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SAT 满分范文常用连接词大全
逻辑连接词: 因果(后接结果): =〉导致:result in; to; to; =〉故此:hence; eventually; ly; =〉为了:so as to; to; in efforts to; for the purpose of; for the sake of; in an attempt therefore; there

by+现在分词; thus; accordingly; as a result; so that; name contribute to~; be responsible for; lead to; cause; attributable to/ attribute give birth to; give rise to; serve




因果(后接原因): =〉因为:owing to; that; since; for; in respect that; may account for; is the result of; derive on account of; due to; for the reason

=〉由……导致:as a consequence / result of; from; result from; be a response to;

弱因果(考虑到): =>for fear of; =>considering; bearing in mind; be blamed on; knowing; in light of; in view of; in favor

in consideration of;

=>in face of (such limited evidence); of; concern with; in terms of;

=>object to;

关于: in relation to; with respect to; with regard to; with/in reference to;

within the context of; with the guise of(在伪装下);

常用点缀小副词: =〉事实上:in itself; matter of fact; =〉程度:highly; extent; indeed; somewhat; undoubtedly; actually; in fact; in reality; realistically;as a

more prosaically; greatly; inescapably; to some spectacularly; wholly; in many cases; it

thoroughly; certainly;

seriously; completely;

is save to say; =〉其它:comparatively; to; ideally; relatively; relevantly; as


转折: nonetheless; of; whereas; nevertheless; instead; in spite conversely; however;

对比: in contrast; as compared to; in comparison with; at the same time;

differentiate between ~ and ~;

differentiate ~ from ~;

让步: take it for granted; Now that; as though; grantedly; after all; granted that ; even if; seem; even assuming; despite; to the

extent that this is the case;


while this may be true in some

cases, it is equally possible that~;

递进: furthermore; in addition/additionally; what is more; besides; moreover; what really most

matters/counts is; importantly;

let alone;


_is even more_;

等同: equate ~with~; amount to; likewise; in like manner; similarly; in other


that is to say;

along with;

in combination;

in the same way;

Coincide with;

其它常用词汇: 举例: for instance; for example; such as; consider the fact that;

立即: immediately; for the time being; in no time; on the spot;

鉴于此: for that matter; in that case; for that reason; as for;

可能不是这样:(unfortunately) =>this is not necessarily the case; this is often/certainly not the case; this might not be the case; this need not be the case; common sense and experience tell us this is not the case/this assumption is a poor one; =>the argument fails to substantiate this assumption; perhaps ~that have nothing to do with~; this argument by analogy is wholly unpersuasive; this argument, nonetheless, is based on an oversimplified analysis of the cause of~ and the presumptuous correlation is unacceptable; =>although this is entirely possible, the argument provides no evidence to support this assumption; if this is not the case, then it is entirely possible that~; lacking evidence to confirm this assumption, it is entirely possible that ~;

应该: would have to; to; would be; should; ought to; must; have to; be required

根据总体的趋势: overall group of~; in general; as a whole; on the whole;

断言: assert; claim; postulate; declare; affirm; emphasize; advocate;

反映: indicate; dict; reveal; reflect; demonstrate; imply; illustrate; infer; pre

可能性: possibility; ~; likelihood (in all likelihood); validity; alternative/alternative means of credibility;

explanation; occurence;


可行性: feasibility;

好: vital; crucial; essential; potency; overriding; significant; profound;

play a key role; 逻辑好: =〉valid; =〉sound; =〉persuasive; 好(副词): necessarily;

feasible; forceful; reliable; convincing; effective;






逻辑不好: =〉unwarranted; without unsubstantiated; unreliable; unjustified; unfounded;

justification/warrant; ess; reachless







open to doubt;





render it unconvincing as it stands/which render it wholly unpersuasive; =〉insufficiently; =〉fallacious; =〉plausible; 不好(副词): unfairly; “好”的副词前面加一个 can not/could not atypical /exceptional; oversimplified;

flawed; gratuitous;

面临: confront; encounter; witness;

限制: Restrict; circumscribe; confine; limit;

表面上: on the surface; superficially; ostensibly; apparently;

具体的: concrete; specific; detailed; particular; definite; informative;

加快促进: accelerate; 支持: substantiate; te; 否定: =>fail; =>miss; to; neglect; in ignorance of; is hardly suffice to / do not suffice bolster; justify; solidify; support; strengthen; valida facilitate; advance; boost;

in favor of;

in support of;

suggest nothing about; undermine; deny; refuse; weaken;

=> refute;

按照原文的假设/推断: rest on; rely on; depend on; base on; on the basis of;

upon which the argument depends; upon which the argument rest; upon which the argument relies;

只要: so long as ; 不管: no matter what; irrespective of whether/~; regardless of; whatsoever; so far as; only if; insofar; subject to the proviso;

(忽略了)把某因素考虑进去: (fail to; into; omit to); take ~ into account/ consideration; give an insight

account for(解释); considering and ruling out/eliminate;

considering and weighing;

weighing ~ against alternatives/~; concerning;

缺少:in the absence of; for lack of; lacking; a lack of; in short of; 不足:scant; 仅仅:mere; only; nothing more than; 足够的:sufficient; 很多大量:a myriad of; a variety of; a multitude of; numerous; a large amount of; a great deal of; 过度:undue; exceedingly; excessive; overstate; overemphasize; 不断增长:growing; increasing; quickening;

一系列: a series of; in a row;

好像、可能: likely; possible; probably; perhaps; as though; maybe; may; might;

解决方案: solution; approach; recipe; scheme

方面: angles; aspect; facet; side; viewpoint;

in all respects;

in many fields;

highlight an aspect of; in all likelihood;

获得: acquire; gain; attain; achieve; pursue;

影响; interfere with~; have/exert a profound influence on life/personality; have a dramatic/undesirable effect on;

满足: meet; satisfy; accommodate the demand of; be accustomed to;

很明显的: it is conceivable/ obvious/ apparent; conspicuous; strikingly; notably;

类比: apply specifically/equally to;


or perhaps even more;

伴随: along with; with; keep pace with; consistent with; in harmony with; cope

in accordance with;

in conjunction with;

serve as catalyst which will foster~;

逻辑: reasoning; way of thinking; line of reasoning; analysis;

倾向:be less prone to;

在成长路上:in one’s course of growth;

富人:haves 穷人:have-not

提建议时说作者需要:a more complete understanding of_;

天生的:by nature;




in origin;


供需关系:supply and demand;



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