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2012 年高三暑期复习练习二十五(Book 8 Unit 2)
I. 词汇练习 1.Healthcare should be a right, not a ______.(特权) 2.The success of her book has given her unexpected celebrity _______.(地位) 3.Fresh fruit and veg

etables are essential _______(成分)of a healthy diet. 4.He felt that he didn’t ______(值得)to be given such a great honor. 5.He went to the American Embassy many times to ______(申请)for his visa. 6.The ______(最本质的)difference between Sam and me was the fact that I took life seriously. 7.His influence over the country _______(降低)after he lost the election. 8.There is a growing _______(趋势)towards earlier retirement for various reasons. 9.Under the pressure of the college entrance examination, these subjects have lost their _____(吸引力) for most students. 10.The loud noise is so __________________(恼人的)that I can’t fall asleep. 11.The restaurant certainly lived up to its r________; the food was delicious. 12.Most p__________ feel nervous before they go on stage. 13. He is the c__________________ of our school orchestra. 14. He was in tears when he heard the h_______________ story. 15. 300 workers face u_________________ in the city. 16. All p___________________ were present at the meeting that day. 17. Mozart deserves his status as one of the most popular m_________________ and composers in western musical history. 18. After 10 years of m_______________, they are divorcing. 19. The director wanted to s______________ Michael in his new film. 20.This is only the d_______ of my speech, but what do you think of it? II.单项选择 1. As a matter of a fact, newspaper editors sometimes do not even _____ control over large sections of their newspapers. A. exercise B. make C. decline D. develop 2. ______ can you expect to achieve success. A. With hard work B. Although work hard C. Only by working hard D. Now that he works hard 3. Last night, she ______the world-famous opera. Turando, _________in the Forbidden City in Beijing. A. witnessed, being performed B. witnessed, performed C. saw, performing D. saw, to be performed 4. It was _____ the ambulance came _____ to the hospital. A. until;that the boy was sent B. until;that was the boy sent C. not until;that the boy was sent D. not until;that was the boy sent 5. I was ___________ of crossing the road __________ the car accident happened. A. around the time; when B. on the point; that C. at the moment; when D. on the point; when 6.. Just imagine _______such an opera in the City, and it could _____ much of the history. A. performing, take off B. performed, take off C. performing, take on D. performed, take on

7.. ------How many chapters does the book have? ------It ____ three chapters. A. consists with B. consists of C. is including D. is contained 8. He was in hospital only because he was too excited at the fact ____ he won the first prize in the contest _______the students were asked to write a composition. A. in which, where B. that, where C. which, in which D. that, which 9. We don’t suppose he said that he was good at mathematics, ? A. was he B. wasn’t he C. did he D. didn’t he 10. The police have ________anyone with information to come forward and talk to them. A. admitted to B. appealed to C. allowed for D. called for 11. The new film directed by Zhang Yimou ________a new actress. Which of the following is wrong?? A. stars by B. is starred by ? C. will be starred by D. will star ? 12. The man ________for his ________the person who afforded the weapons in the murder. A. was condemned to death , serving B. condemned to death, serving as ? C. condemned to death, serving ? D. was condemned to death , serving as 13. He applied himself ________the work in time.? A .to finish B. finish ? C. finishing D. to finishing ? 14. —What on earth do you think made the girl so glad? —_____a useful book. A.As she received B.Receiving C.Received D.Because of receiving 15. Father gave advice that I______ anything until _____at the meeting. A.should not say, asking B. couldn’t say, asked C. not say, asked D. couldn’t say, being asked 16.—You ought to have given them some advice. —_____, but who cared what I said? A.So ought you B.So I ought C. So I did D. So did you 17.—How are you getting on with your work? —Oh, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going so well as_____. A. plans B. planning C. planned D. to plan 18 She hurriedly left the room________.? A. as if angry ? B as if she angry ? C. as if were she angry D. as if be angry ? 19. What would have happened ________ ,as far as the river bank?? A. Bob had walked farther ? B. if Bob should walk farther ? C. had Bob walked farther ? D. if Bob walked farther ? 20.Is it this reason ________at the meeting _____he gave for his carelessness in his work?? A. he explained, that ? B. what he explained, that ? C. that he explained, which ? D. why he explained, which



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