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2012-2013 学年第一学期高二英语一体化讲义


Unit 2 Module 7 Fit for life 主备课人:施浩杰

Reading Language points 审核人:高二英语备课组

Learning Aims: 1) to learn some language points in this text to enlarge the vocabulary; 2) to use the language points when doing the exercises. Learning important points: to analyze some long and complicated sentences Learning difficult points: how to analyze the long and complicated sentences Learning Procedures: 1. 【原句回放】This article will focus on two medicines that have changed people’s lives. If you open up any medicine cupboard in the world, it’s likely that you will find aspirin and penicillin. (L1-3) 这篇文章将着重讲述 两种改变人类生活的药物。只要打开世界上任何一个药柜,你很可能就会发现阿司匹林和青霉素。 【结构分析】第一个句子中的 that 引导的是_________ 从句,修饰____________;第二个句子中的 that 引 导的是_________ 从句,it 是______________。 ① Because he works so hard, ____________________________________ he will pass the language exam. (因 为他学习认真,很有可能他会通过这次语言考试。 ) ② ______________________________westerners usually ___________ their presents with delight as soon as they get it. ( 西方人多半一收到礼物就高兴地打开。) 【语言点】focus on : to pay much attention to, 常见搭配 focus one’s attention/efforts/energy on / upon sb./sth 集中(注意力、努力、精力等)于……;把……集中在……上;focus one’s mind/minds on / upon sb./sth 把 思想/心思集中在……上;focus one’s eyes on … 注视着…… ① Each exercise____________ a different grammar point. 每个练习各有不同的语法重点。 ② In China, scientists have_________________(努力)cloning animals, as well as stem cells to be used in medical research. ③ The restaurant _____all, without distinction of colour. A. opens up B. is open to C. opens with D. throws open 2. 【原句回放】 Not only has aspirin saved many people’s lives by reducing fever and helping stop pain, but there are also other things that aspirin can help with.(L20-21) 阿司匹林不仅因退烧止痛而挽救了很多人的生命,它 还有其他用途。 【结构分析】 not only …but also… 放在句首不连接主语时应使用不完全倒装句型。 not only …but also…连 接两个分句时,not only 分句倒装,but also 分句不倒装,即前倒后不倒。 ① Not only ______(be) he himself interested in English but all his students are beginning to show an interest in it. ② Students should learn not only from books, but also by experience. (改为倒装句) _____________________________________________________________________________. ③He not only liked reading stories but he could even write some. (改为倒装句) _____________________________________________________________________________. 3. 【原句回放】However, in 1971, Smith and Willis from the UK proved that aspirin could have that effect, and in 1977, a study carried out in the USA showed that aspirin could prevent strokes as well. ( L24-28) 然而,在 1971 年,英国的史密斯和威利斯证明了阿司匹林可能有那种效果。1977 年在美国进行的一项研究还表明,阿司 匹林能够预防中风。 【结构分析】 本句是由 and 连接的并列句, 其中第二个并列分句是一个结构复杂的复合句。 “that aspirin could prevent a stroke。 是动词 showed 的______从句, carried out in the USA 是过去分词短语, 作______________, 修饰_________。 【配套练习】①--- Why was Professor Wang unhappy recently? --- Because the theory he insisted on __________ wrong.
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2012-2013 学年第一学期高二英语一体化讲义


A. proved B. proving C. being proved D. was proved ②The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see _______ the next year. A. carried out B. carrying out C. carry out D. to carry out 4. 【原句回放】Due to the widespread use of penicillin, many lives were saved during the war. (L50-51)二战中 由于青霉素的广泛使用,许多人的生命得救了。 【语言点】due 的用法 ① be due(债款等)应该付给的,当付的; (票据等)到期的,期满的 The electricity bill __________________(应该被付). If we do not pay it on time, they might cut us off. ② be due 定于,预定(做……的) ,预定(到达或离开的) (to do sth.) Your homework___________________ in tomorrow. You will be punished if you can’t finish it by then. 你的家 庭作业明天应该交上来,到那时如果你还没完成,你将受到惩罚。 The next train to Beijing is expected to arrive here at 4 o’clock. (句型转换) The next train to Beijing is __________________ here at 4 o’clock. (due) _____________________________________________(他们定于下周二再次见面。) ③ due to … 由于……,归因于,应归公于,应归咎于(= owing to …; because of …) (1) 他的失败是由于他缺乏经验。 ___________________________________________________________________________ (2)______________________, the scheduled visit to a factory has been put off. 由于生病, 他原计划到工厂的视 察被取消。 5. 【原句回放】If penicillin had not been available, many people would have died from bacterial illnesses or even small wounds. (L51-52) 如果没有青霉素的话,许多人就会死于各种细菌性疾病,甚至会死于微小的创 伤。 【语言点】回顾下虚拟语气在条件状语从句中的运用。 (1) 如果我是一只鸟,我就能飞了。 If I _________a bird,I _________ fly. (2) 万一他不能按时到,我们就取消会议。 If he __________________ on time,we ___________________the meeting. (3) 如果我们早点出发,就不会错过这列火车了。 If we __________________ earlier,we __________________________ the train. (4) ______ for the doctor’s careful treatment, he ______ till last year. A. If it isn’t; can’t live B. Were it not; couldn’t live C. Had it not been; couldn’t have lived D. If they were not; couldn’t live 6. 【原句回放】He noted that a dish in which he was trying to grow bacteria for an experiment looked abnormal.他注意到在他为了一个实验尽力培养细菌的盘子看上去很不正常。 【结构分析】that 引导____________从句,从句的主干是_____________________________; in which 引导的是____________________________. 【语言点】note v. 注意到 发现 记下 记录 note down ________________ take notes / take a note of _______________ =make notes of / make a note of take note of ____________________ compare notes with sb. ___________________ be noted for / as… ________________ leave a note _________________ 小试牛刀: (1). He has taken ______ the suggestion. A. a note of B. note of C. notes of D. notes
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2012-2013 学年第一学期高二英语一体化讲义


(2). Make _____ of how much money you spend on the trip. A. a note B. notes C. note D. both A and B Guess the meaning of “note (n.)” . 1) We should also read the notes on the text at the back of the book. 2) He took another look and found it was a 10-pound note. 3) We always take notes in class. 4) At first I was going to write Kathy a note, but then I decided to call her instead. 5) Lily has a nice voice but she had trouble hitting the high notes. 7. 【原句回放】…and managed to make and test the new drugs in large quantities. Lines47-48 【语言点】in large quantities 大量地 Buy vegetables _____________, and you’ll be given a very good discount. a quantity of 和 quantities of 既可修饰可数名词,也可以修饰不可数名词。 但 a quantity of+ n 作主语,谓语动词与 of 后的名词保持一致 而 quantities of +n 作主语,谓语动词一般用复数。 Large quantities of goods ____ been stored for the winter. Large quantities of food ____ been stored for the winter. A large quantity of beer ____ been sold. 小试牛刀: (1) With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth ____ each year. A. is washing away B. is being washed away C. are washing away D. are being washed away (2). We always keep _______ spare paper, in case we ran out. (2006 浙江) A. too much B. a number C. plenty of D. a good many 8. 【原句回放】…so mass production started quickly. Lines49-50 写出下列句中 mass 的意思: 1)The new policy raised a storm of mass protests. 2)The sun makes up about 99% of the mass of solar system. 3)The trains provided cheap travel for the masses. 4)Stored in the computer is a huge mass of data. 9. 【原句回放】 …the government approval process for penicillin was accelerated, and mass production was begun in 1944. approval 正误用法 ■人们都喜欢别人赞同自己所做的事情。 We all like others to show approvals of what we do.( ) We all like others to show approval of what we do. ( ) 析:approval (批准,认可,赞同)是不_____________。 ■我们已得到他的允许可以使用他的汽车。 We have obtained his approval to use his car. ( ) We have obtained his approval of our using his car. ( ) 析:approval 后通常不接___________,若语义上需要,可用 of doing sth。 【随堂练习】 1. A warm thought suddenly came to me I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday. A. if B. when C. that D. which 2. The students listened carefully to the teacher with their eyes ______ on the blackboard. A. to focus B. focusing C. being focused D. focused
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2012-2013 学年第一学期高二英语一体化讲义


3. He recommended that a special committee ________ to look into the incident. A. were set up B. was set up C. be set up D. set up 4. _______ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. A. Not only they brought B. Not only did they bring C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring 5. The old man has four sons, and __________ are college students. A. four of them B. all of them C. three of whom D. all of whom 6. The Science Museum, ______ we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions. A. which B. what C. that D. where 7. It was how the young man had learned five languages ______ attracted the audience’s interest. A. so that B. that C. what D. in which 8. It was not until dark _____ he found _____ he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. A. that; what B. what; that C. when; what D. when; that 9. Some areas, ______ their bad weather conditions, are hardly populated (有人居住). A. due to B. but for C. in spite of D. thanks to 10. Mary came to France in 1940, and it wasn’t long ______ she became a French citizen. A. while B. before C. since D. since 11. Great changes _____ in the rural areas in the past two decades.(2004 湖北) A. have taken place B. took place C. have been taken place D. are happening 12. —How come a simple meal like this costs so much? --We have ___in your bill the cost of the teapot you broke just now? A. added B. included C. obtained D. charged 13. Few people have ever_____ deep into this forest, for it is extremely dangerous. A. risked to B. tried go C. try going D. risked going 14. ----It’s a good idea. But who is going to _____ the plan? ----I think Tom and Mary will. A. set aside B. carry out C. take in D. get through 15. It was some time _____ we realized the truth. (2005.山东) A. when B. until C. since D. before 16. Much to our _____, the outcome of the general election is far better than we have expected before. A. delight B. relief C. surprise D. disappointed

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