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The Seventh Period:Culture Corner A letter from a senior high student. The General Idea of This Period In this period, we will just review what we have lea

rned in this module and learn some similarities and difference between US and Chiese school systems. Teaching Aims 1. Review the useful words, expressions and sentences learned in this module. 2. Master some everyday English. 3. Learn some information about the school systems. Teaching Important Points 1. Try to talk with others in English. 2. Improve the students’ reading ability by reading the material. 3. Learn something about the school systems. Teaching Difficult Points 1. How to communicate with others in English. 2. Master some information about the school systems. Teaching Methods 1. Speaking, listening, reading and practicing. 2. Pair work or group work. Teaching Aids 1. the blackboard 2. the multimedia Teaching Procedures Step 1 Greeting and Lead-in T: Good morning, everyone! S: Good morning, Mr/Ms.... T: Do you like you high school life? S:… T: And would you like to study in the USA? What do you know about the high school system in the US? S:…different test system,shorter time at school and many after school activities…. T: Great! Let’s read a letter from a senior high school to know the US high school system. Turn to page 9 and read the passage quickly,anser this question: What's similar and what’s differet in the American and Chiese school systems? Step 2 T: Tell us your answers, please. S:… T: Excellent, you got it. Now, read it again and then discuss the main idea of each para. XXX,the main idea of para 1 is…. S:… T: After knowing the US school system, let’s fill in the chart to get more details. Step 3 Things to prepare US secondary school system Chinese secondary school

Years (before going to college) School diploma Influence on school curriculum

Twelve years

system Twelve years

Different stages

The first semester (time) The second semester (time) School schedule Foreign language to choose After-school activities

1. The primary school (Grades one to five). 2. The secondary school (Grades six to eight). 3. The high school (Grades nine to twelve). From September to December. From January to May. From 7:50 A. m. to 3 p.m. Spanish football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, theater club High school diploma.

1. Primary school (Grades one to six). 2. Junior middle school(Grades one to three). 3. Senior high school (Grades 1-3). Through January.

February through July. From 7:30 A. m. to 5 p.m. English (sometimes) basketball, football The chance to go to Pass College Entrance university Examination. T: By comparing, we know that in US students have more spare time than Chinese students. Thus they can develop their interest in other things, also they will be good students in many ways of course, as Chinese students, we also should use this limited time to develop our potential and become excellent students. T: Do you want to know something about England school system? I will show you a passage on the screen. The Education System in England and Wales In England and Wales, 1 must go to school by 2 from age 5 to 16,unless their parents should 3 that they can 4 an adequate 5 for them at home. There is a 6 between the State System and the Private System is free of 7 to all children, while Private School education is very 8 .The majority of children go to State Schools. The school system is 9 down into three sections: A. Infants School (ages 4-7) B. Junior School (ages 7-11) C. Secondary School (ages 11-16/18) Infants and Junior School together are known as 10 School. There are two types of State Secondary School: 11 Schools and 12 Schools. Many Grammar Schools have long 13 going back 500 years to the time when they were founded. To go to a Grammar School, students have to pass an exam, and the 14 ,is generally more 15 ,and most students stay at school until they are 18 and go on to University or College. Answers: 1. children 3.prove 4.provide 6.choice 7.charge

8.expensive 9.broken 10.Primary 11.Comprehensive 12.Grammar 13.traditions 14.curriculum 15.academic T: I will read the whole passage. You should look at the screen and fill in the blanks according to your listening. Step 4 Summary and Homework T: In this lesson, we’ve gone through all the important things learned in this unit. We also have learned some information about foreign school systems. After class, you should write a brochure about your school according to the information on Page 10. Step 5 The Design of the Writing on the Blackboard Module 1 Culture Corner A letter from a senior high student.




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