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2011 届高考第一轮总复习满分练兵场
高三册 Units9-10
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The railroad gives free transportation for a certain amount of ______(行李). 2.Lightning __

____(闪光) across the sky, which frightend the little girl. 3.The bedrooms are ______(为??提供家具) in a traditional style but have air-conditioning. 4.If your memory problems do not improve, you should ______(咨询) your physician. 5.I think Mr. Black needs a high ______(收入) to support such a large family. 6.The government has ______(批准) this building plan. 7.The ______(献身;忠心) of too much time to sports leaves too little time for studying. 8.Their change of plan is strange but I don’t think it’s ______(意义重大的). 9.The work has brought us much ______(压力) on our minds. 10.I bought another safety lock as an additional ______(保险) against thieves. [答案] 1 . baggage 2.flashed 3.furnished 4.consult 5 . income 6.approved 7.devotion 8.significant 9.pressure Ⅰ.完成句子(湖北专用) 1.All the students must learn is ____________(充分利用) their time. 2.We can see ____________(鲁迅的影响) his writing. 3.In the north, people plant trees around the farmland ____________(抵御) sand storm. 4.We must ____________(利用各种手段) to protect our environment. 5.The coach ____________(保持沉默) the failure of the team. 6.Whether we will give up the trip ____________.(有待讨论) 7.Our teacher required that we ____________ (不放弃) learning English. 8.I’m not very impressed by the works of many ______________.(现代艺术家) 9.Only a few people ____________(可以了解) the full facts of the case. 10.Harry’s completely ____________(改过了) -he’s stopped taking drugs. [答案] make the most of 2.Lu Xun’s influence on be proof against 4.employ all kinds of methods 5.remained/remains silent over 6.remains to be discussed 7.not give up 8.contemporary/modern artists 9.have access to 10.reformed Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I failed in the exam. Sorry to have let you ______, Mom. A. in B. out C. up D. down 2.We lost the game. As you know, Marc Owens should have scored, but he ______. A. hasn’t B. wasn’t C. hadn’t D. didn’t 3.Our house has reached the point where so many things need ______ and it’s so hard to find the time to fix them. A. to do up B. doing up


C. to put up D. putting up 4.—Where on earth have they gone? —I wish I ______! A. knew B. have known C. know D. had known 5. The large old building, with its sign over the door ______ the name “Grenfell”, stood silent and empty. A. writing B. meaning C. bearing D. belonging 6.______, he would have been fired. A. Had he lied to the boss B. Did he lie to the boss C. If he has lied to the boss D. If he lies to the boss 7.Knowing that my laptop wouldn’t connect to the network, I tried it ______. A. anyhow B. too C. either D. therefore 8.After the earthquake he went to the local hospital to have the wound ______. A. to attend to B. attend to C. attending to D. attended to 9.One of the worst storms was in October 1998, when Hurricane Mitch ______ more than 14,000 people in the country. A. had killed B. has killed C. killed D. kills 10.DJ Hughes and Brad Carney sat down and talked ______ length about their interest ______ music and what it meant to them. A. of; of B. at; in C. in; about D. of; about 11.Roylott was sitting on a chair, and his eyes ______ the window. A. were fixing on B. were fixed on C. fixed on D. had fixed on 12.The old wooden bridge, next to the temple, stood over the river ______ telling us the history of this little mountain village. A. as if B. even if C. in case of D. in honor of 13.“You are so lucky.” she said lowly, ______ into the chair beside him. A. sinks B. sinking C. to sink D. sank 14.Three years later, the company reported its worst loss ever and ______ 16 percent of its workforce. A. set off B. took off C. put off D. laid off 15.(2010· 吉林省高三模拟)America is ______ was first called “India” by Columbus. A. that B. where C. what D. the place [答案] 1.D。let sb. down“让某人失望”。 2.D。根据前面的 should have scored 可知 Owens 没有得分。“没有得分”是一个过去的事实,故用 一般过去时。but he didn’t 为 but he didn’t score 的省略形式。 3.B。do up“修缮,整修(房屋等)”。事物作主语时,need 后跟动词-ing 形式表示被动意义。 4.A。wish 后跟宾语从句时,常用虚拟语气,从句用过去时表示与现在事实相反。 5.C。所填动词的逻辑主语是 sign。bear 在此意为“显示,带有”(to have or show a sign, mark, or particular appearance)。 6.A。在虚拟语气中,条件从句可以不用连词 if,而将谓语中的 were, had 或 should 等移至句首。 7.A。anyhow“即使这样”(in spite of this; whatever the facts may be)。句意:知道我的电脑无法联网, 不过我还是试了一下。


8.D。attend to“处理,照料”。句意:地震之后,他到当地医院(让医护人员)处理了一下伤口。have sth. done“请某人做某事”。 9.C。由时间状语 in October 1998 可知此处应用一般过去时。 10.B。at length“详细地”,在句中作状语,插在 talked about 中间;interest in...“对??的兴趣”。 11.B。fix one’s eyes on“注视”。此处用的是它的被动语态。 12.A。as if telling us the history of...“好像在向我们讲述??的历史”。as if telling 在此相当于 as if it was telling。当从句主语和主句主语一致,且从句谓语中又包含动词 be 时,从句主语及其谓语动词 be 可以 省略。 13.B。sinking into the chair beside him 为动词-ing 形式作状语。sink 此处之意为“慢慢坐下”。 14.D。lay off“解雇,使下岗”,符合题意。 15.C Ⅲ.完形填空 A Good Friend, A Second Self I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my name called for the leading role in our high school play. Mrs. Dermitt, my drama teacher, had been looking for someone to play an energetic boy in a comedy. Luckily for me, she thought that I could handle the __1__. That afternoon my friend Kevin and I talked __2__ about the play. Although Kevin hadn’t been __3__ for a part onstage, his job with the set crew was important to the success of the play. I told him I was a little __4__ because I had a lot of lines to memorize. “You can do it.” he said. I knew I could __5__ him: we had been friends since the third grade, and we __6__ a good team. Preparations for the play moved at a rapid pace. While working hard with the set crew, Kevin __7__ spent hours helping me learn my lines. He often said my lines with me by silently moving his lips. We __8__ that he could probably play my part as well as I could. Three days before the __9__ night, everything was ready for the performance. But when I woke up __10__ a fever and sore throat on the day of the play, the entire production came to a sudden __11__. Everyone in the drama department was worried, __12__ there was no way I could perform. The play was __13__ to open in fewer than six hours, and we had no time to cancel. I tried to think of a way to __14__. Then it hit me-Kevin knew the __15__ as well as I did. I called Mrs. Dermitt to give her my __16__. Within a few short hours, Kevin stood onstage in costume and make-up. The amusing lines he had __17__ with me so many times made the crowd laugh and cheer. In a strange turn of events, Kevin and I had __18__ the day for everyone by working as a team. Of course, I was terribly disappointed to have __19__ my chance in the spotlight, but I was extremely __20__ to have such a good friend. 1. A. part B. play C. band D. crew 2. A. calmly B. seriously C. excitedly D. anxiously 3. A. elected B. chosen C. invited D. trained 4. A. upset B. bored C. nervous D. confused 5. A. count on B. tend to C. talk with D. agree with 6. A. joined B. founded C. took D. made 7. A. also B. only C. still D. simply 8. A. expected B. debated C. agreed D. joked 9. A. final B. special C. opening D. greeting 10.A. with B. from C. in D. by


11.A. change B. turn C. stop D. end 12.A. for B. but C. and D. so 13.A. likely B. ready C. sure D. due 14.A. pass B. help C. care D. face 15.A. steps B. lines C. points D. cases 16.A. introduction B. instruction C. explanation D. suggestion 17.A. scanned B. grasped C. practiced D. presented 18.A. valued B. saved C. left D. kept 19.A. offered B. avoided C. risked D. missed 20.A. successful B. thankful C. trustful D. hopeful [答案] 人生有太多的偶然,在每一次偶然中,我们一定会发现一些有价值的东西。本文作者在一次演出之前 突然发烧,嗓子坏了。紧急关头,他的朋友,一直帮助他为演出作准备的 Kevin 代他完成了这项演出任务, 作者非常庆幸能有这样一位好朋友。 1.A。依据上文的“when I heard my name called for the leading role in our high school play”中的 role 可知,该处用 part 表“角色”,即:老师觉得我可以把握好这个角色。 2.C。由文章首句及下文 Kevin 帮我准备这一角色的时候,He often said my lines with me by silently moving his lips 可知,他对这部话剧也很感兴趣,可以知道 C 项“兴奋地”合理。 3.B。choose sb. for/as...表“选某人为??”,为固定表达。 4.C。依据下文的“because I had a lot of lines to memorize”可知,作者要记很多的台词,理应会觉得 紧张,而并非沮丧、烦恼或困惑。 5. A。 count on“指望, 依赖”; tend to“易于; 倾向于??”; talk with“与某人谈话”; agree with“同 意某人说的话”。依据文章的语境可知,作者是信赖这个朋友的。 6.D。依据该段话的意思可知,作者跟他的朋友 Kevin 组成了一个小组,make“组成,构成”。很明 显,文章没有说加入别的组或创立一个小组。 7.A。由上文的“working hard with the set crew”可知,朋友除了忙剧组的工作外,还花大量的时间 帮我记台词。可知朋友是在做两件事情,故选 A 项。 8.D。由文章第一段可知,老师让我演该角色,所以让朋友演我的角色只能是玩笑话。故 D 项合理。 9.C。依据下文“everything was ready for the performance”可知,一切都准备好了,就等待开演。很 明显是在距开演还有三天时间发生的事情。 10.A。考查介词的搭配。表“患??病”之意时,须用介词 with。故答案为 A。 11.C。come to a stop 表“停止;终止”之意。而 come to an end 则表示“结束”之意,常表某事情发 生了之后, 要结束。 由文章叙述可知, 因为作者发烧嗓子坏了, 当然整场戏看起来是演不成了, 当然是“终 止,停止”之意。 12.A。后文的“there was no way I could perform”与前文大家都很着急之间是因果关系,for 在这里 引导原因状语从句,表显而易见的原因。 13.D。该句意为:这场戏离预定的开演时间不到 6 个小时了,无法取消了。be due to 表按照预先安 排做某事之意。 14.B。该语境中作者是要想个好办法来挽救这件事情,故用 help 表“挽救”之意,其他选项均没有 该意思。 15.B。由第四段第三句可知,Kevin 对台词很熟悉。


16.D。上文作者在想办法解决这个问题,现在想到了这个主意,当然是向老师提出这个建议。A 表 “介绍”;B 表“指导”;C 表“解释”,都不合理。 17.C。依据文章第四段可以得知 Kevin 跟作者一起练习了很多遍台词。 18.B。很明显,这一天的演出很成功,而上文提及如果作者不能演这场戏,又找不到解决的办法, 那这场戏就会砸锅的,现在 Kevin 演得很好,自然是挽救了剧组所有的人。 19.D。依上文叙述可知,作者因病没有出演自己的角色,当然是“错过了”,其他选项都不符合语 境。 20.B。尽管自己因为患病错过了演出机会,但有这样一位好朋友代替自己演得如此之好,当然应该 庆幸、感激。 Ⅳ.短文改错 (2009· 安徽皖南八校联考) One day I went to the market and find many1.______ beautiful birds in few cages for sale. I heard2.______ two young men talked. One said, “I caught eight3.______ birds like these last Sunday, but not a single one4.______ was alive next morning.” Oh, God! The birds5.______ are being killed. The number is reducing year to year.6.______ Birds, like animals, are our friends. They set a7.______ lot of pests and make our nature beautifully.8.______ So we must do something to protect it from being killed.9.______ We hope how everyone will care about them.10.______ [答案] 1.find→found。本文叙述的是过去某一天发生的事,动词应用一般过去时。 2.few→a few。“few”有否定意味,此句为肯定句,所以用 a few 表示“一些”。 3.talked→talking。hear sb. doing sth.是固定搭配。 4.√ 前加 the。表示过去某个时候的第二天早晨,应用 the next morning。→by。year by year 是固定词组,表示“年复一年,逐年”。 7.在 animals 前加 other。用 other animals 以便与 birds 区分开。 8.beautifully→beautiful。此处作宾语补足语,应用形容词形式。→them。指代错误。此处指代上文中的 birds,所以应用 them。 去掉或改为 that。此处应是一个关系代词来引导宾语从句,how 不能做关系代词,所以应用 that 或省略 that。



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