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读写任务Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Sample 1:

Practice makes perfect

The story tells us a ballad singer, who at last became a great performer, could not stand the repeate

d and boring practice but later realized the importance of it in a contest. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Consistent practice can bring about perfect performance. And I also believe that practice is of great significance in doing anything. Take my personal experience in learning English as an example. Two years ago,I had great trouble with listening.I couldn’t understand what the teacher said in class,let alone the

native speakers in the tapes.It was obviously due to my lack of practice in junior school.In order to improve my listening ,I started to read English aloud every morning and listen to English tapes and radio programs every evening.My efforts paid off and in the final examination,I did an excellent job in listening. I strongly believe that practice makes perfect. Whatever we do,we should persist in it and keep on working to succeed.


Practice makes perfect.It means that after plenty of practice,we will be perfect in what we do. Practice is the only way to achieve perfection. For example,when we learn grammar,words expressions and so on,the most important thing may be how to put what we’ve learned into practice.If we only learn the grammatical rules by heart and don’t do enough exercises,it is certain that we can’t understand them perfectly. But if we practice a lot,maybe we will understand them more deeply and we can find some good methods of applying them.

Memorize the English words whenever time permits,and we can easily memorize them and even can find a way to memorize them more quickly. If we want to improve our study and work,we should remember that practice makes perfect.


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