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高中英语人教版备课资料包:必修4 Unit 3课件 U3 Warming up and Reading 2

Do you feel funny? Then what makes them funny? Kinds of humor jokes sketch cross-dressing mime/farce body language facial expression Chinese humors Pantomime Funny plays Cross talk Jokes Doggerel English humors Nonverbal Mime and farce Verbal jokes Funny stories Funny poems Chinese humorists Mr. Bean ? Charlie Chaplin Gold rush picture from The Gold Rush Fast reading: 1.Who is the main character of the text? What was he famous for? The main character is Charlie Chaplin. He was famous for his nonverbal humour. 2. How many famous film or characters are mentioned in the text? What are the names? There are two, The Little Tramp and The Gold Rush. Was born in 1889 His job is an actor Type of acting is mime and farce. His charming character is The Little Tramp He died in 1977 Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland. Reasons of success: He could His costume: large trousers, worn-out shoes and small round black hat. In 1972, he was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work. astonish and inspire us skillfully. Give a description on Chaplin? a small black hat a moustache a stick very wide trousers He wore a small black hat, very wide trousers, a moustache and carried a stick that he swung in the air as he walked. Answer the questions 1. Why do people enjoy seeing other people’s bad luck? 2. Why is The Little Tramp well known ? 3. What was Chaplin given a special Oscar for? 4. what’s the passage mainly about? 1. People enjoy seeing other people’s bad

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