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《金版新学案》2012高考英语 Module 2 No Drugs总复习课件 外研版必修2

1.The news that he suffered from________(癌症) got around.

答案: cancer
2.This is an________(上瘾的) drug,which has been banned from being produced. 答案: addictive

3.It’s reported that he has something to do with the________(犯 罪). 答案: crime

4.Gambling is________(违法的),so you mustn’t be involved in it.
答案: illegal

5.Look at the rainbow.It is________(可能) to be fine tomorrow.
答案: likely

6.Power of the dream is________(强大的).It makes an ordinary lonely girl become well loved by everyone. 答案: powerful

7.I think it good if they________(禁止) smoking in restaurants and caféas well.

答案: banned

8 . These problems seriously________( 影 响 ) the quality and
endanger the country and people.

答案: affect
9.You have changed so much that I can hardly________(认出) you. 答案: recognize

10.Could you tell me his chances of being elected president are improved or________(减少)? 答案: reduced


1. be related to
2. break into 3. belong to 属于


4. become/be addicted to 5. take one’s advice

对??上瘾;沉迷于 听某人的意见 order to/so as to
7.give up die 8. of/from 9. set a date


戒除;放弃 死于 定个日期

10. develop new interests 培养新兴趣

1.Drug users ________ ________ ________ ________ get into

trouble at school.在学校里吸毒者更可能陷入麻烦。
答案: are more likely to

2.How many of them break the law ________ ________ ________ pay for their drugs?他们中有多少人为了买毒品而犯法? 答案: in order to

3.It was ________ loud music ________ we couldn’t hear ourselves speak.音乐如此大声以至于我们听不到自己说话。

答案: such;that

4.________ you’re doing when you want to smoke—do something

答案: Whatever

5.Now I work in a centre for drug addicts,________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________. 现在我在一家戒毒所工作,帮助其他的吸毒者戒毒。 答案: helping others to stop taking drugs

addict n.对(药物等)上瘾的人;vt.使成瘾;使沉溺于??

(教材原句P12)I’m 19 years old and I used to be a drug addict.我今

(1)addict oneself to沉溺于??;醉心于??

be/become/get addicted to...

addictive adj.使人上瘾的
(2)addiction n.瘾;入迷;嗜好

①Don’t addict yourself to such foolish things.

②You see,when I was a teenager I also smoked and I became
addicted to cigarettes. 你知道,我十几岁的时候也吸烟,而且还上了瘾。 ③Don’t be addicted to net chatting.It wastes too much time. 不要沉醉于网上聊天,它浪费太多时间。

④—Do you know the man with thick glasses?

—Of course.Everyone here knows him,a work addict.
——当然。这里的每个人都认识他,一个工作狂。 ⑤It started as a hobby,but it was so addictive that I can’t do without it. 我最初把它当作一种爱好,但如此使人上瘾,以至于我离不开它 了。


个习惯, If this is the case,people______________________should go to a support group to help them break this habit. ②________________________( 对 毒 品 上 瘾 ) , he seldom call his parents only when he asks them for money. 答案: ①addicted to shopping ②Addicted to drugs

disagree vi.不同意;不一致;不适宜;不适合
(教材原句P18)I completely disagree.我完全不同意。

①“I disagree with him , but I don’t think he’s going to be
changed,”the wife said.

②He disagreed with his parents on most things. 他在多数事情上都与父母意见不一。 ③The climate here disagrees with me. 这儿的气候对我不适合。

(1)agree with同意??;(气候,食物等)适合于某人;和??相一

Your story does not agree with what I have heard.
你的故事与我听说的不一致。 (2)agree to...赞成??;同意计划、建议或条件等 Do you think he’ll agree to their proposal? 你认为他会同意他们的建议吗? (3)agree on就??取得一致意见和看法 They managed to agree on a date for the wedding.


2.(2010· 陕西卷)You look well.The air and the sea foods in Sanya
must________you,I suppose. A.agree with C.agree on 解析: B.agree to D.agree about


合 你 。 本 题 考 查 的 是 动 词 词 组 。 agree with : suit sb.’s health or digestion (对某人的健康或胃口)适合。又如:If the type of food does not

agree with you,it makes you feel ill.agree to 同意,愿意;agree on:If
people agree on sth.,they all decide to accept or do sth.就某事达成一致 协议。 答案: A

3.(湖南高考)—When did you last hear________Jay?
—He phoned me this morning,and we agreed________the time

and place to meet.
A.of;to C.from;with 解析: B.about;with D.from;on

考 查介词 与词组的用法 。hear from收到 ??的来信 /

与??联系;agree on sth.就某事达成一致。句意为:你上次与Jay联系 是什么时候?他今天上午给我打了电话,我们就会面的时间和地点达成 了一致意见。

答案: D

affect vt.影响;感动;打动;(疾病)侵袭;假装;喜欢
(教材原句P18)Smoking in a park doesn’t affect other people in the same way.在公园里吸烟同样是不会影响他人的。 ①Citizens want more control over matters which directly affect their lives.市民要求更多地控制那些直接影响他们生活的事情。 ②All the people in the room were affected to tears. 屋里所有人都感动得流了泪。

③She is affected with cancer.她患有癌症。
④The doctors are trying their best to treat the affected patients. 医生们正在尽力治疗那些感染的病人。

affect动词,指“产生的影响之大足以引起反应”,着重“影响” 的动作,常含有“对??产生不利影响”的意思。 effect作“影响”讲时,通常用作名词,构成have an effect on 对??有影响。 ⑤Heavy drinking affects your health. 酗酒影响你的健康。

⑥I tried to persuade him,but with little or no effect.
我试图说服他,但却无济于事。 ⑦What the teacher said had a great effect on me. 老师说的话对我影响很大。

4.(2009· 上海卷)With the government’s aid,those________by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements. A.affect C.affected 解析: B.affecting D.were affected

句中有have moved作谓语,因此空格处应选择能作定语


who,因此只能选affect的过去分词形式作定语,因为affect (影响)与
those(那些人们)之间是被动关系,故用affected。 答案: C

recognise vt.辨认出;认出;认识到
( 教 材 原 句 P19)Participants learn to recognise smoking triggers

(things that start them smoking)and they try to set a date in the future
when they will stop smoking. 参与者学会认清抽烟的诱因,并试图在未来选定一个日期来戒烟。

(1)recognize sb./one’s voice认出某人(听出某人的声音)

?recognize sb./ be...承认某人?物?是?? ? (2)?be recognized as...被公认为/承认是?? ?recognize sth.承认某事物 ?
?recognition n.认出;认识 (3)? ?out of/beyond recognition认不出来

①The moment I answered the phone,I recognized his voice.

②We all recognized her talent for dancing.
我们都肯定她在舞蹈方面的才华。 ③I recognize that I am not fit for the job. 我认识到我不适合这个工作。 ④Lincoln is recognized as one of the greatest presidents in America. 林肯被认为是美国最伟大的总统之一。

5.(2010· 安徽卷)I haven’t seen Sara since she was a little girl,and

she has changed beyond________.
A.hearing C.recognition 解析: 答案: B.strength D.measure

根据前一分句的内容可知她变得让人“辨认”不出来了。 C

6.Sometimes we can’t ________one’s voice on the phone even
though we ________ him/her very well.

C.recognise;know 解析:



出他/她的声音。recognise辨认出;know认识并熟悉。 答案: C

be related to和??有关的;和??有联系的

(2)relation n.关系 in/with relation to关于;与??相比 bear/have relation to sth.与某事有关

①Much of the crime in this area is related to drug abuse.

②Have you studied any courses related to the post you are applying
for?你学习的一些课程与你审请的工作有关吗? ③I can’t relate what you said to what I saw. 我不能把你说的与我看到的联系在一起。 ④I have a lot to say in relation to that affair. 关于那件事,我有很多话要说。

7.I feel________necessary for her to learn foreign languages because the job she will do is________to foreign business.;related;related;relating



外贸有关。第一个空为it作形式宾语,真正宾语为动词不定式to learn
foreign languages,第二个空be related to与??有关,为固定短语。 答案: B

break into破门而入,强行闯入;突然??起来 (教材原句P13)The next day,I broke into a house and stole a television and a video recorder. 第二天,我闯入一户人家,偷了一台电视机和一台录像机。

break in闯入;打断 break off中断;中止;断交;突然停止 break out爆发;突然发生 break down失败;故障 break up打碎;分裂;破碎

①The thief planned to break into a bank,but he failed to carry out his plan. 小偷计划闯入银行,但是没能实施计划。 ②The girl broke into tears at the news that she failed again. 小女孩听到她再次失败的消息突然哭起来。

③Burglars had broken in while they were away on holiday.
他们外出度假时,小偷闯入屋内行窃。 ④I was still sleeping when the fire broke out,and then it spread quickly.当火灾发生时我正在睡觉,然后它快速蔓延开了。

⑤You will break down sooner or later if you go on working like

⑥ The Young lovers break up because they cannot afford an apartment. 那对年轻恋人分手了,因为他们买不起楼房。

8.(2009· 天津卷)—Sorry,I have to________now.It’s time for class.

—OK,I’ll call back later.
A.hang up C.give up 解析: B.break up D.hold up


break up拆散;分解;give up放弃;hold up延误,阻挡;hang up挂断 (电话),挂起,符合语境,故选A项。 答案: A

9.He hurried home,only to find his house________.
A.had broken into B.has been broken into

C.broken into

D.being broken into


子。从逻辑关系上分析,“房子”与“闯入”之间应是逻辑上的被动关 系,所以应排除A项,而B项的错误之处在于它的时态错误。C、D两项 的不同之处在于前者表示动作已完成,后者表示动作正在进行中。 答案: C

give up放弃;交出,让出;认输
(教材原句P19)And here are some ideas to help people to give up


give away泄露(机密);暴露;分发(奖品等)

give back归还,送还
give in (to sb.)屈服,让步 give off发出(蒸汽、味道);发散(光线) give out用完,用尽;分发;公布

①He was asked to give up smoking and drinking.

②In the bus,the young should give up their seats to the old.
在公共汽车上,年轻人应该把座位让给老年人。 ③After a month,their food supplies gave out. 过了一个月,他们的食物已消耗殆尽。 ④Eventually he gave in and accepted the job on their terms. 最后,他作出让步,接受了他们的工作条件。 ⑤These wild flowers give off a nice smell.


10.(浙江高考)Would you please________this form for me to see if

I’ve filled it in right?
A.take off C.give up 解析: B.look after D.go over

本题考查动词词组辨析。go over意思是“复习;再看一

遍”,联系后面“to see if I’ve filled it in right”我们知道,说话人让对 方再看一遍。take off起飞,脱下;look after照料,照看;give up放弃。 答案: D

11.The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit
was________on the radio yesterday.

A.turned out
C.given out 解析:

B.found out
D.carried out


布了。A项意为“结果是,制造、生产”;B项意为“查清,弄明”;C 项意为“分发,散发”;D项意为“履行,实施”。 答案: C

12 . No matter how hard it is , the strongwilled mother will
never________the hope to find her lost son.

A.hold up
C.hold back 解析:

B.give up
D.give back

由句意可知妈妈绝对不放弃找儿子的希望。hold up耽搁;

推迟;支撑;give up放弃;hold back阻挡;抑制;give back归还,故选 B项。 答案: B

(教材原句P16)Drug users are more likely to get into trouble at


be likely to do sth.很可能干某事
It is likely that...很可能??

not likely绝不可能(才不呢),表示强烈反对

①It is likely that he will be late.
=He is likely to be late.他可能会迟到。

②The headmaster is not likely to attend the meeting.
校长很可能会不来参加会议了。 ③It is very likely that my parents will not allow me to go. 我父母很可能不会让我去。 ④Me?Join the army?Not likely! 我?参军入伍?没门!

13.(2010· 西 卷 )Studies show that people are more________to 陕 suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A.likely B.possible






①It is possible/probable/likely that 从句 ②It is possible for do sth. ③Sb./ likely to do sth. 综上所述,正确答案为A项。 答案: A

14.(2011· 唐山摸底考试)Since he was 67,it didn’t seem________

that he would continue long in that position.
A.impossible C.particular 解析: B.necessary D.likely


那个职位上待很长时间了。A、 B选项用于It’s impossible/important/ necessary/unusual that...句型,that从句常用should+动词原形,而非 would+动词原形。C项不符合题意,故选D。

答案: D

(教材原句P16)Some people feel so nervous when they see drug users
that they call the police

( 教 材 原 句 P16)It was such loud music that we couldn’t hear ourselves speak. 音乐如此大声以至于我们听不到自己说话。

(1)so...that...结果是,以至于??,so是副词,后面要跟形容词或 副词,其用法如下:

?+形容词或副词 ? ?+形容词+a?n?+单数可数名词 ? so? ?+that... +many/few+复数可数名词 ? ? ?+much/little ?少的?+不可数名词 ? ?such+a?n?+adj.+n.+that ? (2)?such+adj.+不可数名词+that ?such+adj.+复数名词+that ?

①The family was so poor that the boy could not buy so many books.

②They are such good friends that they share almost everything. 他们是非常好的朋友,几乎共同分享一切。 ③I made so many mistakes in the composition that the teacher criticized me.我的作文中出了许多错误,老师批评了我。 ④It is such lovely weather that we all want to go out for a walk. 天气那么好,我们都想出去散步。

⑤So fast did the teacher speak that I couldn’t follow him.(The
teacher spoke so fast that I could not follow him.) 那个老师说得太快,我听不懂。

15.(2009· 庆 卷 )Peter was so excited________he received an 重

invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing.
A.where C.why 解析: B.that D.when 句意为:当Peter的朋友邀请他来重庆时,他很是兴奋。

此题考查状语从句,只有when引导的时间状语从句符合题意。 答案: D

16.(2009· 上海卷)The Great Wall is________tourist attraction that
millions of people pour in every year. a wellknown
C.such wellknown a 解析:

B.a so wellknown
D.such a wellknown


上百万人涌来。such+a+形容词+单数名词+that从句,表示“如 此??以至于??”。 答案: D

(教材原句P19)Whatever you’re doing when you want to smoke—do

something else!

本句中,whatever引导让步状语从句,相当于no matter what,意
为“无论什么”。还可引导名词性从句,相当于anything that... ①Whatever he did,his parents supported him. =No matter what he did,his parents supported him. 不管他做什么,他父母都支持他。 ②I don’t believe whatever he said.我不相信他说的一切。 ③I’ll take whatever help I can get.任何帮助我都接受。

matter when/where/how。

句,也可引导让步状语从句,在引导让步状语从句时相当于no matter what/who/which/whom。 (3)however用作连接副词,相当于no matter how,引导让步状语 从 句 , 意 思 是 “ 不 管 怎 样 ?? ; 无 论 如 何 ??” , 具 体 结 构 为 :


④Whenever we met with difficulties,they came to help us.

⑤However great the difficulties are,we must complete the task in time.不管困难有多大,我们都必须及时完成任务。 ⑥Whoever breaks the law should be punished.(whoever不能换成 no matter who) 无论谁触犯法律,都应受到惩罚。

17.(2010· 上海卷)________you may have,you should gather your

courage to face the challenge.
A.However a serious problem B.What a serious problem C.However serious a problem D.What serious a problem



不能用来引导状语从句,所以排除B、D两项;however+adj.+a/an+ 单数名词=whatever+a/an+adj.+单数名词,故C项正确。 答案: C

18 . (2009· 国 卷 )Could I speak to________is in charge of 全
International Sales please?

C.whoever 解析:



电话好吗?这里的whoever相当于anybody that,它既是主句的宾语,也 是宾语从句的引导词。 答案: C

]break into,be related to,be addicted to,give up,belong to,

ask for,put up,die from
1 . This painting was formerly owned privately , but now it________the Nation. 答案: belongs to

2.When I________some help with the washingup,the children

all left the room.
答案: asked for

3.Not only did they________his office and steal his books,but
they also tore up his papers.

答案: break into
4.Some people believe that one’s personality________one’s blood type. 答案: is related to

5.He________his seat on the bus to an old woman standing nearby. 答案: gave up

6.In big cities during cold winter months,many old people
________ the polluted air.

答案: die from
7.In November this city________the price of water for commercial use by nearly 50%. 答案: put up

8.The young girl gradually became________reading,devoting herself to a wide variety of books. 答案: addicted to

1.(福建高考)Nancy enjoyed herself so much________she visited her friends in Sydney last year. A.that C.when 解析: B.which D.where 句意为:去年Nancy在悉尼拜访她朋友的时候,她玩得很


学生会受so...that固定句型的影响,而选that,翻译成“如此??以至于” 与语境不符。 答案: C

2 . ( 四 川 高 考 )I haven’t seen Ann for________long that I’ve forgotten what she looks like. A.such B.very


样了。so/such...that如此……以致,即so+ adj./adv.+that,而such
+n.+that,long为副词,故用so。 答案: C

3.Pop music is such an important part of society________it has even influenced our language.


解析: 考查such...that “如此??以至于”结构。
答案: B

4.Beijing was attacked by such a terrible sandstorm________few residents had ever experienced before. C.and it was 解析: 宾语。 B.which D.that


答案: A

5.(2010· 江西六所重点中学联考)So difficult________it to live in an
Englishspeaking country that I determined to learn English well.

A.I have felt
C.I did feel 解析:

B.have I felt
D.did I feel


于”,当“so+形容词/副词”臵于句首时,主句要用部分倒装;与下文 的时态相呼应,这里用一般过去时表示同时存在的情况。 答案: D


1.(2011· 成都第一次诊断)________he had shut the windows,Tom
returned to check them carefully. A.Making sure C.Having made sure 解析: B.To make sure D.Make sure


返回仔细查看。这里是动词不定式作目的状语。 答案: B

2.(2011· 东城检测一)Another primary school is reported________
for children in Wenchuan now. have been built
C.being built 解析: have built be building


学。此句是“It’s reported that another primary school has been built for children in Wenchuan now.”的另外一种表达形式。 答案: A

3.(2010· 新课标全国卷Ⅰ)With Father’s Day around the corner,I
have taken some money out of the bank________presents for my dad.
C.buying 解析: buy have bought


准备给爸爸买些礼物。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。从语境看,本空在 句中作目的状语,用不定式,因此A的动词原形、C的现在分词、D的不 定式完成式都不符合题意。 答案: B

4.The news reporters hurried to the airport,only________the
film stars had left. tell
C.telling 解析: be told

only to be done和only to do表达结果。意思分别是“结果

被??”和“结果??”。 答案: B

5.(2011· 东北三校第一次联考)Go to bed right away.Forget you
need to get up as early as you can________the early train?

C.caught 解析:

B.catching catch


要尽可能早起去赶早班车吗?此处是不定式短语作目的状语。句中的as early as you can是时间状语,与后面的不定式无关。 答案: D



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《金版新学案》陕西省2012高考英语 Module 5 The Great Sports Personality总复习 外研版必修5_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 5 Module 5 The Great Spo...

《金版新学案》山东省2012高考英语 Module 3 The Viole...

《金版新学案》山东省2012高考英语 Module 3 The Violence of Nature复习 外研版必修3_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(十五) 必修 3 Module 3 The...

必修2 No Drugs

[外研版(必修2)]Module 2 ... 37页 免费 英语:module2 No drugs单... 9页 免费 No Drugs 上课课件 23页 免费 《金版新学案》2012高考英... 71页 免...

《金版新学案》2012高考英语 Module 4 Sandstorms in A...

《金版新学案》2012高考英语 Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia课时作业 外研版必修3...—No need,it will last us for as long as two weeks. A.give out C....

2012《金版新学案》高考总复习Unexplained Mysteries o...

2011届英语一轮复习课件:... 72页 2财富值 外研版 必修Module 6 U......2012《金版新学案》高考总复习Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World 隐藏>...

...2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业20 Module 2 Traff...

金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业20...Module 2 Traffic Jam 外研版必修4_英语_高中教育_...t be serious D.No way 2.(2012·陕西卷)I__...

...2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业11 Module 5 Newsp...

金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业11 Module 5 Newspapers and Magazines 外研版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(十一) 必修 2 Module 5 ...

2012高考英语 Module 6 Films and TV Programmes总复习...

2012学年外研版英语课件 M... 24页 2财富值 【金版新学案】2014高考英......2012高考英语 Module 6 Films and TV Programmes总复习 外研版必修2 2012高考英语...

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