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时间状语从句 原因状语从句 条件状语从句 目的状语从句 结果状语从句 让步状语从句 比较状语从句 地点状语从句 ? when, as, while, before, after, since, till, not……until, as soon as 等连词来引导。 because, since, as, for, now t

hat, etc. if, unless(除非), in order that, so that, so…that, so that, such…that, though, although, even if, even though, however, whatever, as…as, so…as, than, where, wherever

时间状语从句 (1)时间状语从句常用 when/ as/ while, before, after, since, till, until, as soon as 等连词来引导。 例如: It was raining hard when I got to school yesterday. While he was doing his homework, the telephone rang. As he walked along the lake, he sang happily. ? when 、和 while 的区别: 1) when 引导的从句的谓语动词可以是延续性的动词, 又可以是瞬间动词。 并且 when 有时表示“就在那时”。 例如: When she came in, I stopped eating. 她进来时,我停止吃饭。(瞬间动词) When I lived in the countryside, I used to carry some water for him. 当我住在农村时,我常常为他担水。 (延续性的动词) We were about to leave when he came in.我们就要离开,就在那时他进来了。(瞬间动词) 2)While 引导的从句的谓语动词必须是延续性的,并强调主句和从句的动作同时发生(或者相对应) 。并 且 while 有时还可以表示对比。 例如: While my wife was reading the newspaper, I was watching TV. (was reading 是延续性的动词,was reading 和 was watching 同时发生) I like playing football while you like playing basketball.我喜欢踢足球,而你喜欢打篮球。 (对比) (2)在时间状语从句里,通常不用将来时态,用现在时态表示将来的动作或状态。例如: I’ll ring you up as soon as I get to New York. I will tell him everything when he comes back. He won’t believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. 历年中考题: ( )1. It’s quite common in Britain to say “Thank you” to the drivers____people get off the bus. (2009· 河南) A. after B. since C. until D. when ( )2. I will call you as soon as I ______ the ticket to the football match. (2009· 陕西绥德) A. will get B. get C. got D. am getting ( )3.---It’s raining, Daisy.Please________ an umbrella with you. (2009· 深圳) ---Thanks. I’ll return it to you when I______ next week. A. take, come B. take, will come C. bring,come D. bring, will come ( )4. Peter likes reading a newspaper____ he is having breakfast. (2010 .河北省卷,42. 1) A. until B. while C. because D. though ( )5.You should go over your test paper _____ you hand it in . (2010.浙江省衢州市 23. 1) A. before B. though C. because D. as soon as


条件状语从句 (1)条件状语从句通常由 if, unless=if …not 引导。例如: What shall we do if it snows tomorrow? Don’t leave the building unless I tell you to. (2)在条件状语从句里,谓语动词通常用现在时态表示将来的动作或状态。例如: I’ll help you with your English if am free tomorrow. He won’t be late unless he is ill. (3)“祈使句 + and (or)+ 陈述句” 在意思上相当于一个带有条件状语从句的复合句。例如: Hurry up, or you’ll be late. =If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late. Study hard and you will pass the exam. =If you study hard, you will pass the exam. ? If 双面孔: If 引导条件状语的时候意为“如果” ,引导宾语从句意为“是否” 。 ( )1. —Mike wants to know if ___ a picnic tomorrow. —Yes. But if it ___, we'll visit the museum instead A. you have; will rain B. you will have; will rain C. you will have; rains D. will you have; rains ( )2. —Do you know when he ___ back tomorrow? —Sorry, I don't. When he ___ back, I'll tell you A. comes; comes B. comes; will come C. will come; comes D. will come; will come 历年中考题: ( )1. Tommy, do you know if Frank ______ to the zoo this Sunday if it _______?(2009· 湖北孝感) — Sorry, I have no idea. A. will go; is fine B. goes; is fine C. will go; is going to be fine D. goes; will be fine ( )2. If I find his phone number, I ______ you. (2009.北京) A. tell B. told C. will tell D. have told ( )3. I bet Mrs. Black will come to help us with the celebration if she ______ too busy tomorrow. (2009· 吉林通 化) A. is B. will be C. won’t be D. isn’t


原因状语从句 (1)原因状语从句通常由 because,引导。 : He didn’t come to school because he was ill. (2)because 表示直接原因, ------Why aren’t going there? ------Because I don’t want to. (3)because 和 so 不能同用在一个句子里。 结果状语从句 (1)结果状语从句由 so…that, such…that,引导。 : He is so poor that he can’t buy a bike for his son. She is such a good teacher that everybody likes her. 比较状语从句 比较状语从句通常由(not)as…as, 比较级 + than…等连词引导。 : Tom runs faster than John does. This classroom is as big as that one. 目的状语从句 (1)目的状语从句通常由 so that, in order that 引导。 : We started early so that we could catch the first train.




He studies hard so that he could work better in the future. ? 让步状语从句 (1)让步状语从句通常由 although, though 等连词引导。 : Though he is young, he knows a lot. (2)although(though)与 but 不能用在同一个句子中。 : 我们不能说:Though it was raining hard, but he still went out. 应该说:Though it was raining hard, he still went out.或 It was raining hard, but he still went out. 历年中考题: ( )1. _____ Switzerland is very small, _____ it is the land of watch and it is very rich. (2009· 湖北孝感) A. Though; but B. Because; so C. Because; / D. Though; / ( )2.____ it's difficult to make her dream come true,she never gives up. (2010· 河南省,25,1) A. Though B. Unless C. Because D. If

? 课后练习
1.Lucy knew nothing about it _________her sister told her.[河北省] A .because B. until ? C .if D .since 2.Other people won't be pleased if he________ the queue.[河南省] ? A .will jump B. jumps ? C .jump D .jumped 3. The young man travelled all over the world _________he had a man-made leg.[河南省]? A .though B .if ? C .as D .because 4.The students will go to Summer Palace if it _________ tomorrow.[甘肃省]? A .don't rain B .won't rain ? C .doesn't rain D .isn't rain 5.The driver hurt the girl ______badly _______she had to see a doctor.[新缰]? A .so, that B .either, or ? C .too, to D. neither ,nor ? 6. It _____ ten years since they ____ to France. A. as; covered B. was; have moved C. is; have moved D. is; moved 7.He ____ wait until the rain ____. A. won't; will stop B. won't; stop C. will; stops D. will; will stop 8.He will go to the Great Wall if it ___ tomorrow. A. won't rain B. doesn't rain C. don't rain D. isn't raining 9. ___ you eat old food, you may be ill. A. Before B. Why C. If D. Which 10 Jack runs as ___ as Tom. A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. Much 11. Miss Gao asked a question, but it was ___ that nobody could answer it. A. very difficult B. too difficult C. difficult enough D. so difficult 12. I can't understand this passage _____ there are no new words in it. A. if B. because C. though D. and



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