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外研版必修2 module1 culture corner

Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits

Health Care Systems

Look at the headlines from the Web pages. What do you know about the health care system of China in the past?

New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance System 新型农村合作医疗保险制度

To know more about the health care systems in foreign countries, please skim the text and answer the questions: 1. How many countries are mentioned in the text? What are they? 2. What problems are there in Britain Health Care

3. What is the problem of American Health Care System? 4. Do Canadians pay for their medical fees?

READING FOR DETAILS 1.Which of the following countries hasn’t free health care system? A. Britain B. America C. Canada D. None of the above

READING FOR DETAILS 2. Which country is the first country in the world to have a free health care system paid for by the government? A. Britain B. American C. Canada D. None of tha above

READING FOR DETAILS 3.The general idea of this passage is _____.

A. to introduce the health care systems in Britain, America and Canada. B. to analyze(分析)the advantages and disadvantages of a health care system. C. to tell us which country has the best health care system. D. Health insurance helps a lot in paying for medical fees.

READING FOR DETAILS Match the paragraphs with the general ideas:
Para. 1 Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4 The health care system of America. The health care system in Britain. The characteristics of the health care system in canada. A general introduction to the health care system.

Work in pairs and fill in the table.
Country The way to pay Problems


the government + put enough money to he health insurance health service.
insurance companies completely by the government
The poor have both health and money problems.

The government has not




DISCUSSING Discuss the following questions related to the health care system of China: 1. Who pays for the health care in China ? By the government or citizen(市民) themeselves ? 2. Do most of the people in China have health care system ? 3. Now that the new policy of health care system for farmers has come into force, will they benefit a lot ? Why ? Why not ?

UNDERSTANDING Which country is the first country in the world to have a free health care system paid for by the government?
The first to do sth :

1. He is the first to come and the last to leave.
2. Who is the first one to tell you the truth ?

UNDERSTANDING Health care is free for everyone living in Britain.

living in Britain = who lives in Britain
All those coming to the party are my friends. Do you know the boy lying under the big tree ?

UNDERSTANDING The problem with this system is that poorer people don’t have the money to pay for private health insurance. The problem with ….is that ….
1. The problem with the plan is that we have not enough money . 2. The problem with the cloth is that it gets dirty very easily.


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