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1-5 BCCAC 6-10 CABAA 11-15 BACBC 16-20 CACBB 21-25 BABDC 26-30 ACCBB 31-35 BACDA

36-40 CBADC 41-45 BACBD 46-50 ACCBD 51-55 BADAA 56-60 ABDCA

61-65 BADDA 66-70 BBCCD

71.did they regard examination(s) (exams)(having exams) / had they regarded examination(exams)
考查部分倒装(没用部分倒装 0分;时态错误 扣0.5分; exam用单数扣0.5分)

72. being modest( being a modest person)
考查动名词作介词宾语(没有being 0分;modest拼写错 误扣0.5分;没用modest,用了别的意思不够准确的 形容词扣0.5分)

73. wouldn't/couldn’t be so foolish
考查情态动词用法(没有wouldn’t/couldn’t 0分,没有 so或者用as扣0.5分)

74. is responsible for
考查主谓一致(用复数的谓语动词 0分;时态错误扣0.5 分;介词for用错扣0.5分)

75. which we are permitted
考查定语从句(没用which引导的定语从句 0分; we are permitted 没用被动扣一分)

76. (in) getting / feeling/ being upset about it/ upsetting yourself about it 考查特殊句型(没有v-ing形式 0分;介词about用 错扣0.5分) 77. The instant I walked / went upstairs 考查状语从句(没用The instant 0分;用instantly 0分;时态错误扣0.5分;没用upstairs扣0.5分) 78. That women use twice as many words. / That words used by women are twice as many / Women’s using twice as many words (double--twice) 考查主语从句或动名词短语作主语以及比较结构 (没有That或者没有Women’s using 0分;后 面的比较结构错误扣1分) 79. I had known 考查虚拟语气 (没有had known 0分) 80. that matters (the) most 考查强调句型 (没

My favorite season is autumn, a time of clearness and hope. The dark begins to press its case, but as though in response, the days are often clear. After each long night, I am not exceptionally greeted with the clear sky, the amiable sunshine and the sparkling yellowness in this amazing season. Those fallen leaves seem naturally invoke memories. I was born in autumn. A number of autumns have seen my growth, happiness and sadness as well. No matter how bad the previous months were, I possess a new beginning and have the opportunity to make good of what I failed to achieve yesterday and I have every reason to expect a more promising tomorrow since this season on. It is the season that never ceases to remind me of new beginnings of my different stages. It has the power and strength to bring contentment, love, hope and joy into my life. Though it is a time of closing in, in the meantime, it suggests storing up and laying down supplies.



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