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教案 Healthy Eating

A Practice Introduction to English Teaching Methodology Final Assignment

Lesson Plan

Name: 赵泽敏 Number: 2011041104

English Program, School of Foreign Language Yuxi Normal University

Teaching contents Class Size Time

Unit 2 Healthy Eating 高一英语(下) 必修三 60 members (at age of 15~16) 10 minutes 1. Vocabulary: bacon, steak, cola, fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, roast, barbecued mutton kebabs, energy-giving, body-giving, Language Knowledge protective, tofu, pork, cucumber, beans, eggplant, pepper, mushroom, balanced diet, rickets, obesity, anorexia, indigestion, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, sugar, fat.

Teaching Objectives Language

3. Topic: Talking about eating habits and health.

After the class students will be able to talk about eating habits and health. Skills 1. To enable Ss. to know the importance of healthy eating. Affects 2. To develop into a habit of balanced diet. Ss. will be able to have a understanding of the differences of diet between Cultural Chinese and western countries. Teaching Aids Procedures Greetings & Leading-in: Step 1 (1min) 1). By asking ss. “What do you often have for dinner?” to lead to the questions “What kind of food will make you overweight?” and “What kind of food will make you slim?” pictures; handouts; projectors. Steps and Timing

2). Show ss. some pictures of food on the screen and encourage them to speak out loudly what they have learned. 2). Ask ss. to clarify healthy food and unhealthy food. Discussion: 1). Ask ss. to discuss with each other “what do you think healthy eating should be?” Step 2 2). Invite ss. to present their results and feedback. (2 mins) 3). Present answer “A healthy diet is one that comes energy-giving, body- giving and protective food every meal without too much fat, sugar and salt.” Step 3 (1min) 1). Show pictures of three kinds food and guide ss. to “healthy eating = balanced diet”. 2). Guide ss. to some nutrients terms such as “fiber, protein, vitamins …” and so on. 1). Present the question “What will happen if you don’t have balanced diet?” 2). Show the pictures. Step4 Then invite ss. to express their views. (1 min) 3). Collect their views and guide them to next part “Unbalanced diet may lead to some diseases”. Group work (4 members in group): 1). asking ss. to discuss “What should we do to keep fit?” first. Step 5 ( 3 mins)

One is of an overweight man; the other is of an African boy.

2). Then every group will make a recipe for three meals a day and fill the blank below. (Nutrients and balance should be considered in the recipe)
breakfast lunch supper

3). Invite several groups to present their results and the rest groups will make assessments and pick out the best one.

Summary: 1). By asking the question “What should we do to keep fit?” to sum up three kinds of Step 6 food (energy-giving, body- giving and protective food) should be involved in meals ( 1 min) 2). Then guide ss. to develop into a good eating habit and lead to the proverb “Diet cures more than doctors”. 1). Show the E-mail by situation of Jacky send an E-mail to his friend Step7 (1min) 2). asking ss. to have a quick look at the E-mail and throw some questions to ss., such as “What’s Jacky’s favorite food?”, “does he like…?”, “So, day by day, what’s wrong with him?” to lead to homework. Homework: 1). If you’re Jacky’s friend, what would you do to help him? Step8 tell him diseases that obesity may lead to; (1 min) 2). Give him some advice on how to keep healthy. (about 100 words). 3). Hand it in next week. Write a reply to Jacky to


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