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2015—2016 年第一学期高二年级第一次月考试题

听第 6 段材料,回答第 6、7 题。 6. Where will the two speakers probably buy a bed? A. At Pricerite. B. At LKEA C. At Design 2000.

第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分)


7. What do the two speakers need to buy for their study room? A. A chair. B. A lamp. C. A bookshelf. 听第 7 段材料,回答第 8、9 题。 8. What does the man usually do every week? A. He does the washing-up. B. He washes the clothes. C. He cleans the car. 9. What does the man promise to do starting this weekend? A. Buy the vegetables. C. To go swimming. B. Clean the kitchen. C. Cook the meals. C. On Monday. 听第 8 段材料,回答第 10 至 12 题。 10. What?s the probable relationship between the two speakers? C. Cloudy. A. Teacher and parent. B. Doctor and patient. C. Father and daughter. 11. Why was Billy probably absent on the day of the eye check? A. He went to buy glasses. B. He did his homework at home. C. He was afraid of the eye check. 12. Which grade is Billy in now? A. The fourth grade. B. The fifth grade.
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第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出 最佳答案,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关 小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 1. Who does the man think the girl is? A. Lily. B.Sara. C. Ann.

2. What is the woman?s plan for tonight? A. To visit a friend. B. To see a movie.

3. When will the two speakers go rock-climbing? A. On Sunday. B. On Saturday.

4. What?s the weather like now? A. Rainy. B. Sunny.

5. What is the man?s decision? A. To get his phone repaired today. B. To lend his phone to the woman. C. To buy a phone for the woman. 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三 个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话或独白前后,你将有时间 阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独 白读两遍。

C. The sixth grade. 听第 9 段材料,回答第 13 至 16 题。 13. What day is it today? A. Friday. B. Saturday. C. Sunday.

A. Thomas Adams was a curious man who lived in the 1800s. He spent most of his free time in his workshop trying to discover something new. In 1869 Adams got the chance to meet Santa Anna, a famous general of the Mexican Army. Santa Anna introduced an interesting object called chicle—a sticky, white material that comes from a special tree in Mexico — to Adams. Adams thought maybe he could turn the sticky stuff into something useful. As Adams molded the sticky mass into a ball, it made him think of rubber. At that time, rubber was expensive. His invention would sell if he could make something that was like rubber, but cheaper. So Adams began his experiments. He mixed the chicle with rubber to make tires(轮胎). It did not work. Next, he tried making toys and masks. Nothing worked. After a year, he thought about throwing the sticky stuff away. One day Adams saw a little girl chewing a piece of gum(口香糖),which was made from wax (蜂蜡). An idea suddenly came to him. He remembered that an old custom in Mexico was to chew chicle. He told his son Tom Jr. about the little girl who chewed gum, and suggested that they make the chicle into chewing gum. They decided to wrap the gum in B. A hotel manager. C. A secretary. small pieces of paper and sell it. Quickly they made enough gum to fill twenty-five boxes. Each piece would cost one cent. They named their flavorless gum Adams New York No.1. C. At 8:30 am. Customers began trying this new item. Gum with chicle was smooth, springy (有弹力的), and satisfying and became more popular than the wax gum. Adams kept making changes to the gum. He also added different flavorings to it. Then he invented the gumball machine. His new company grew rapidly. It became the largest C. Four days. company in the nation that made gum. 21. The underline word “molded” in Paragraph 3 can be replaced by “_____” . A. placed B. shaped C. divided D. brought

14. How many tickets are left for the 8 pm show? A. Six. B. Eight. C. Ten.

15. Why doesn?t the man want tickets for the 8 pm show? A. The time is a little late. B. There are no seats together. C. His friend can?t make it in time. 16. What will the man probably do next? A. See another movie. B. Drive to another theater. C. Order tickets for tomorrow. 听第 10 段材料,回答第 17 至 20 题。 17. What does Sheila do? A. A travel agent.

18. When will Robert leave for London? A. At 5:00 pm. B. At 6:00 pm.

19. What will Robert first do when he arrives? A. Rent a car. B. Book a hotel. C. Find the driver.

20. How long will Robert stay in London? A. Two days. 第二部分 B. Three days. 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。

22. After one year?s experiments on chicle, Adams ____.

高二英语 第一次月考试题 第 2 页,共 7 页

A. was ready to give up C. chewed chicle by accident

B. got help from Santa Anna D. found different uses for chicle

issues. Each classroom has a small garden where students grow their own food and cook the food they grow. The “Heat of School”, a small simple house in the middle, is the largest bamboo building in the world. 24. The school of the Air is a great help to children who _____. A. dislike to go to school C. have never used the web B. live far from schools D. have difficulty in making friends

23. Adams New York No.1 became more popular than wax gum because it ____. A. was pleasant to chew C. cost only one cent B. was wrapped in paper D. had a good name B. The school of the Air Australia is a very large country and many children live miles from schools on sheep farms. That?s why The school of the Air started. In the beginning, students used radio s to study but now most use the web. When the school started, there were fifteen students; now there are over 1,000! Students go to the school building three or four times a year to meet teachers and other students. The Circus(马戏团) School Do you want to be a trapeze(高空秋千) artist? Then why not study at The London Youth Circus? The London Youth Circus is for young people between 11and 21.You have to be very fit, of course. The school trained many disabled people who performed in the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics in London. Floating Schools Rain and flooding are a big problem in the country of Bangladesh. In some places, schools are flooded for three or four months a year, but, some places have a solution — schools on boats! Each boat can take up to thirty students. The boats are solar powered with laptop computers. One student says, “During the rainy seasons, everything is closed. Only the floating school comes round at that time.” The Green school The Bali Green School is an international school on the Indonesian island of Bali. This educational village opened in 2008 and teaches students about ecology (生态学) and green

25. If you want to visit schools on boats, you can go to _____. A. London B. Australia C. Indonesian D. Bangladesh

26. Students in The Green School can ____. A. learn how to build a house C. travel around the world B. sell the food they grow D. get close to nature

27. The four schools mentioned in the text are all ___. A. old-style B. unusual C. eco-friendly C. Taking a photo of your food and posting it online is becoming more and more popular. However, not everyone thinks it?s such a good idea. Food photos are popular on social networking sites. People often post pictures of their meals on Facebook or photo sites such as Tumblr and Instagram. Many of the pictures are of delicious-looking food from top-class restaurants. Some people even find it addictive(上 D. private

瘾的). “ I couldn?t get enough of it. I had to IG (Instagram) every single meal,” one food
poster wrote. However, not all food photos are so attractive. There are now sites where you can post pictures of terrible-looking food. One such website is Users send pictures of their depressing meals, which include things such as half-eaten bits of chicken and leftover(剩余的) pizza. Sad Desk Lunch was created by office worker Kira Fisher in 2012. At the time, she was

高二英语 第一次月考试题 第 3 页,共 7 页

working as a video editor in New York. “I was staring at my rather terrible vegetable soup, which I was eating at my desk, and just thought, I can?t believe I?m eating this soup, let alone eating it alone at my desk, ” she said. Other similar sites include, and Some chefs are trying to stop people photographing food in their restaurants. Gilles Goujon runs a three-star restaurant in southern France. He told news website France TV Info that every time his creations appear on social networks it “takes away the surprise, and a little bit of my intellectual property(知识产权)”. Alexandre Gauthier is the chef at the “Grenouillere” restaurant in a northern French town. He has included a “no cameras” logo on his menus. “Before, people took pictures of their family in the restaurant; now we take pictures of food …We tweet (发微博), we ?like(点赞)?,we respond to comments, and the dish is cold, ” he explained. Will you be taking your camera next time you eat out? 28. On which of the following websites can you probably find photos of tasty food?___ A. C. B. D.

very different from today. Many children from poor families lived in poor conditions, but there were still simple ways of having fun. During the 19th century, factory-made toys went on sale. Rich children had more toys to choose from: dolls and doll?s houses, tea-sets and toy shops with toy fruit, vegetables, meat, hats and medicines. Other popular toys were sailing boats and Noah? Ark. In many homes, children were not allowed toys on Sundays — except Noah? Ark, because that was in the Bible. In poor homes, most Victorian toys were made of wood, paper or metal. There were no plastic toys. Poor children usually played with home-made toys. A clothes peg (衣夹) might be turn into a doll, and a piece of wood might become a toy boat. As a treat, families sometimes bought cheap factory-made toys from a “penny stall” in the market. The Victorians were fond of outdoor games, such as football. Schools encouraged team games to “build character”. The Victorians made up rules for many games we still play. An example is badminton, which developed from an old game called battledore and shuttlecock. If they did not have a proper football, poor children kicked around a blown-up pig?s bladder(膀胱). Indoors, children played board games such as Snakes and Ladders and card games. A popular card game was Happy Families, introduced in the middle of the Victorian period. There were also pencil and paper games, such as Noughts and Crosses, which we still play today. At parties, children played traditional “ring” games like Oranges and Lemons and Kiss in the Ring. 32. On Sundays, children in Victorian times often played with ____. A. toy fruit B. dolls and doll?s houses D. sailing boats

29. What?s Gilles Goujon?s attitude towards food photography in restaurants? ___ A. He dislikes it. C. He is interested in it. B. He supports it. D. He is uncertain about it.

30. Alexandre Gauthier probably hopes customers in his restaurant can___. A. take pictures of their food B. just enjoy a delicious meal

C. post their food photos online D. comment on the food he cooks 31. The author?s purpose in writing the text is to ____. A. educate B. persuade C. discuss D. Victorian times started in 1837 and ended in 1901. Life for children of that time was D. entertain

C. Noah? Ark

33. Poor children?s toys in Victorian times were usually ____. A. made of plastic B. made by families

高二英语 第一次月考试题 第 4 页,共 7 页

C. borrowed from the rich

D. bought in the small market

as possible. Tell your friends and family about your work timetable. Explain that you will be working at certain times and ask them not to disturb you. 40 You can call your friends later. A. Set goals for yourself. B. Get a good night?s sleep. C. Do the most important tasks first D. Also, do not be afraid to say “no”. E. You should finish your homework on time. F. Don?t take phone calls during the time you set aside for work. G. Don?t wait until just before a test to try and remember everything. 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空 (共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分, 满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项。 Most people would have given up on an old, blind horse. But Berowra?s Justine Ruta is not most people. The lights went out for 27-year-old Appaloosa Prince in March last year 41 cataracts (白内障),an eye disease 42 blindness. Experts advised euthanasia (安乐死) as the best choice. Instead, Ruta, 27, retrained the 43 she was given on her 13th birthday and the pair are 44 together again. Two years ago, one of the horse?s eyes developed a cataract and Ruta was told he might go 45. when he did go 46 blind, some people said the best thing to do would be to put him down. But one vet saw him and gave a(n) 47 opinion. He said the connection between the 48 was so strong that he would trust her to do anything with the horse. So, for the next six months, Ruta would teach Prince to 49 his other sense to get around.

34. Which of following games had an effect on modern outdoor activities?____ A. Happy Families. C. Battledore and shuttlecock. 35. What does the text mainly about?___ A. Life in the Victorian times. B. Inventions in Victorian times. C. Living conditions in Victorian times. D. Children?s toys and games in Victorian times. 第二节 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中的两项为多 途选项。 How to manage your time For many high school students it seems that there is never enough time. There are several steps you can take to organize your time better. First, make a to-do list every day. It makes it easy to plan any activities or meetings you may have in addition to homework. Be sure to set priorities (优先的事物). 36 Use spare time wisely. Do you have a study hall (自习时间)? Instead of wasting that time, read a book or do homework. 37 If a friend asks you to do something and you have homework to do, realize which is more important and see your friend later. Decide on the time that is good for you to do certain things. If you are more of a morning person, try getting up an hour earlier and do schoolwork before school. Review your notes every day. 38 If you spend a few minutes at the end of every day going over B. Noughts and Crosses . D. Kiss in the Ring.

what you learned, it will mean less time studying when it is time for the exam. 39 Studies have shown that getting enough rest helps your memory. When you are tired, everything seems more difficult. It is best to stay on a regular sleeping cycle as much

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She used wind chimes (风铃) to 50 him to his food. She played the radio before walks. She lifted his head to encourage him to 51 his legs when walking up hills. The 52 helped improve Prince?s weak legs and put a(n) 53 on his owner?s face. Ruta thought she could not face the idea of 54 the horse who helped her through so much as a teenager, 55 after losing her father when she was 15. When she first got the horse, she fell in love with him and 56 every weekend with him. Ruta, who is a vet at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, said she hoped her 57 would encourage others not to 58 when things get difficult. “It takes 59 and patience,” she said. “It was so challenging but it was 60 41. case of 42. A. introducing 43. A. dog 44. A. swimming 45. A. blind 46. A. normally 47. A. different 48. A. group 49. A. forget 50. A. lead 51. A. step 52. A. performances 53. A. expression 54. A. selling 55. A. surely 56. A. began 57. A. story in the end. C. because of C. stopping C. partner C. waiting C. mad C. completely C. similar C. team C. use C. show C. bend C. tasks C. shadow C. losing C. mainly C. finished C. wish D. in need of D. avoiding D. horse D. holding D. deaf D. exactly D. immediate D. couple D. close D. carry D. lift D. lessons D. smile D. training D. particularly D. spent D. memory

58. A. fall down 59. A. money 60. A. suitable

B. try out B. understanding B. worthwhile

C. turn back C. love C. useful

D. give up D. work D. interesting

第 II 卷
第三部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分)

第二节(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Getting on a bus on her own, Rose, a 61 (paint) from America, felt curious and 62 (excite). Although she took 63 painting at her early age, it?s the first time that she had 64 (invite) to attend the exhibition as 65 expert in Beijing. The city was so 66 (attract) that she was absorbed 67 taking photos 68 (constant). For 69 (convenient), she 70 (lay) her suitcase aside. Not until she got off, did she find 71 left out. She reported the case to the police, 72 , she could hardly make herself 73(understand) at first. To her delight, 74 (wait) for only few hours, she managed to get it. Not only the beauty of the city but the kindness of the Chinese made a strong 75 (impress) on her. 第四部分 写作 (共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 短文改错 (共 10 分,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假如英语课上老师要求同学们交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共 有 10 处语言错误,要求你在错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ∧), 并在此符号下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线( \)划掉。 修改: 在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意::1、每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2、只允许修改十处, 多者(从第 11 处起) 不计分。

B. according to B. causing B. friend B. riding B. dead B. finally B. important B. pair B. play B. send B. shake B. walks B. mask B. punishing B. generally B. appreciated B. idea

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Last year, I attended an English training class given by the American lady. I tried hardly to listen to every word she spoke, but when she was saying made no sense to me. I had to admit that I was not good in listening and speaking in English. Finally, I calmed down because the familiar words that ring in my ears: There must be a way out. I have made it a rule that every morning I would read aloud for 30 minutes, and every evening I would listen to English for at least an hour. Just one month late, something unexpected happened. I was surprising to find that I was able to understand most of what he talked about in class. 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你是李华,学校领导和老师因为担心同学们浏览不健康的网站,关闭了教室内电 脑的网络浏览功能,你们感到很难过。请你给校长写一封信,劝说校长同意开通教室内的 网络。 注意: 1. 信中要包括下表中的所有内容; 2. 词数 100 左右,开头语已为你写好; 3. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 参考词汇: 形成判断力 build up one’s sense of judgment 事由 教室内的电脑不能上网,建议学校开通网络。 1. 有利于查找资料, 利用资料; 原因 2. 浏览新闻,了解信息, 开拓视野; 3. 作为高中生,我们正在形成自己的判断力。

Dear Headmaster, I?m Li Hua, a student from your school. I?m writing to persuade you to let us surf the Internet in the classroom. _____________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua

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