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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块7 Unit 2 Fit for life(含答案解析)

Unit 2 Fit for life Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Jenny is a woman who ________(拥有)high intelligence. 2.We want each student to realize their full ________(潜能). 3.The government has taken great measures to ________(加快)the process of modernization. 4.People stayed silent and listened to us,and ________(鼓掌)in the end. 5.This is a new invention that will have a wide range of ________(应用)in industry. 答案 1.possesses 2.potential 3.accelerate 4.applauded 5.applications Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.由于下大雪,很多道路都被堵塞了。(block) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.该新药在批量生产之前经过了多次医学试验。(go through) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.这个男孩玩电脑游戏成瘾,经常逃学。(addicted) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.令我们非常欣慰的是,我们队赢了。(relief) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.因特网给我们打开了一个结识、聊天和周游世界的全新的网络世界。(open up) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.Many roads are blocked because of the heavy snow. 2.The new medicine went through a number of medical trials before it was massproduced. 3.The boy is addicted to computer games and often skips school. 4.Much to our relief,our team won the game. 5.The Internet has opened up a whole new online world for us to meet,chat and go where we've never been before. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—I haven't seen your father for many years.How is he going? —Not too bad.He________abroad for two years,and now he is a sales manager of his company.

A.studied B.studies studying 答案 A D.had studied


一个过去的事实,故用一般过去时。] 2.Every time you do something you learn from it,and therefore you will find________way to do it the next time. A.better B.a better C.the best D.the better 答案 B [考查形容词比较级。此处用比较级,强调下一次总比前一次的方法要好。此题 不可用 D 项,因为 the better 仅限于两者间的比较。] 3.—Your new boss is a warmhearted lady,right? —So she is.She'll give________needs A.anyone B.whoever C.whomever matter who 答案 B [whoever 引导宾语从句,并在从句中作主语。注意:no matter who 只能引导状 语从句。] 4.It's ridiculous to hold the view that money is________the key to happiness lies. A.what B.when C.where D.that 答案 C [考查表语从句。句意:持有金钱是幸福的关键所在,这样的观点是可笑的。此 处,where 引导表语从句,意为“……的所在”,符合题意。] 5. The flowers________sweet in the botanical garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A.smell B.smelling C.smelt be smelt 答案 B [句意: 植物园中闻起来芳香四溢的鲜花让游客沉醉于大自然的美丽中。 现在分 词短语 smelling sweet in the botanical garden 在此作后置定语, 修饰 the flowers; smell 在此为 连系动词,后接形容词作表语;smelling sweet 为主动形式,但表示的是被动含义。] 6 . News came from the school office________Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University. A.which B.what C.that D.where a warm support.

答案 C [考查名词性从句。考生容易误选 D 项,认为是定语从句,修饰表示地点的词 school office。实际上这是一种从句的间隔现象,在该题中 that 引导同位语从句来解释说明 news 的内容,由于该题把同位语从句后置了,所以很多考生不能正确分析句子结构而有可 能导致误选。] 7.Cities have theaters,museums and big sporting events,but small towns have________. A.nothing B.none one D.little 答案 B [句意: 大城市拥有剧院、 博物馆和大型体育赛事, 但小城镇这一切都没有。 none 此处指没有前面提到的东西,符合句意。nothing 表示“没有什么”,全部否定;no one 只能 指人;little 表示“数量不多,几乎没有”。] 8 . As a journalist you should first decide what events ________before you make some interviews. A.reported report be reported D.reporting 答案 B [考查“疑问词+不定式”结构作宾语。动词 report 的逻辑主语是 you,因此在此 处应用不定式的主动语态。] 9.Nowadays more and more students are working directly on the Internet ________different types of courses are supplied. A.that B.which C.where D.whose 答案 C [此处为 where 引导的定语从句。] 10.His idea of having weekly family meals together,which seemed difficult at first,has ________many good changes in their life. through B.resulted from C.turned into D.brought about 答案 D [bring about 带来,导致。] 11.Don't ________any detail in your account even if a word. A.let out B.take care C.make sure D.make out 答案 A [词组辨析题。let out“发出;泄露”;take care“当心,小心”;make sure“确信, 确保”;make out“把……弄清楚”。]

12.________he was the last man I wanted to see,I did all in my power to help him. A.As B.Now that

C.While D.However 答案 C [句意: 尽管他是我最不愿意见的人, 我还是竭尽全力帮助他。 while 表示“尽管”, 引导让步状语从句,符合题意。as“因为;当……时”;now that“既然”;however“然而”。故 选 C 项。] 13.You'd better cut your hair short.Our school does not ________too long hair. A.approve of students wore B.approve students to wear C.approve of students to wear D.approve of students wearing 答案 D [approve of one's doing...“允许某人做……”,为固定搭配。] 14.The local government has decided to provide more job opportunities for college graduates, ________,in my opinion,will benefit those who are still unemployed. A.what B.that C.where D.which 答案 D [which 引导非限制性定语从句,在从句中作主语。] 15.—Just a moment. I haven't finished packing my suitcase. —________.It's high time we left for the airport. A.Go ahead B.Take it easy C.Hurry up D.That's fine

答案 C [句意:——等一下,我还没有打完包呢。——快点。早就到了我们动身去机场 的时候了。Go ahead“前进;进行”;Take it easy“别紧张”;Hurry up“快点”;That's fine“很好, 不错”。由语境 It's high time we left for the airport.可知,我们应该“快点,抓紧”,故选 C 项。] Ⅳ.完形填空 Cindy Sydney is the founder of C&S Paving Inc.(铺路公司)in Miami,USA.In the following account,she recalls the job that challenged her__1__and skill but left her flying high. When the Miami Airport was under __2__ in 1979, we were a new company struggling to make it.National Car Rental wanted to have 2,500 square meters of dirt paved __3__ the cars could be on site__4__ the airport opened,and the official opening was only ten days away!__5__ other local paving company wanted to do the job, stating it couldn't be done in such a __6__ time. Because we were new and really needed the work,we were__7__to try harder.We gave National Car Rental our offer and __8__ our best effort to get the job finished within ten days.We

also__9__ them that if we failed, they would be no worse off, __10__they had plenty to gain if we succeeded. We got the job and immediately went into__11__.Working at night needed lights,so I rented a machine to produce electricity for the site.Our__12__ challenge was to keep the rock mixture __13__enough.All the available water wagons( 洒 水 车 )were rented out for the airport

construction,and we certainly couldn't __14__to buy a new one.Instead,I got a special __15__to rent fire engine hoses( 消防水龙带 )and connect them to nearby hydrant( 消防栓 ) ; then I __16__held one of those hoses to__17__ down the rock. Those ten days were filled with challenges that__18__one creative idea after another.Nine days later, the night before the airport opened, National Car Rental was the only company that had cars on the parking lot. The key to our success was having the __19__to take on any job and then being__20__in our approach to getting it done. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇记叙文。本文是 C&S 铺路公司创始人 Cindy Sydney 讲述她在创 业初期的一段经历。 国家汽车租赁公司要赶在机场开放之前将一条土路修好, 由于时间很紧, 别的公司都不敢承担这项任务,只有 C&S 铺路公司勇敢地接下了这一工程,并运用常人难 以想象的创造力圆满完成了铺路任务。短文最后得出结论:成功的秘诀是勇气和创新。本文 引出主题的方法非常巧妙,作者运用主人公的亲身经历,在短文的结尾点出对人生的感悟。 这也是高考完形填空选材的一个显著特点。

1.A.kindness B.patience C.imagination D.experience 答案 C [根据文章最后一句话“The key...and then being__20__in our approach to getting it done”,再结合文章内容可推知,应选 imagination。] C.control D.development 答案 A [从下文可知,飞机场正在建设中,under construction“在建设中”。] 3.A.after C.for 答案 D [so that 引导状语从句,that 可省略。] 4.A.while B.since C.where D.when 答案 D [when 当……的时候,引导时间状语从句。] 5.A.Some B.Any C.No D.Every

答案 C [从上文“the official opening was only ten days away!”可知任务很紧,后面“it couldn't be done in such a __6__time”可推知,没有公司想做。] 6.A.short B.vacant C.initial D.regular 答案 A [任务很紧,没有公司想做,说明这项任务不可能在短时间内完成。short 符合 语境。] B.nervous C.afraid D.willing 答案 D [be willing to do sth 乐意干某事,与其他公司形成对比。] 8.A.supported B.promised C.continued D.improved 答案 B [由上文内容可推出,这里是许诺尽最大的努力在十天内完成这项任务。] 9.A.asked B.surprised C.reminded D.demanded 答案 C [我们也提醒他们说如果失败,他们不会更糟,但是如果我们成功,他们将获得 很多。] 10.A.though B.but D.unless 答案 B [同上题解析。] 11.A.discussion B.action C.practice D.production 答案 B [从文中可以看出,这里是开始行动(go into action)。] B.first C.past D.previous 答案 A [由前文可知第一个挑战是需要灯光,所以这是接下来的挑战。] 13.A.cold B.wet C.loose D.clean 答案 B [从下文“需要洒水车”可知, 这里是要让“the rock mixture wet enough”。 故选 B。 ] 14.A.swear B.delay C.consult D.afford 答案 D [所有的洒水车都被租出去了,我们又买不起新的,因此我得到特殊许可,租

消防水龙带使其与消防栓相连来解决问题,这里是转折关系。] 15.A.excuse B.order C.permit D.reason

答案 C [同上题解析。] 16.A.exactly B.personally C.angrily D.hardly 答案 B [personally 亲自;hardly 几乎不;angrily 生气地;exactly 确切地。根据句意可 知,选 personally。] 17.A.pull B.knock C.hit D.water 答案 D [根据上文“需要洒水车”可知,这里是要冲石头。] 18.A.required B.mixed C.followed D.formed 答案 A [根据句意“那十天充满了挑战, 这些挑战需要一个接一个创造性的解决办法”。 ] 19.A.courage B.interest C.hope D.chance 答案 A [从上文反复出现 challenge 可知,需要勇气去接受任何工作。] 20.A.shabby B.efficient C.creative D.urgent 答案 C [要用创造性的方法来完成它,选 creative(有创造力的)。上文的“one creative idea after another”也是暗示。]

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