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模块七第一单元M7U1 project

technology.. Nowadays, we are surrounded by ______________



They wear_____ plain clothes

They attach great importance to ______. family

They usually only go to a formal school until age 15.

They have a chance to visit the outside world at the age of 18. Once determined to live a modern life, they can’t come back home any more.

The Amish

1.What is Amish?
The Amish is a Christian group

For emergencies

There is something important about being telephone together and sharing life that can not be found over a telephone wire

mobile phone Destroy the peace one has or waste one’s
precious time

text message

relationships build by text messages are quite shallow

4.What does the author suggest at the end of the passage?

May be we should throw all of our phones into dustbin, along with our cars and TVs for good measure Maybe we should get rid of ourselves of modern technology and return to simpler times.

5.What is the tone of the last sentence? A. Hopeful. B. Humorous. C. Depressed.



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