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【讲练测】2016年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 1-2(练)(含解析)新人教版选修6

Unit 1-2
Ⅰ.词义辨析 1.As they had no children of their own,they decided to ________ an orphan. A.attempt B.predict C.adopt D.appeal

2.A man is being questioned by the police in relation to the ________ murder last night. A.attempted B.possessed C.adopted D.carved

3.It is difficult to ________ what the long term effects of the accident will be. A.publish B.accuse C.reject D.predict

4.My doctor says that I can’t eat shellfish because I am ________ to them. A.visual B.allergic C.complex D.accurate


6.The function of art is to ________ inner ideas,feelings and images. A.tease B.convey C.transform D.sponsor.

7.The market economy has created more private colleges,which attract good students through more ________ enrollment systems. A.flexible B.contradictory C.blank D.allergic

8.The Chinese people fought bravely against the Japanese invaders and ________ drove them off. A.particularly B.roughly C.eventually D.cautiously

9.Last summer she was invited to the women’s conference________ by the UN. A.possessed B.sponsored C.conveyed D.appealed

10.Coping with her mother’s long illness was really a heavy ________ to bear. A.pattern B.load C.cottage D.sorrow

【答案】1.C 2.A 3.D 4. B 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.C 9.B 10. B Ⅱ.非谓语动词 1.【2015届北京丰台区高三上学期期末】22. The doctor asked him___________ the


amount of salt in his diet. A. to reduce 【答案】 A B. reduce C. reduced D. reducing

考点: 考查非谓语动词的用法。 2.【江苏省南京市、盐城市 2015 届高三第一次模拟】24. — Could you please explain the assignment for Monday, Miss Smith? — Certainly. Read the next chapter and come to class ________ to discuss what you’ve read. A. preparing prepared 【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:A.表示主动或正在进行;B .表示被动或过去发生;C.表示目的或将来;D.表示 将来的被动。此句中 class 与 prepare 构成被动关系,意为准备好的班级。句意:—史密斯 小姐,你可以解释下星期一的那个任务吗?—当然可以,读下一章内容,然后到准备好了的 班级来讨论你所读的。故选.B 考点:考查非谓语动词 3.【湖南省株洲市 2015 届高三教学质量统一检测(一) 】23. Taking a gap year is a good chance for students to learn skills and gain life experience, ______ them an edge in the job market. A. given B. to give C. giving 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:考查非谓语动词。在这里 giving 是非谓语动词做伴随状语,表示休学一年的伴 随的影响。主语为 Taking a gap year,谓语是 is,a good chance 是宾语;for students to learn skills and gain life experience 是宾语补足语。该句意思为:休学一年对于 学生来说是一个学习技巧和获得人生经验的好机会,这能使他们在就业市场上占有优势。 D. having given B. prepared C. to prepare D. to be


考点:考查非谓语动词。 4.【湖南省株洲市 2015 届高三教学质量统一检测(一) 】30. Wherever you study after graduating from high school, _________ regular contacts with your family. A. keep B. to keep C. keeping D. kept 【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:考查祈使句的使用。这里是 wherever 引导的让步状语从句,结合选项和主句来 看,主句中没有主语,所以可以判断主句为祈使句。使用动词原形即可故选 keep。该句意 思为:无论你高中毕业以后在哪里学习,都要保持与你的家人定期联系。故选 A。 考点:考查祈使句的使用。 5. 【湖南省株洲市 2015 届高三教学质量统一检测(一) 】 35. There is no doubt that _________ a goal, one needs not only knowledge but also good personalities. A. achieve 【答案】C B. achieving C. to achieve D. achieved

考点:考查情非谓语动词 6. (江苏省扬州市扬州中学 2014 届高三上学期 10 月月考英语试题) —To get a slim figure, Fanny has tried many ways, but in vain. ---So now she is reduced______anything for supper. A. to not eating 【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:考查动名词的否定:句意:--为了有苗条的身材,fanny 试了很多方法,但是都 是徒劳。--所以现在她落到晚饭不吃东西的地步了。这里 be reduced to“沦落到?”,中 的 to 是介词,介词后要跟名词或动名词,动名词的否定形式是 not doing,所以要选 A 考点:考查动名词的否定 7. ( 江 苏 省 清 江 中 学 2014 届 高 三 第 一 次 月 考 ) Montreal is the second largest

B.not to eat

C. not to eating

D. to not eat

French-speaking city in the world, Paris _____ the largest. A. is 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:考查独立主格结构:句意:众所周知,加拿大的蒙特利尔市世界上第二大的法语 城市,而巴黎最大。逗号前面的是句子,但是两句话没有连词,说明后面不是句子,是独立 主格结构,Paris 和 be 动词是主动关系,用逻辑主语 Paris+being 构成独立主格结构,选 C。 考点:考查独立主格结构 8. (江苏省清江中学 2014 届高三第一次月考) Changling, the largest of the Ming Tombs, is at the heart of Shisanling, with the other tombs _____ on either side of it. A. placing 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:考查 with 复合结构:句意:明皇陵最大的长陵在十三陵的中心,其他的坟墓都 列在它的两边。With 复合结构是“with+宾语+非谓语”,因为 the other tombs 和 place 是被动含义,是被安置在?,用过去分词做宾语补足语,选 C。 考点:考查 with 复合结构 9.(江苏省南通中学 2014 届高三英语开学摸底考试英语试题)_______ in the leg made it impossible for him to walk to school every day. A. Being injured Injuring 【答案】A B. Injured C. Having injured D. B. to place C. placed D. being placed B. to be C. being D. was

考点:考查动名词做主语 10. (江苏省南京市第五十五中学 2014 届高三上学期第一次月考英语试题) After the earthquake,the poor girl was found ________under the ruins of a church. A.burying be buried C.buried D.being buried

【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:考查过去分词做主语补足语:句意:地震之后,那个可怜的女孩被发现埋在一个 教堂的废墟下。用 Find+宾语+宾语补足语,因为是被动式,所以宾语变成了主语,宾语补 足语就成了主语补足语, 因为 the girl 和 bury 是被动关系, 所以用过去分词做主语补足语, 答案为 C。 考点:考查过去分词做主语补足语 III.短语填空 a great deal; run out of ;hold on to ;be made up of ;stay up ;in particular ;return to ;scores of ;lead to ;by coincidence 1.On hearing this Jane looked up,smiling,and then ___________ her reading. 2._________ people arrived at the stadium,excited to see the game. 3.Doctors believe that smoking may ________ lung cancer. 4._____________we happened to be travelling on the same train. 5.She looked very pale,and seemed to have suffered 6.She has been with the kids for hours and is beginning to _________ patience. 7.When I did this I was only trying to _________ my “rice bowl”,you know. 8.Society ____________ people of widely different abilities. 9.I could ________ all night but never get up in the morning. 10.It was a good concert—I enjoyed the last song ____________. 【答案】1. returned to 2. Scores of 3. lead to 4. By coincidence 5. a great deal 6. run out of 7. hold on to 8. is made up of 9. stay up 10. in particular IV.完成句子 1.People began to concentrate less on religious themes and __________________ (采 取一种更人性化 的生活态度).(adopt) 2.Oil paints were developed at this time,_____________________________ (这使得 绘画的色彩看上去更丰富、更深沉).(make) 3.Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way________________________


(能向读者表达 强烈的情感).(impression) 4.The poems ___________________________(不一定有意义,甚至看来自相矛盾) but they are easy to learn and recite.(sense) 5.Another simple form of poem that students can easily write is the cinquain, ________________________ (一种由五行组成的诗).(make) 【答案】1. adopt a more humanistic attitude to life 2. which made the colours used in paintings look richer and deeper 3.that will give the reader a strong impression 4.may not make sense and even seem contradictory 5.a poem made up of five lines V. 模仿造句 1.But today they are accepted as the beginning of what_we_call “modern art”. [翻译]我们要实施的另一个重大工程就是所谓的国民教育。 ______________________________________________________ 2.Many art lovers would rather visit this small art gallery than any other in New York. [翻译]他宁愿贫困也不愿以不正当手段获取金钱。 ______________________________________________________ 3.They tried to paint people and nature as they really were. [翻译]他要求我如实地描述我看到的那些事情。 _______________________________________________________ 4.Henry Clay Frick,a rich New Yorkers,died in 1919,leaving his house,furniture and art collection to the American people. [翻译]敌人惊慌地逃跑了,留下大堆死尸和大量的武器。 _____________________________________________________ 5.You can also explore Frick’s beautiful home and garden which are well worth a visit. [翻译]她做的饭很值得尝一尝。

______________________________________ 6.With so many different forms of poetry to choose from,students may eventually want to write poems of their own. [翻译]有这么多口人要养活,他每天都要加班。 ______________________________________________________ 7.If we hadn’t run out of energy,we would have won the football match. [翻译]如果他听我的劝告的话,就不会犯这样的错误了。 ______________________________________________________

8.Snow having melted,the whole village is brimful of happy children. [翻译]最后一班公交车走了,我们只好步行回家。 _____________________________________________________ 9.It is not a traditional form of English poetry,but is very popular with English writers. [翻译]这本杂志很受已婚妇女的喜爱。 _________________________________________________ 10.Should the traveler return,this stone would utter speech. [翻译]万一明天下雨,我们就得推迟演唱会。 _______________________________________________________ 【答案】 1.Another important project we are going to carry out is what we call National Education. 2.He would rather stay poor than get money in a dishonest way. 3.He told me to describe the things I had seen as they really were. 4.The enemy fled in a panic,leaving behind a lot of dead bodies and weapons. 5.The meal she cooks is well worth a taste. 6.With all these mouths to feed,he has to work extra hours every day. 7.If he had taken my advice,he would not have made such a mistake. 8.The last bus having left,we had no choice but to walk home.

9.This magazine is very popular with married women. 10.Should it rain tomorrow,we would have to put off the concert. VI.语法填空【安徽省泗县第一中学 2016 届高三上学期第二次月考】 阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容 (不多于 3 个单词) 或括号内单词的正确形式。 Chuck Wall teaches management and human relations at Bakersfield College. He walked into class one day and told his students that their homework was to perform a simple and random act of kindness. Not 1 (understand) the homework, the 2 ,

students didn’t know what to do. Chuck didn’t answer their questions. he encouraged his students to work it out by themselves.

One week later, the students entered the classroom and began sharing their stories 3 (excited). One reported on helping a poor dog 4 (abandon) by

its owner. Another student told others about giving blankets away to the homeless. Gradually, more and more students developed the habit of doing such kind acts, from 5 they benefited a lot. Since then, similar kind acts 6 (perform) in schools around the world. Many

schools organize a Random Acts of Kindness Week, around November 13 ,


(celebrate) World Kindness Day. Some schools use each day of Random Acts of Kindness Week to perform a 8 (differ) kind act, such 9 making a new friend,

helping someone, doing community service or raising money for a charity. In this way, students learn to consider other people and think about how small actions can make the world a 【答案】 61.understanding 62..Instead 63.excitedly 64.abandoned 65.which 66.have been performed


(good) place. celebrate 68. different 69 as 70.better

63.副词修饰形容词,故用 excitedly 64.过去时态作后置定语修饰 dog,被抛弃的狗,故用 abandoned 65.非限制性定语从句,代词用 which 66.看到 since 用现在完成时,且动作是被表现,用被动时态,故用 have been performed 67.组织这个周是为了,表示目的时用不定时,故用 to celebrate 68.形容词修饰名词,故用 different 69.固定搭配,such as 例如 70.句意,让世界变成一个更美好的地方,故用 better 考点:考查动、名词、副词和形容词 VII.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 【安徽省泗县第一中学 2016 届高 三上学期第二次月考】 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项。 “Daily Star, sir” called Jason, carrying some newspapers under his arm. The little boy had been running up and down the street, but there were still twenty_1__left. His voice was almost gone and his heart was_2__. The shops would soon close, and all the people would go home. He would have to go home too, carrying the papers__3_money. He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a__4_for his mother and some seeds for his bird. That was why he had bought the papers with all his money. He_5__as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers.

“You don’t know the __6_of selling papers. You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!” another newsboy Chad told Jason. “_7__ it’s not in the paper at all,” replied Jason. “Just run away quickly__8__they have time to see, and you’ll __9_ out and get your money,” Chad said. It was a new _10__to Jason. He thought of his bird with no__11_ and the cake he wanted to buy for his mother, but was__12_that he would not tell a lie. Though he was _13__ a poor newsboy, he had been_14__ some good things. The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers_15__. Several boys were crowding around Chad, who declared with a__16_smile that he sold six dozen the day before. He added that Jason__17_money because he would not tell a lie. The boy_18__at Jason. “You wouldn’t tell a lie yesterday, my boy?” A gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason’s shoulder__19_.”You’re just the boy I am looking for.” A week later Jason started his new__20_. He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth. 1. A. papers 2. A. open B. coins B. pure C. people C. heavy B. instead of D. shops D. weak D. in

3. A. in return for exchange for 4. A. cake 5. A. gave in 6. A. secret 7. A. And 8. A. since 9. A. call 10. A. edition 11. A. bread

C. regardless of

B. card B. got away B. process B. For B. before B. drop B. policy B. insects B. amazed B. already B. taught B. by chance

C. comb C. broke down C. goal C. But C. though C. reach C. idea C. water C. excited C. also C. awarded C. on purpose

D. cup D. showed up D. difficulty D. So D. unless D. sell D. task D. seeds D. concerned D. just D. allowed D. as usual

12. A. determined 13. A. still 14. A. handed 15. A. at once

16. A. gentle 17. A. borrowed 18. A. shouted 19. A. bravely 20. A. duty

B. proud B. made B. laughed B. grateful B. business

C. warm C. lost C. nodded C. modestly C. method

D. polite D. saved D. started D. fondly D. Job

41.A 考查名词。根据上文 carrying some newspapers under his arm可知,此处表示还剩 20份报纸没卖完。A. Papers报纸;B. Coins硬币;C. People人们;D. Shops商店,故选A。 42.C 考查形容词。 根据上文可知, 小男孩还有 20 份报纸没卖完, 因而心情十分沉重。A. open 敞开心扉;B. pure 纯粹,纯净;C. heavy 心情沉重 ;D. weak 虚弱,故选 C。 43.B 考查介词短语。根据下文“?to make more money to?”可知,小男孩准备把剩下的 报纸而不是钱带回家。 A. in return for 作为回报; B. instead of 代替,而不是; C. regardless of 不管,不顾 ;D. in exchange for 以换取??,故选 B。 44.A 考查名词。根据下文“?and the cake he wanted to buy?”可知,小男孩想挣更多 的钱给母亲买一块蛋糕和鸟食。 A. cake 蛋糕;B. card 卡片; C. comb 梳子; D. cup 茶杯, 故选 A。 45.C 考查动词短语。句意:当他想到没能卖完报纸,他一下子垮掉了。A. gave in 让步, 屈服;B. got away 离开,逃走;C. broke down 精神崩溃;D. showed up 出现,露面,故选 C。 46.A 考查名词。句意:你不知道卖报纸的秘诀。你必须大喊:“热点新闻!爆炸新闻!”A. secret秘诀;B. process过程;C. goal目标;D. difficulty困难,故选A。 47.C 考查连词。句意:“(事实上)报纸上根本就没有。”此处语义与上文转折,故用转 折连词but,故选C。 48.B 考查连词。句意:在他们有时间看之前,迅速跑掉。 A. since 自从;B. before 在?? 之前;C. though 尽管;D. unless 除非,故选 B。 49.D 考查动词。 句意: 你就会把报纸卖完, 拿到钱。 A. Call大声叫喊; B. Drop退学; C. Reach 伸出;D. Sell卖掉,故选D。 50.C 考查名词。 句意: 这对jason来说是个新主意。 A. Edition版本; B. Policy政策; C. Idea


想法;D. Task任务,故选C。 51.D 考查名词。根据上文“?he wanted to buy a _34_ for his mother and some seeds for his bird”可知,此处意为“没有鸟食” A. bread 面包;B. insects 昆虫;C. water 水;D. seeds 鸟食,故选 D。 52.A 考查形容词。句意:??, 但他坚决不会说谎。 A. determined 坚定的,坚决的;B. amazed 惊讶的;C. excited 激动的,兴奋的;D. concerned 担心的,故选 A。 53. D 考查连词。句意:尽管他仅仅是个贫穷的卖报郎,他受过良好的教育。 A. still仍 然;B. already已经;C. also也;D. just仅仅,故选D。 54.B 考查动词。根据句意可知,他受过良好的教育。A. handed 上交;B. taught 教授;C. awarded 奖励;D. allowed 允许,故选 B。

57.C 考查动词。句意:他补充说道 Jason 因为不愿说谎没挣到钱。A. Borrowed 借 made 挣得;C. lost 失去(没挣到) ;D. saved 节省,故选 C。


58.B 考查动词。 句意: 男孩们都对 Jason 嘲笑, “老弟, 昨天你不愿撒谎?”。 A. shouted 大叫,大嚷;B. laughed 嘲笑;C. nodded 点头;D. started 盯着看,故选 B。




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