重的,有价值的
Your valuable ideas are welcomed.

His advice is valuable.
be of value=valuable 有价值的 of value You'll find this map ______ ______ (有价值的)

in helping you to get round London.
invaluable adj. 无价的 (非常值钱的)

valueless adj. 不值钱的

value n. 价值,价格,评价 vt. 估计...价格;评价,重视 be of great/little/some/no value to sb. 对某人有很大/没什么/有些/毫无价值 value sb./sth. as 把.... 视为 I really value Yao Ming as an idol. 我真把姚明视为偶像。

4.typical adj.


be typical of sb/sth 是……特有的 eg: This meal is typical of local cookery. 这是有当地风味的饭菜。 He went to a typical Chinese pub to have a drink. 他进了一家典型的中国酒吧去喝点东西。
拓展 typically adv. 典型地,有代表性地

5.emphasise vt.强调 emphasise sth./that ... emphasis n.


lay/put/place emphasis on 把重点放在……
eg: He emphasised the importance of careful driving. 他强调小心驾驶的重要性。 Our teacher places great emphasis on oral English. 我们的英语老师非常重视英语口语。

6.detail n.细节,详情
in detail
go into detail(s)


eg: Can you describe the accident to me in detail? 你能详细向我描述一下这次事故吗? Tell me what happened in a few words; don't go into details . 简要地告诉我所发生的事情,不要详述。

language points

1.Across this painting,named Racing Horse,

本句是一个简单句。named Racing Horse是 过去分词短语作定语,修饰名词painting;

现在分词和过去分词的用法比较:一般情况 下,现在分词表示“主动和进行”的意义, 而过去分词则表示“被动和完成”的意义 (不及物动词的过去分词只表示完成的意义); 现在分词和过去分词在句中都可作定语、状 语、表语或补语等。

When they returned home from the holiday,they
_______________________. found their car stolen There are many students _______________ at the waiting for a bus school gate. 在校门口,有许多等公交车的学生。


The players________from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. A.selecting select C.selected D.having selected ?解析 考查非谓语动词做定语的用法。句意: “人们期待着从全国各地挑选出来的运动员能在 今年夏季的赛事中给我们带来荣誉。”select修饰 players,为被动关系,只有C选项表被动。故选C。 ?答案 C

B e.g. The trees ___ in the storm have been moved off the road. A. being blown down B. blown dowm C. blowing down D. to blow down

2.see sb doing 看到某人正在做某事
I saw him playing basket on the playground. see sb do 强调动作的全过程(要注意这里的do 是省略to的不定式) I saw him go into that room. 我看见他进了那个房间。 (如果变为被动to不省略) He was seen to go into that room.

see sb done 表宾语和动词之间是被动的关系

I saw him tied to a tree yesterday. 我昨天看见他被绑在一棵树上了。

此类词还有: watch,look at,observe,hear, listen to, feel

3. at hingh speed 以高速 (注意介词at) The truck is travelling at high speed. at a / the speed of 以..... 的速度 at full speed 以全速 pick up speed 加速 speed up 使加速 The car is running at a speed of 80 km ph. 练习 A we'd better _____ if we want to be on time. A. speed up B. sped up C. speed by D. sped by

3. leave sb. doing 使某人处于做....的状态 They walked off and left me sitting there all by myself.

介词短语 现在分词


过去分词 不定式 as-clause where- clause

His parents both died last year, leaving him an orphan.

Terror left her speechless
Did you leave the door firmly fastened? Leave him to do the work himself. Leave things as they are. Always leave things where you can find them


4. alone adj/adv 独自的(地)、单独的(地)
侧重于说明独自一人,没有同伴或助手,指的是 客观情况 eg: She is alone at home. 她独自一人在家。 lonely adj,孤独的,寂寞的,无人烟的,荒凉的, 偏僻的 eg: At heart, I”m a lonely man. 内心深处我很孤独。 That”s a lonely island. 那是一个荒凉的岛屿。

alone:形体上的单独。 lonely:精神上的孤单。 他一个在家待着,但是他不孤独。 eg:He stayed at home alone but he was not lonely.

5. be deep/lost in thought 陷入沉思 He is deep in thought. Dick was staring out of the window, deep/lost in thought. 练习 D When I entered the room, I found him seated in an armchair, ______ in thought. A.deep B. deeply C. deeply D. deep

6.add... to... 把……加到……上 你可以在水里加点儿糖。 you can add some sugar to the water. ★拓展: 翻译下列短语。 增加,增添 (1) add to ______________(=increase) (2) add up to _______________________ 加起来的总和是,总共是

■运用:完成下列句子。 (1) 他在名单上又加上了几个工人的名字。 He_______ a few more names of workers added __________. to the list (2) 我每天乘车花费的时间加起来有3个小时。 The time I spend on bus every day adds up to three hours _____________________________. (3) 这种坏天气增加了我们的困难。 added to our difficulties The bad weather _______________________.


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