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M2U1 1st period Welcome

Module 2 Unit 1

Tales of the unexplained

Welcome to the unit

What kinds of programs do you prefer to watch in your spare time?

nment news at home and abroad programs


sports and music science & technology

Are you interested in a program called ‘Discovery”?

Are you curious about mysteries?
Have you ever thought of exploring some of the mysteries?

(Picture 1) Have you ever read some reports about UFO in Chinese? Are you interested in it? What does UFO stand for? Is it really from another planet?
For what reasons do you think UFO visits our planet?

UFOs are unidentified flying objects, but no one really knows what they are. The chances for seeing a

UFO are greater for those people who live in small towns or in the country and are outside late at night. UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are only small spots of light that move in strange patterns across the night sky. Some that can be seen in the daytime are often disk- or saucer-shaped.

(Picture 2) Where

is Himalayas? What’s the weather like there? Why do some people make great efforts to climb it? Yeti is reported to be half-man and half-beast, have you heard of it? Do you think some climbers’ disappearance have some connections with Yeti?

The Yeti is a humanlike creature which is supposed to live in the Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world. Several sightings, mainly of footprints, have been reported by westerner explorers over the years. Yet none of them have been supported or proved with evidence in any way.

Pictures 3

Crop circles

Who made them and why?

Picture 5


How did these stones stand upright? The truth is nobody really knows. It required hundreds of men to move one of these, the heaviest of them weighing probably about 45 tons.

Stonehenge is a famous cultural relic.

It is a monument of huge rock slabs in the south-west of England built in the Stone Age. It is believed that Stonehenge served some kind of religious purposes. Up to now nobody knows for sure how it came into being. Do you think you will be interested in discovering more about it?

Do the four pictures have something in common?
If so, what are they? (unexplained; no satisfactory answers; mysterious; no evidence......) How do you feel about them? Are you a bit curious?

? Do you believe in the unexplained things such as UFOs, Yetis and crop circles? Why or why not? ? What other unexplained things do you know about? ? If you saw a UFO or a Yeti some day, what would you do?


? To help the students smooth away the obstacles when carrying out the activity, you can ask the students to find some related information and try to translate it into English before class. ? Give the students the following expressions to help them form their opinions.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Some expressions: carry out an interview tell a mysterious story be full of/ be filled with star, planet, satellite weather balloon run into/ run across/ come across crop circles believe in

? Ask two or three groups to present their ideas in front of the class if time permits.

1. Polish up their short essays about their discussions and display them on the wall. 2.Preview the reading passage.




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