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必修3 u1-5复习

英语必修三全本知识点总结必修三 unit1-5 知识点总结 Unit 1 II. Vocabulary: Beauty-beautiful-beautify, harvest, celebration-celebrate, starve-starvation, origin-original, religion- religious, ancestor Mexico-Mexica

n, feast, bone, belief-believe, trick poet-poem, arrival-arrive, gain, independence- independent –depend-dependent–dependence, gather, agriculture - agricultural award-reward, rooster, admire-admiration energetic-energy, Easter, clothing-clothes-cloth, Christian-Christ-Christmas, custom, worldwide, fool –foolish, permission-permit parking-park, apologize-apology drown-drowning, sadness-sad obvious-obviously, wipe, weep, remind, forgive-forgave-forgiven 1. parking lot 2. turn up 3. keep one’s words 4. hold one’s breath 5. obvious—it was obvious that… 6. set off 7. remind of III. Language points: 1. mean 1) mean+ to do 打算,意欲 2) mean+ n/ pron/that 从句---意思 3)mean+ v-ing 意味 meaning (n) 意思 meaningful (a) 有意义的 2. celebrate (v) celebration (n) 庆祝活动 hold a celebration/ celebrations 3. take place 不用于被动语态 take sb’s place/ take the place of sb = replace sb take place 指经过安排的事情 happen 偶然发生,碰巧发生 break out 灾难、疾病、战争等突然爆发 4. would+ v 过去常常… 5. starve starve for 急需 starve to death 饿死 6. Some festivals are held to honour the dead, or satisfy the ancestors, who could return either to help or to do harm. 1) v 尊敬,给以荣誉 2) in honor of 为了纪念 A festival is set to honor/ in honor of the hero. Do harm to sb= harm sb Do more harm than good 7. in memory of 纪念,悼念… 8. arrive (v) arrival (n) The arrival of the plane has been delayed. 9. gain (n/ v) I gained a lot from my teacher. No pains, no gains. 10. gather 聚集,集合 (vi) 收集 (vt) 1) A lot of people gathered to see what had happened. 2) The student gathered a lot of information about the hero. 11. award 奖励 reward 回报,报酬 He received an award of 1,000 dollars.

He was awarded a medal for his excellent work. 12. admire admire sb for sth They admired our garden. I admired him for his success in business. 13. look forward to(介词) + n/ v-ing I’m looking forward to his coming. --ward 向着…方向 backward 向后 forward 向前 14. As though/ if 好象 15. have fun with sb Unit 2 Healthy eating 语法:Modal Verbs ---ought/oughtn’t to;Should/shouldn’t; mustn’t; needn’t; (don’t) have to; will; can/can’t 本单元词汇:diet, nut, bean, pea, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, mushroom, peach, lemon, balance, barbecue, mutton, roast, fry, ought, bacon, slim, curiosity, hostess, raw, vinegar, lie, customer, discount, weakness, strength, consult, fiber, digest, carrot, debt, glare, spy, limit, limited, benefit, breast, garlic, sigh, combine III. 单元知识点(1) : 1.Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. feeling very frustrated 现在分词在句中作伴随状语 eg.She sat on the chair reading a newspaper.(表伴随) Walking in the street, she met her old friend.(表时间) Seeing no body at home , she decided to eat outside.(表原因) The child fell, striking his head against the ground.(表结果) 2. His restaurant ought to be full of people. Ought to 1) to show a moral duty 表示一种道义上的责任,应该 Eg.She ought to look after her child better. You ought to study hard to get a high mark. 2)ought to have done 表示本应该…,而却没有… Eg.You ought to have come yesterday. 3.He thought of his mutton kebabs, fatty pork cooked in the hottest, finest oil. 过去分词短语作后置定语,表被动。 = which were cooked in the hottest oil. Eg.The flowers picked by him are very beautiful. 4.Nothing could have been better.比较级与否定词连用表示最高级。 = All his food could have been the best. Eg.I have never seen a better film. There is nothing I like so much as playing football. 5.Tired of all that fat? Tired of 厌烦的 He is tired of doing the same thing all year round. Tired out 筋疲力尽 I was tired out when I finally reach the top of the mountain. Tired from 因…而疲倦 I was very tied from running fast. 6. get away with sth./doing sth. a)不因某事而受惩罚。I won’t have you getting away with cheating in the exam. b)偷携某物潜逃。The robbers robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money. c)收到较轻的惩罚。He was so lucky to get away with a fine for such a serious mistake. 7. lie 谎言,说谎 1)The program was full of lies.

2) He lied to his wife so that he could come home late. 单元知识点(2) : 1.Perhas he would be able to earn his living after all and not have to close his restaurant. earn one’s living by… =live by…=make a living by…靠…谋生 eg. He earned his living by begging from door to door. 2.He didn’t look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. Be in debt 欠债。 Be out of debt 还清债务。 Be in sb.’s debt 欠某人人情。 Eg. Saving my life, I am forever in your debt. 3.She didn’t look happy but glared at him. ? Glare at 怒视,带有敌意 Eg. ―How could you do that?‖he said, glaring at his mother. ? Glance at 扫视 Eg.He glanced at his watch and left in a hurry. ? Stare at 张大眼睛死死地盯着 Eg.She stared at him in surprise. 4.Yong Hui agreed to stay and soon they were both enjoying the dumplings, fatty pork and cola. Agree to (do) sth. 表示―同意某事或某建议‖,后只能跟表―提议,计划,方案,打算,安排‖ Eg.He agreed to their proposal. He agreed to get someone to help us. Agree with sb. 同意某人 Eg.I agree with every word you said. Agree on sth. 表示在某事上取得一致的意见 Eg.They agreed on a date for the next meeting. 5.But don’t you think it would be better if you were a bit thinner? 虚拟语气,表示与现在事实相反的假设时,条件状语从句的谓语动词用过去式( be 用 were) ,而主句的谓语动词用 would(should, could ,might)+动词原形。例如: If I were you, I should study English better. If he had time, he would attend the meeting. 6. spy (v/n) 监视,侦查,看见,间谍 1) 暗中监视;侦查。 It is impolite to spy into other people’s windows. 2) 看见,发现。 He suddenly spied an old friend in the supermarket. 7.before long 和 long before 1)before long 是介词短语,在句子中作状语,意思为:―不久后,很快‖。多与将来时或者过去时连用。如:I shall visit you again before long. 2)long before 是副词短语,意思为:―很久以前‖,多与完成时连用。如: He had taken a doctor’s degree long before. Before 不仅可以用作副词,还可以用作介词或者连词,这时 long before…的意思为: ―早在…之前‖。如:He had come to America long before the war. Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note 重点单词、短语 unbelievable birthplace patience (patient) silly indeed adventure tiny author wander bay loneliness fault character spot unpaid playwright rude scream genuine scene account seek( sought-sought ) 短语: 1、 make a bet on sth / that… 2、 do with / deal with 3、 a large amount of 4、 go ahead 5、 as a matter of fact 6、 by accident / chance 7、stare at 8、give up 9、 account for 10、to be honest 11、care about

12、show …out 13、take a chance 14、be / dress in rags 15、be disappointed in sb 16、be worth doing 17、work as … 18、in a rude manner 19、be jealous of … 20、even if / though 21、as for… 22、be filled with 23、 get into trouble 24、permit (doing) sth 25、permit sb to do sth 26、 mind sth / sb. 27、be spotted by … 28、be about to do… 29、be/ get lost 30、be patient with 31. bring up 32. on the contrary 重点句子: (Notes to the text :Unit 3 page 80-page 83) language point(语言点) 1. go ahead (1) 进行;发生 The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 新桥的建设将会按照计划进行。 (2) 前进;继续做 Despite the bad weather, they still went ahead with their plans. 尽管天气不好,他们仍按计划继续前进。 (3) 取得进展,取得进步 He is always going ahead. 他一直在进步。 (4) (祈使句) 做吧,请吧 — May I start now?我可以开始了吗? — Yes, go ahead.好,开始吧。 2. stare at 注视,盯着看 He stared at the word trying to remember what it meant. 我盯着那个词看,想要回忆起它的意思。 It’s rude to stare at other people. 盯着别人看是不礼貌的。 3. find sb/oneself done/ doing/adj/n/prep-phrase When day broke, I found myself in a small village. 破晓,我发现我身处在一个村庄里。 I found myself lying on the bed. 我发现我躺在床上。 He found himself surrounded by many students. 他发现他被许多学生围着。 He found himself walking in the direction of the park. 他发现他正在往公园的方向前行。 I found him difficult to get along well with. 我发现他很难相处。 4. spot spotless spotted (1) v. (用眼睛)挑出,察出,认出 I spotted her in the crowd. 我从人群中认出了他。 (2) v 使……染上斑点;点上污点 The ink spotted her white shirt. 我把她的白色衬衫上弄上了污点。 (3) n 斑点;污点;圆点 She had spots on her face when she was ill. 她生病的时候,脸上出现了斑点。 (4) n 地点;场所 This is a nice spot for a house. 这是一个建房子的好地方。 5、order ①n 叫/要的菜 May I take you order now? 您的菜点好了吗? ②n 顺序,次序 The books are arranged in order of size. 书籍按尺寸码放。 ③n 命令 Soldiers must obey orders. 军人必须服从命令。 We did it on his order. 我们奉他之命做了那件事。 ④v 命令 The officer ordered his soldiers to march. 长官命令他的士兵前进。 ⑤v 预订,订购 I have ordered a new computer from the shop. 我从商店里订购了一台新电脑。

I’ve ordered a steak. 我点了一份牛排。 6. take a chance 碰运气 As for whether he will win the game or not, we must take a chance. 对于他能否取胜,我们只能碰运气。 7、 manner n ① 方法;方式 Why are you talking in such a strange manner? 你为什么用这种奇怪的方式谈话? ② 态度;举止 He talked to her in a very rude manner. 他很粗鲁地和她说话。 ③ 礼貌,礼节;风俗,习俗 It's bad manners to talk with a mouth full. 嘴里有食物时说话不礼貌。 You should have good manners all the time. 你应该时时刻刻都讲礼貌。 These are the manners and customs of the Chinese. 这些是中国人的风俗习惯。 (4) genuine adj 真正的; 真实的;名副其实的 We cannot make sure it is a genuine painting. 我们不能确认它是一幅真画。 ● 辨析: ◆genuine 指物品的来历或性质同所说的是一致的。如: a genuine antique 一件真古董。 genuine knowledge 真知;真正的知识 ◆real adj 真实的; 真正的;指从外表看来不是虚假或伪造的 That is a real dog, not a toy. 那是一条真狗,而不是一个玩具。 ◆true adj 意为―真实的;确实的;确切的‖ 指符合实际情况。 It is true that he has won the prize. 他确实赢得了奖品。 Is it true that he is rich? 他很富有,是真的吗? 8、 in rags 穿着破旧衣服;穿得破破烂烂的(状态) The old man is in rags. 那个老人穿得破破烂烂的。 9、 indeed adv ① 的确是;实在是;当然 — Did you hear the explosion last night? 你昨晚听见爆炸声了吗? — Indeed I did. 我确实听到了。 ②(表示惊奇、反语等)真是的;的确 I earn $1000 a day. 我一天赚一千美元。 — Indeed? 真的吗? 10、from the bottom of one’s heart 衷心地,真诚地;发自内心地 It was a request from the bottom of my heart. 这是我发自内心的请求。 ● 拓展: break one’s heart 让某人伤心 learn sth by heart 记住 heart and soul 全心全意地 lose heart 失去信心 lose one’s heart to sb = fall in love with sb 爱上某人 (1) 宾语从句:引导词为 that; whether/ if; what; which; who; whom; whose; when; where; how; why and so on. The object clause can be placed after vt, prep, and some adj. 语法: 名词性从句(宾语从句、表语从句) 1、宾语从句:注意事项 ◆ 用陈述句的语序。 ◆ 注意从句的时态呼应(主句是现在时,从句用各种时态;主句是过去时,从句用过去的时态,包括过去、过去进行、 过去完成、过去将来) ,表示客观真理或普遍事实时除外。 ◆ 主句的谓语动词是 advise, demand, request, order, suggest, insist 时,宾语从句的谓语动词用 should +v. ◆ 主句的主语是第一人称,谓语是 think, suppose, believe, expect, imagine 时,否定转移。

◆ that 引导宾语从句时,一般省略。不省略的情况为:a. 从句位于句首以示强调时;b. 及物动词后的第二个及以后的 宾语从句;c. 谓语动词和 that 从句间有短语隔开时;d. 在复合宾语中;e. 宾语从句由―从句+主句‖构成,从句的引导 词紧跟在主句谓语动词后,that 不省。 2、 表语从句: ① 从属连词引导 The question is whether we should ask them for help. The fact remains that you are still behind the others. ② 连接代词引导 Guilin is not what it used to be. What she wants to know is which dress she should buy. ③ 连接副词引导 That is where Lu Xun used to live. That is why he didn’t pass the exam. That was how they were defeated. 注:还可由 as if 或 as though 引导。 It looks as if it were going to rain. Unit4 重点单词、词组 astronomy, system, religion theory, atom, billion, globe, violent, , carbon, atmosphere, unlike, fundamental, harmful, acids, chain, multiplied, oxygen, exist, thus, dioxide, gravity, satellite, physicist, climate, crash, spaceship, pull float, weight 词组 solar system, begin with,in all direction, in time, lay eggs give birth to, prevent... from, depend on, block out, cheer up, now that, get the hang of, break out, watch out. 重点句子: However, according to a widely accepted theory, the universe began with a ―Big Bang‖ that threw matter in all directions. The problem was that the earth became violent because it was not clear whether the solid shape was to last or not. It exploded loudly with fire and rock, which were in time to produce carbon, nitrogen water vapour, and other gases, which were to make the earth’s atmosphere. What many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas. So whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. When we get closer to the moon, we shall feel its gravity pulling us but it will not be as strong a pull as the earth’s. I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over. We watched, amazed as fire broke out on the outside of the spaceship as the earth’s gravity increased. language point explode vt. & vi.(使)爆炸;爆发 vt. & vi. (使某物)爆炸,炸开 explode a bomb The firework exploded in his hand. vi. (感情)突然迸发,(人口等)突然或迅速增加 At last, his anger exploded. 他终于大发雷霆。 She exploded into loud laughter. 他突然大笑起来。 Because they didn’t have proper birth control policy, the population exploded. 2. in time 1)sooner or later; eventually; I’ll see him in time. You’ll succeed in time if you work hard.

2) not late She will be back in time to prepare dinner. 与 time 相关的短语: in no time 立刻,马上 at times 有时 at a time 每次;依次 once upon a time 从前 on time 按时;准时 at one time 从前 for the time being 暂时 from time to time 不时地 kill time 消遣, 消磨时光 take one’s time 不着急, 慢慢来 3. fundamental 十分重大的;根本的 fundamental difference Hard work is fundamental to success 4. …by laying eggs. lay-laid-laid-laying 放, 把...... 放在......; 产卵 He laid his books on the desk. 注意: lay (laid; laid; laying) 放置;产卵 lie (lay; lain; lying) 躺;位于 lie (lied; lied; lying) 说谎 The naughty boy lied to me that the hen that lay there just now had laid two eggs the day before. 5. give birth to 1) 生(孩子) She’s just given birth to a healthy baby girl. 2) 产生 The extraordinary experience gave birth to his latest novel. 6. prevent…..from The heavy snow prevented the children going to school. We were prevented by heavy smog from seeing anything. Ps: prevent sb. / sth. from doing sth. 用于主动语态时,prevent sb. / sth. from doing sth. 和 stop sb. / sth. from doing sth.中 的 from 常可省略,而 keep sb. / sth. from doing sth.中的 from 不可省略. 用于被动语态时,三者中的 from 都不能省略。 7. depend vi. 相信,信赖;依靠,依赖 (尤指钱); 视……而定 dependable 可信赖的 Good health depends on good food, enough sleep and exercise. 他是个可信赖的人。 He is a man to be depended on. You can’t depend on your parents forever. depend on sb. to do sth. 指望某人做什么 ---Will you go skiing with me this winter/ ---It/That (all/just) depends. 视情况而定 8.block out 1、挡住、遮住(光线或声音) Black clouds blocked out the sun. 2、忘掉、抹去(不愉快的事情) Over the years she had tried to block out that part of her life.

9.Cheer up 1)Cheer sb./ sth. Up Oh, come on---cheer up. Give Mary a call; she needs cheering up. 2)使……颜色变亮 Bright curtains can cheer up a dull room. 10. 倍数表达法 1). ―A + be + 倍数 + as +形容词原级 + as + B‖. This tree is three times as tall as that one. His father is twice as old as he. 2). ―A + be + 倍数 +形容词比较级 + than + B ‖ The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River. The number of students in our school is three times larger than that in theirs. 3). ―A + be + 倍数 + the +名词 (size, length, amount) + of + B‖ The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one. 11. now that Now that you are busy, let me do it for you. Now that everyone is here,let’s start work. 12. break out,它与 happen, take place, come out 等词的用法一样,是不及物动词,不能带宾语,不能用于被动语态。 1) (战争、疾病、灾难)爆发 The American Civil War broke out in 1861. 美国内战爆发于 1861 年。 2) 发生争吵 A quarrel broke out between them. break down 打破; 毁掉; 破除; 坍塌; 坏掉 break in 破门而入; 打断 break through 突围; 突破; 冲垮; 克服 break up 打碎; 拆散; 分裂; 分解 break one's word/promise 食言; 说话不算数 Unit 5 Canada — “The True North” III.语言点 1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. rather than 表示客观事实,意为―是……而不是……;与其……不如……‖。它连接的并列成分可以是名词、代词、形容 词、介词(短语)、动名词、分句、不定式、动词等。 He is an explorer rather than a sailor. 与其说他是一个海员,不如说他是一个探险者。 The sweater she bought was beautiful rather than cheap. 与其说她买的这件羊毛衫便宜不如说它漂亮。 We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. She enjoys singing rather than dancing. 她喜欢唱歌,而不喜欢跳舞。 I decided to write rather than (to) telephone. We should help him rather than he should help us. 是我们应该帮助他而不是他应该帮助我们。 rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与 rather than 前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。 You rather than I are going to go camping. 是你而不是我要去要野营。 2. The thought that they could cross the whole continent was exciting. that 引导同位语从句。 The news _____ our athletes won another gold medal was reported in yesterday’s newspaper. (上海) A. which B. whether C. what D. that

4. settle down

(1)舒适地坐下/躺下 (2)对(工作/生活)定下心来 (3) 使……平静 The old man hoped his son would marry and settle down. 那个老人希望他儿子结婚并定居下来。 This kind of pills can settle you down for a whole day. 这种药片能使你安静一整天。 settle down to sth. / v-ing 开始认真对待;静下心来做 3) They finally settled down to a discussion of the main issues. 他们终于开始讨论一些主要问题了。 5. manage to do = succeed in doing sth. 是―设法做、设法完成某事‖的意思。 1) Although he hasn’t received any formal education, Mr Wang managed to finish his task. 2) We should manage to realize our dream. [辨析] manage to do sth.的意思是―设法成功地完成……‖; try to do sth.的意思是―尽力做……(但结果不一定成功)‖。 He worked hard and managed to pass the exam. 他努力学习并顺利通过了考试。 He tried to pass the exam, but failed because of laziness. 6. across; through; along; over eg. It is dangerous to rush across the street if you don’t watch out for the cars. I will see some beautiful birds if I walk through a rainforest. My office is the third floor along the corridor on the left. 7. They were not leaving for Montreal until later, so they went on a tour of the city. 她们要晚些时候才动身去蒙特利尔, 因此就在多伦多市内游览了一番。 until/till 直到……为止。肯定形式表示的意思是 ―做某事直至某时‖, 动词必须是延续性的。 I slept until midnight. 我一直睡到半夜时醒了。 Wait till I call you. 等着我叫你。 not…until 直到……才。否定形式表达的意思是―直至某时才做某事‖。动词一般为非延续性的。 He didn’t finish the work until yesterday. Don’t get off the bus until it has stopped. 公共汽车停稳后再下车。 否定句可用另外两种句式表示。 a. not until … 在句首, 主句用倒装。 Not until the early years of the 19th century did man know what heat is. 直到 19 世纪初, 人类才知道热能是什么。 b. 用于强调句 It is not until… that… It was not until I told him that he knew about it. 直至我告诉他, 他才知道这件事。 8. …because most of the Chinese people here come from South China, especially Hong Kong. especially 表示―尤其, 格外, 特别‖, 意思相当于―in particular‖或―particularly‖。多用在介词短语或连词前面。 specially 表示―为了一个特别的目的,专门地, 特别地‖, 意思相当于―for a special reason or purpose‖。 I came specially to see you. 我特地来看你。 The weather has been especially cold. 最近天气特别冷。 It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, _____ if you don’t speak the language. A. extremely B. especially C. specially D. naturally 9. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa, Canada’s capital. (P38) as far as 1) 直到……远,远到……; (表示程度,范围)就……;据……;至于……。常用于 as far as I know―据我所知‖,as far as I am concerned ―就我而言‖ 等结构中。 _____ I can see, there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger. A. As long as B. As far as C. Just as D. Even if 10. The train left late that night and arrived in Montreal at dawn the next morning. at, on, in 表示时间的用法区别

at 表示时间点, 常用来表示时刻, 如果一段时间按时间点对待也用 at。 at 2:30, at dawn / noon / night / dusk / sunrise / sunset / breakfast / lunch dinner / supper, at this / that time, at the beginning of this century at 也可以表示节假日, 例如: at Easter, at Christmas on 表示一天或某一天的一部分。 on Monday, on September 26, on Monday morning, on Friday evening in 表示少于一天或多于一天的时间段。 in the morning / afternoon / evening, in a week, in three days, in May, in spring, in 2002, in my childhood 注: morning, afternoon, evening, night 这些名词如果有一个表示具体某一天的名词作定语时, 介词不用 in 或 at, 而应该 用 on。 on Thursday evening, on a cold winter morning, on the afternoon of April 8, on the night of his return 11. The girls told him they were on a train trip across Canada and that they had only one day in Montreal. 如果在一个复合句中有两个或两个以上并列的宾语从句, 第一个 that 可以省略, 第二个及以后的 that 不可以省略。 Ⅰ .单项选择 1.The final score of the basketball match was 93:94. We were only ________ beaten. A.nearly B.slightly C.narrowly D.lightly 2.In spite of these unexpected difficulties, the Chinese scientists ________ to carry out their experiments on the lonely island. A.threatened B.managedC.offered D.hesitated 3.The questionnaire takes ________ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A.mainly B.punctually C.approximately D.precisely 4.The whole nation was ________ by the young generation's excellent performances when the disaster happened. A.remembered B.forgotten C.honoured D.impressed 5.The city,________ by mountains and lakes,is so beautiful that they have decided to stay there for another two days. A.stood B.connected C.blocked D.surrounded 6.With so much noise of the traffic, I couldn't ________ and do my research work. A.put down B.settle down C.break down D.take down 7.He spoke highly of the novel and he worshipped the author________. A.strongly B.extremely C.entirely D.freely 8.I called the airline to ________my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada. A.expand B.attach C.confirm D.strengthen 9.By ________,people in western countries can play jokes on others on April 1st. A.system B.history C.habit D.tradition 10.The doctor's first reaction was a strange ________ of joy and anger. A.mixture B.collection C.mass D.number 11.Though it was dark, my father ________ working in the field by the light of moon. A.remained B.stayed C.lasted D.kept 12.The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly________. A.atmosphere B.state C.situation D.phenomenon 13.The computer revolution may well change society as ________as did the Industrial Revolution. A.certainly B.insignificantly C.fundamentally D.comparatively 14.There was a ________ quarrel between the husband and the wife;after that the wife left home and never came back. A.sensitive B.serious C.violent D.strict 15.Though most people know that smoking ________ the risk of cancer,it is still hard for them to give it up. A.multiplies B.adds C.combines D.gains 16.Before the economic crisis came,John had sensed that the firm was to be ruined and he________ just in time. A.pulled up B.pulled out C.pulled off D.pulled down 17.What you should do, instead, is ________and look for a solution to the problem. A.cheer up B.come up C.break up D.cut up 18.I'm planning to hold a party in the open air,but I can make no guarantee because it ________ the weather. A.links with B.depends on C.connects to D.decides on

19.Alice read the letter with a ________ expression on her face,not knowing who sent it to her. A.crowded B.puzzled C.satisfactory D.pleasant 20.The special building in the middle of the square is the oldest wooden building ________. existence silence safety need 21.He said that doing parttime jobs did no good to students, but few ________ his view. A.agreed B.permitted C.shared D.nodded 22.—I wonder why he has been acting so strange these days. —Recent pressure at work may ________ his behavior. A.account for B.make for C.change for D.stand for 23.The new movie ________to be one of the biggest moneymakers of all time. A.promises B.agrees C.pretends D.declines 24.The bill would ________workers twelve weeks of unpaid leave for family emergencies. A.provide C.admit D.permit 25.Success in life doesn't happen________.It's the result of devoting your time and energy to what you've set out to do. force design accident choice 26.I have no________with people who are always complaining of their misfortunes. A.devotion B.belief C.patience D.balance 27.He worked his ________to Australia, and paid for the journey by doing jobs on the ship he was travelling on. A.patience B.passage C.way D.strength 28.It suddenly occurred to Anne that money couldn't ________ all that Bob had suffered in the past five years. A.make up for B.look up to C.put up with in with 29.That dress is ________worn out. You really should throw it away. A.unbelievably B.unexpectedly C.surprisedly D.gradually 30.—You're quite free now, I think. —________, I have tons of things to do! A.On the contrary B.On average C.On the other hand D.On condition 31.The children who are addicted to playing computer games are all driven by ________ at first. A.curiosity B.benefit C.surprise D.satisfaction 32.We are quite sure that we can________our present difficulties and guarantee enough supply of pork in markets. A.get across B.get over C.get away D.get off 33.A good teacher should leave some time for the students to ________ the knowledge. A.introduce B.receive C.digest D.accept 34.She looked out of the window, ________ for her lost youth. A.sighing B.shouting C.striving D.longing 35.My aunt is good at bargaining and she always buys things at a ________. B.cost C.price D.benefit 36.I'm very glad to know that my boss has generously agreed to ________ my debt in return for certain services. A.take away B.cut out C.write off D.clear up 37.The man who thought of ________a gas engine with wheels was the inventor of the automobiles. A.comparing B.combining C.competing D.connecting 38.For the most part, schools are ________ to produce people who fit into society, not people who set out to change it. A.established B.designed C.admitted D.signed 39.For them, it was very difficult to ________ the town from the hand of the enemy. out over back through 40.I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ________fine. A.look out B.stay up C.carry on D.get along

答案:1-5 CBCDD 6-10BBCDA 21-25CAADC 26-30CBAAA

11-15AACCA 31-35ABCAA

16-20BABBA 36-40CBBCD



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