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词汇- Unit 2--2 中国文化词汇(二)

Unit 2--2 中国文化词汇(二)
四、烹饪 Culinary Arts 美食节 gourmet festival 中餐烹饪 Chinese cuisine 色,香,味俱全 perfect combination of color , aroma , taste and appearance 四大菜系:山东菜,四川菜,粤菜,扬州菜 four major Chines

e cuisines: Shandong cuisine , Sichuan cuisine , Canton cuisine and Yangzhou cuisine 南淡北咸,东甜西辣 the light southern cuisine , and the salty northern cuisine ;the sweet eastern cuisine , and the spicy western cuisine 八宝菜 eight-treasure pickles ( assorted walnut meats , asparagus , lettuce , almonds , cucumber and peanuts , etc . pickled in soy sauce ) 八宝饭 eight-treasure rice pudding (glutinous rice steamed with preserved fruits , sweetened bean paste , lotus seeds , longan , etc.) 白斩鸡 tender boiled chicken (made by boiling a whole chicken in water and cutting into cubes , then dipping into seasonings ) 臭豆腐 odd-odour bean curb 粉蒸肉 pork streamed with rice flour 风味小吃 local delicacy 腐竹 rolls of dried bean milk cream 冷盘 hors d’oeuvres 萨其马 Manchu candied fritter cut in squares 刀功,火候 Cutting and Slicing Techniques , Heat Control 切片 slicing 切条 cutting to strips 切丝 shredding 切柳 filleting 切丁 dicing 切碎 mincing 磨碎 grinding 大/旺/武火 strong heat 中火 medium heat 小/微/文火 gentle heat 五、烹饪方法 Cooking Techniques 煎 pan-frying 炒 stir-frying 爆 quick-frying 炸 deep-frying 烩 stewing 熏 smoking 煨 simmering 煮 boiling 烘 baking 烤 roasting

蒸 红烧 涮羊肉 羊肉串小摊

steaming braising (with soy sauce ) dip-boiled mutton slices mutton barbecue stall

六、宗教 Religions 佛教 Buddhism 释迦牟尼 Sakyamuni 佛寺 Buddhist temple 大雄宝殿 the Great Buddha’s Hall 藏经楼 depositary of Buddhist texts 金刚经 Vajracchedika-sutra 素菜馆 vegetarian restaurant 罗汉堂 arhat hall 观音 Guanyin; Goddess of Mercy; Avalokitesvara 地藏 God of Earth 四大金刚 Four Heavenly Guardians (at the entrance to a Buddhism temple);Four Devarajas 四大天王 Four Heavenly Kings 因果报应 karma 藏传佛教 Lamaism 大藏经 Tripitaka 转世灵童 reincarnated soul boy 喇嘛庙 lamasery 道教 Taoism 道观 Taoist temple 道士 Taoist priest 关帝庙 temple of Lord Guan 儒教 Confucianism 孔子庙 Confucian temple 孔子 Confucius 义,礼,智,信,忠,恕,孝,悌 rightness, propriety , wisdom , trustworthiness , loyalty , reciprocity ,filial piety , brotherly love 学儿优则仕 A good scholar can become an official ./ He who excels in study can follow an official career . 禅宗 Zen Buddhism 不立别传,不立文字,直指人心,见性成佛。 There belief is passed on outside the religion There is no reliance on written scripts It goes straight into people’s minds . One becomes a Buddha the moment He sees his own Buddha nature . 伊斯兰教 Islam 清真寺 mosques 古兰经 the Koran 耶稣教 Christianity

耶稣基督 洗礼 天主教 天主教堂

Jesus Christ baptism Catholicism Catholic church

七、古代典籍 Famous Ancient Books 《 春秋 》 The Spring and Autumn Annals 《 史记 》 Historical Records 《 诗经 》 The Book of Songs 《 书经 》 The Book of History 《 易经 》 The Book of Changes 《 礼记 》 The Book of Rites 四书: The Four Books: 《 大学 》 The Great Learning 《 中庸 》 The Doctrine of the Mean 《 论语 》 The Analects of Confucius 《 孟子 》 The Mencius 《 山海经 》 The Classic of Mountains and Rivers 《 本草纲目 》 Compendium of Materia Medica 《 资治通鉴 》 History Retold as a Mirror for Rulers 《 西厢记 》 The Romance of West Chamber 《 三国演义 》 The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 《 水浒传 》 Heroes of the Marshes ; Water Margins 《 西游记 》 Pilgrimage to the West 《 红楼梦 》 Dream of the Red Mansions ; The story of the Stone 《 聊斋志异 》 Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio 六艺:礼,乐,射,御,书,数 six classical arts: rites , music , archery , riding , writing , arithmetic 朦胧诗 misty poetry 三字经 three-character scripture 武侠小说 tales of roving knights; martial arts novel ; a kung fu novel 言情小说 romantic fiction ; sentimental novel 八股文 eight-part essay ; stereotyped writing 五言绝句 five-character quatrain 七言律诗 seven-character octave 八、神话人物 Mythological Figures 八仙 the Eight Immortals 嫦娥 Chang’s ( the Chinese moon goddess) 伏羲 Fu Xi (God of Fishery and Husbandry) 福禄寿三星 the three gods of fortune , prosperity and longevity 共工 God of Water 后羿 Houyi (a legendary hero who shot down nine suns ) 黄帝 Yellow Emperor 夸父 Kuafu (a fabled sun-chasing giant ) 女 Goddess of Sky-patching 盘古 Pan Gu (creator of the universe )

神农 禹 祝融

Patron of Agriculture Yu ( the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty ) God of Fire

九、古代建筑 Ancient Architecture 塔 pagoda 琉璃塔 glazed stupa 舍利塔 dagoba ; sarira stupa ( a pagoda for Buddhist relics ) 舍利子 sarira remains from cremation of Buddha’s of saints’ body 喇叭塔 Lamaist pagoda 楼 storied buildings 钟楼 bell tower 鼓楼 drum tower 阁 pavilion 烽火台 beacon tower 华表 ornamental column 牌坊 memorial archway




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