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I.单项选择 1. The driver was at ________ loss when ___________ word came that he was forbidden to drive for speeding. A. a; / B. a; the C. the; the D. /; / 2. A new system of quality control was __________ to overcome the shortcomings in the firm’s products. A. invested B. informed C. introduced D. instructed 3. ---Mr. Green once _________ English at Cambridge University for five years and now is a speaker. ---No wonder he ____________ perfect English. A. had taught; spoke B. taught; speaks C. is teaching; has spoken D. has been teaching; will speak 4. Our bodies are strengthened by working out. __________, our minds are developed by learning. A. Likely B. Similarly C. Probably D. Therefore 5. I had been puzzled over the problem for over an hour without any result, __________ all at once a solution flashed across my mind. A. while B. when C. then D. as 6. Why ____________ I drive so many miles away for a supper when I can easily have it at one of the restaurants nearby? A. might B. could C. would D. must 7. To our puzzlement, the written record of our conversation doesn’t______what was actually said. A. contribute to B. subscribe to C. correspond to D. submit to 8. ---Are you a newcomer? ---Yes, is there anything important? ---Class regulations require ______ is the last to leave the classroom ______ off all the lights. A. who; should turn B. whom; shall turn C. whomever; turns D. whoever; turn 9. Disappointed _______ at his daughter’s school grades, Mr Smith didn’t scold her when she came back from school. A. although was he B. though he was C. he was so D. was he as 10. After the bell rang, a group of teachers ___________ the lesson, stood up and came out of the classroom, __________ the’ students. A. attending; following B. attended; followed C. attending; followed D. attended; following 11. The goal is to use crops, weeds and even animal waste _________ the petroleum that fuels much of American manufacturing. A. in terms of B. in favor of C. in spite of D. in place of 12. ---Do you think __________ worthwhile to go all the way to the Toyota Center to watch Houston Rocket match? ---Well, it is an exciting match after all. A. it B. this C. that D. its 13. The astronaut did many experiments in the spaceship, ________much help for knowing space. A. which we think it is B. which we think are of


C. of which we think is D. we think which are of 14. If we go on using energy so wastefully, __________ are that our oil wells will be dried up before new energy sources can be found to replace oil. A. chances B. opportunities C. questions D. problems 15. ---Did you have a good time in Thailand last year? --- ______________ . It was too hot. A. Oh, great really B. Yes, why not C. Not really D. You’re right 16.In March,2008,Medvedev was elected president of Russia. position he will hold for 6 years. A.a…a B./…a C.the… a D.the … the 17.----Why on earth didn't you answer my phone just now? ----Sorry, but the doorbell too. A.had rung B.was ringing C.rang D.was about to ring 18.---I heard they went climbing in the high mountains last Sunday. ----It true because there was a heavy snow there. A.may not be B.won't be C.couldn't be D.mustn't be 19.Is it not who is right but what is right matters much? A.that C.which D.this 20.----Many a student has a opinion of him. ----But he is spoken of by the leaders. A.bad…worse B.badly…highly C.bad…more D.bad…better 21.Faced with financial crisis,we think it is time to the trip to Europe. in for off on 22.----You haven't been to Beijing,have you? ----.How I wish to go there again! A.Yes,I have B.Yes,I haven't C.No,I have D.No, I haven't 23.It is required that more attention the working conditions of the workers in our country. A.should be paid to keep paid to having kept C. should be paid to have improved paid to improving 24.----Can I have a talk with you at about 4 this afternoon,Mr.BIack? ----All right,I from a conference by then.I will be waiting for you. A.will have come back B.will come back C .have come back D.will be coming back 25.-----Bill,if it doesn't rain,we can go straight on and spend more time in London. ----I just want to visit the Buckingham Palace. A.Well done! B.No problem. C.That's great! D.That's it. 26.Niagara Falls is a great tourist ,drawing millions of visitors from all parts of the world every year. A.interest B.view C.scene D.attraction 27.-----Who was the man talking to the general manager in the hall yesterday? -----A man himself a popular singer. A.being called B.calls C.called D.calling 28.We will be shown around the parks, schools and some places of interest, other tourists


B.which C.where D.when 29. , most teenagers now listen to rock music. However, John prefers classical music. A.In a word B.In general C.In particular D.In total 30.----I think the internet is plasing an important role in our present life. Don't you think so? -----Yes. . A.Great minds think alike B.Facts speak louder than words C.Two heads are better than one D.Talking mends no holes 31. Shanghai kicked off _____ 2010 World Expo on Friday evening with ______ grand ceremony and fireworks show and a pledge to be more open and inclusive. A. the; the B. the; 不填 C. the; a D. a;the 32. Many a student ____ wearing MP3 players while walking on the street.It's quite dangerous. used to B.are used to C.was used to D.were used to 33. After working abroad for several years.Gill wants to settle down to a ____ job in Britain. A.normal B.constant C.permanent D.primary 34. The place _____ the supermarket is supposed to be built should be ______ the population is comparatively dense. A. which; where B. in which; which C. in which; where D. which; in which 35. Had the bomb dropped over a populated area of the city , there ____ a great deal of damage. A.may be B.might have been C.may not be D.mightn't have been 36. His happy story ______ my memories of my childhood when I lived in the countryside. A. called in B. called for C. called on D. called up 37. There was a bloody incident and more than 20 journalists were reported ____ in southern Philippines. A.having been killed have been killed C.being killed D.killed 38. Never before______ so highly successful in his attempts to forecast the weather accurately on a small scale. has been is C.has man been D.will be man 39. Jack’s family _______ their holiday in Shanghai this time next week. A.are enjoying B.are to enjoy C.will enjoy D.will be enjoying 40. The cloud never hides the sun. The truth will be known to all____. A. on time B. in time C. by time D. from time to time 41. In the morning they got up only______ all their equipment buried and they had got to dig it out. be found B.found find D.finding 42. The students _____ busily when Miss Brown went to get a book she ____ in the office. A.had written; left B.were writing; has left C.had written; had left D.were writing; had left 43. Shelly had worked hard for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it at her first . A.assistance B.appetite C.attempt D.aid 44. ____ I went to the seaside, I picked up a great many shells. A. The first time B. For the first time C. At first D. By the first time 45. ----Will you be free tomorrow? I’d like to invite you to go to the cinema.

often go. A.what


----______. Maybe my boss will ask me to go abroad with him A. Sure, I like it B. That all depends C. No, thanks D. Forget it II.完形填空 When I was a kid, my brother dropped the bomb, "No Santa Claus ( Father Christmas)!" I fled to Grandma because I knew she would 36 me the truth.I told her everything."No!" she said."Ridiculous! Don' t 37 it." After dinner, we went to General Store.Grandma handed me ten 38 ."Take it and buy something for whoever needs it.I'll wait in the 39 ." I' d often gone shopping with Mother, but never had I shopped 40 . For moments, I stood there, confused, 41 what to do with it. I thought of everybody I knew. 42 I thought of Bobbie Decker. His mother always wrote a note, telling the teacher that he had a cough.We all knew that Bobbie would have no cough 43 he had a thicker coat.So I decided to buy Bobbie one."Is this a present for 44 ?" the saleslady asked me kindly.I 45 shyly.She smiled, handed it to me and wished me a merry Christmas. Then Grandma helped me wrap the coat in Santa Claus 46 and ribbons and write "To Bobbie, From Santa Claus " on it.Then she 47 me over to Bobbie's house.Grandma parked down the street from Bobbie' s house.We 48 noiselessly and hid in the 49 by his front walk. "All right, Santa Claus," she 50 ,"get going. " I rushed out, threw the present down at his front door, 51 his doorbell and flew back to the safety.Together we 52 breathlessly in the darkness for the front door to open. Forty years I haven' t forgotten those 53 I spent shivering (颤抖)in Bobbie' s bushes.That night, I realized that the stories about Santa Clause were really ridiculous.Santa Claus was alive, 54 we were on his 55 . 36.A.tell B.teach C.take D.advise 37.A.remember B.believe C.understand D.consider 38.A.bags B.keys C.coats D.dollars 39.A.home D.bus 40.A.separately B.apart C.singly D.alone 41.A.wondering B.worrying C.expecting D.looking 42.A.Luckily B.Surprisingly C.Suddenly D.Firstly 43.A.unless B.since D.if 44.A.anyone B.someone C.others D.another 45.A.nodded B.smiled C.replied D.denied C.paper D.needle 47.A.sent B.drove C.walked D.guided 48.A.stole B.struggled C.stepped D.searched B.buildings C.stairs D.bushes 50.A.sighed B.whispered C.called D.shouted 51.A.knocked B.pushed C.pounded D.switched 52.A.rushed B.laughed C.paused D.waited 53.A.nights B.feelings C.moments D.bills 54.A.and B.but C.then D.therefore 55.A.side C.part D.staff III.阅读理解 A


Many of the most damaging types of weather begin quickly, strike suddenly, and disappear rapidly, destroying small areas while leaving neighboring areas untouched. Such event as a tornado(龙卷风) struck the northeastern part of Edmonton, Alberta, in July 1987. Total damages from the tornado went beyond $250 million, the highest ever for any Canadian storm. Traditional computer models of the atmosphere have limited value in predicting short-lived local storms like the Edmonton tornado, because the available weather data are generally not detailed enough to allow computers to study carefully the slight atmospheric changes that come before these storms. In most nations, for example, weather-balloon observations are taken just once every twelve hours at places separated by hundreds of miles. With such limited data, traditional forecasting models do a much better job predicting general weather conditions over large areas than they do forecasting specific local events. Until recently, the observation intensive ( 十 分 细 致 ) method needed for exact, very short-range forecasts, or ―Nowcasts,‖ was not possible. The cost of equipping and operating many thousands of conventional weather stations was extremely high, and the difficulties concerned in rapidly collecting and processing the weather data from such a network were hard to overcome. Fortunately, scientific and technological advances have overcome most of these problems. Radar(雷达) systems and satellites are all able to make detailed, nearly continuous observation over large areas at a lower cost. Communications satellites can send out data around the world cheaply and immediately, and modern computers can quickly collect and analyze this large amount of weather information. Meteorologists(气象学者) and computer scientists now work together to design computer programs and video equipment able to change weather data into words and graphic displays(图解) that forecasters can understand easily and quickly. As meteorologists have begun using these new technologies in weather forecasting offices, nowcasting is becoming a reality. 56. Why can’t traditional computer models predict short-lived local storms? A. The weather data people collect are often wrong. B. Detailed weather data in some small areas are not available. C. The computers are not advanced enough to predict them. D. The computers are not used to forecast specific local events. 57. The word ―Nowcast‖ in Paragraph 3 means . A. a network to collect storm data B. a way of collecting weather data C. a more advanced system of weather observation D. a forecast which can predict weather in the small area 58. What can make ―Nowcasts‖ a reality according to the passage? A. Scientific and technological advances. B. Advanced computer programs. C. Computer scientists. D. Meteorologists. B When I learned that my 71-year-old mother was playing Scrabble – a word game – against herself, I knew I had to do something. My husband suggested we give her a computer to play against. I wasn’t sure my mother was ready for it. After all, it had taken 10 years to persuade her to buy an electric cooker. Even so, we packed up our old computer and delivered it to my parents’ home. And so began my mother’s adventure in the world of computers. It also marked the beginning of an unusual teaching task for me. I’ve taught people of all ages, but I never thought I would be teaching my mother how to do anything. She has been the


one teaching me all my life: to cool and sew; to enjoy the good times and put up with the bad. Now it was my turn to give something back. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. There was so much to explain and to introduce. Slowly but surely, my mother caught on, making notes in a little notebook. After a few months of Scrabble and other games, I decided it was time to introduce her to word processing(文字处理). This proved to be a bigger challenge(挑战) to her, so I gave her some homework I asked her to write me a letter, using different letter types, colors and spaces. ―Are you demanding with your kindergarten pupils?‖ she asked. ―No, of course not,‖ I said. ―They already know how to use a computer.‖ My mother isn’t the only one experiencing a fast personal growth period. Thanks to the computer, my father has finally got over his phone allergy(过敏反应). For as long as I can remember, any time I called, my mother would answer. Dad and I have had more phone conversations in the last two months than we’ve had in the past 20 years. 59. What does the author do? A. She is a cook. B. She is a teacher. C. She is a housewife. D. She is a computer engineer. 60. The author decided to give her mother a computer____________. A. to let her have more chances to write letters B. to support her in doing her homework C. to help her through the bad times D. to make her life more enjoyable 61. The author asked her mother to write her a letter______________ . A. because her mother had stopped using the telephone B. because she wanted to keep in touch with her mother C. so that her mother could practice what she had learned D. so that mother could be free from housework 62. After the computer was brought home, the author’s father_____________. A. lost interest in cooking B. took more phone calls C. played more games D. began to use it C Native English Teachers Wanted at 7,500 yuan Xiamen Sunny Bilingual and Art Kindergarten is located in a top residential area in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. If you’d like to share your experience and to explore the most dynamic and exciting place to work, come and join our enthusiastic and supportive staff. We have a caring and loving teaching environment for children, parents and staff. Our school is family-and-community-oriented. It has small-class system and facilities are world-class with well-equipped classrooms and other materials. Students, parents and teachers are united in a commitment to top-quality Montessori(蒙氏)education. Preferred Requirements: Native English speaker Warm and creative Must be able to work complete school year TEFL(teaching English as a foreign language)qualified BA(Bachelor of Arts)level degree holder Preferably at least one year’s early childhood teaching experience in China Love and care for young children a must


Benefits: We offer a comparative package of 7,500 yuan per month including necessary allowances such as medical insurance, accommodation(free lunch at school)and home leave(探亲假)(depend on qulifications). We also provide professional Montessori training to the staff as career development. Responsibilities: 1. Normal working hours: 36 hours a week(six hours a day from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 a.m.—11:00 a.m.,2:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m.—8:30 p.m.). 2. The working hours may be changed on some special days, such as the annual celebration of the kindergarten, some important holidays, or special times needed by the work schedule. 3. We have a branch kindergarten in Anxi County, about 98 km away from Xiamen City. You will be asked to teach in the branch one day each week. We will pay for the traveling fare but not for the extra work. Contact: Should you be interested in the post, please send your resume to kinginp3 @hotmail. com. Only qualified applicants will be called for an interview. Recruiting Team: Xiamen Boai Investment Co. Ltd 63. What’s the purpose of the passage? A. To find investors. B. To employ English teachers. C. To advertise for Montessori training. D. To attract more kids to the kindergarten. 64. According to the passage, who might be the best fit for the post? A. Natasa, from Russia, BA level degree holder, has worked in Shenyang for two years. B. Hedrich, from German, has one-year teaching experience in a kindergarten in Shanghai. C. Susan, from the USA, warm and creative, has worked in Guangzhou for six months. D. Jenny, from London, has two-year teaching experience in a kindergarten in Hangzhou. 65. The kindergarten will provide the following benefits EXCEPT . A. Montessori training B. medical insurance C. paid annual leave D. free lunch 66. What is TRUE according to the passage? A. The contract(合同) length will at least be a school year. B. Early childhood length will at least be a school year. C. Extra income is provided for the teaching work in Anxi Country. D. All applicants will be informed of the kindergarten’s choice. D Thirteen, for me, was a challenging year. My parents divorced and I moved to a new town with my father, far from my old family and friends. I was terribly lonely and would cry myself to sleep each night. To ease my sadness, my father purchased an old horse for me at a local auction. I named him Cowboy. Cowboy was without a doubt the ugliest horse in the world. But I didn’t care. I loved him beyond all reason. I joined a riding club and suffered rude comments and mean snickers about Cowboy’s looks. I never let on about how I felt, but deep inside, my heart was breaking. The other members rode beautiful, registered horses. When Cowboy and I entered the events where the horse is judged on appearance, we were


quickly shown the gate. No amount of preparation and love would turn Cowboy into a beauty. My only chance to compete would be in the speed events. I chose the jumping race.? One girl named Becky rode a big brown horse in the race events. She always won the blue ribbons. Needless to say, she didn’t feel threatened when I competed against her at the next show. She didn’t need to. I came in next to last. The stinging memory of Becky’s smirks made me determined to beat her. For the whole next month I woke up early every day and rode Cowboy five miles to the arena (赛马场). We practiced running and jumping for hours in the hot sun and then I would walk Cowboy home totally exhausted. All of our hard work didn’t make me feel confident by the time the show came. I sat at the gate and sweated it out while I watched Becky and her horse charge through the course and finish in first place. My turn finally came. I put on my hat, rubbed Cowboy’s neck and entered the arena. At the signal, we dashed toward the first fence, jumped it without trouble and raced on to the next one. Cowboy then flew over the second, third and fourth fences like a bird and I turned him toward the finish line. As we crossed the line the crowd was shocked into silence. Cowboy and I had beaten Becky and her fancy horse by two seconds! I gained much more than a blue ribbon that day. At thirteen, I realized that no matter what the odds, I’d always come out a winner if I wanted something badly enough to work for it. 67. The underlined expression "shown the gate" (paragraph 3) most probably means ______. A. told how to enter the arena B. shown how to make the horse beautiful C. removed from the competition early D. told to enter the timed-speed events 68. When the final race finished, nobody cheered because . A. the audience didn’t like Cowboy B. people envied the writer C. the win was unexpected? D. the writer bad run out of time 69. Why was the writer not confident of victory? A. He was an inexperienced rider. B. He had not practiced enough. C. He believed he was unpopular with the crowd. D. He thought his horse wasn’t so good as the others. 70. What did the writer learn from his experience? A. Life can sometimes be unfair. B. Anything is possible if one tries hard enough. C. A positive attitude will bring success. D. One should not make judgments based on appearance. VI.任务型阅读 Bisphenol A is a chemical widely used to make hard, polycarbonate (聚碳酸酯) plastic.Food storage containers, reusable water bottles and baby bottles are among the many different products that may contain BPA.BPA is also commonly used in protective coverings inside metal food and drink cans. People can swallow small amounts of BPA as they eat or drink.An industry Web site says more than forty years of safety research shows that products made with bisphenol A are safe.But others question the safety of BPA.Now, a large study has linked it to diabetes and heart disease in adults. Researchers divided almost one thousand five hundred American adults into four groups based on BPA levels in their urine (尿液) .All the levels were within the limits considered safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.Yet the study found that the highest group


was more than twice as likely as the lowest group to have heart disease or diabetes, or both. The Food and Drug Administration and chemical industry officials said the study does not show that bisphenol A caused the diseases.The researcher who led the study, David Melzer at England’s University of Exeter, agrees.He says the findings must be reproduced and that other studies are also needed. But he also says that if BPA is a cause of these conditions, then just reducing contact with it might prevent some cases.The study appeared last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Earlier this month, the United States government scientists from the National Toxicology Program released a final report on BPA.They found that the chemical is of ―some concern‖ for effects on development of the brain in fetuses (胎儿) , infants and children. They made the same finding for behavioral (动作的) effects. The scientists based their findings mostly on studies of laboratory animals.Even so, the program director said ―the possibility that BPA may affect human development cannot be dismissed.‖ In April, Canada became the first country to propose a ban on plastic baby bottles that contain BPA.The government has said it will publish its final decision by October eighteenth. Some plastic goods are now being marketed as BPA-free.But some people wonder whether any other chemicals that might take its place are any better. The reports on Bisphenol A The wide application Bisphenol A of Bisphenol A is 71._____ to make hard, polycarbonate plastic, food storage containers, reusable water bottles and baby bottles; BPA is also a 72._____ element in protective coverings inside metal food and drink cans. The 73._____ of the research: No 74._____ is found in products made with Bisphenol A. Link BPA to diabetes and heart disease, yet the findings 76._____ further studies. The scientists can’t 78 . _____ out the possibility of affecting human development, though experiments were based on lab animals.

Over 40 years of safety research A recent large study 75._____ in 1,5000 American adults A final report on BPA 77._____ by American scientists

To prevent diseases 79._____ by BPA, people may reduce contact with it; and Canada is the first country that has 80._____ making baby bottles with BPA. VI.书面表达 假如你班要就―如何为高考做准备‖开一个班会,请根据以下内容写一篇发言稿,谈谈你 对高考备考过程中要注意的事项及建议理由: 1. 保持良好的心态有助于减轻焦虑,还能增强克服困难的勇气; 2. 目标明确、正确评价自己。太低的目标使人松懈,太高的目标使人丧失信心; 3. 与父母、老师或同学沟通帮忙走出困境; 4. 作息合理,饮食均衡,以保持旺盛的精力。 注意: 1.词数 150 左右,开头已为你写好(不计入总词数); 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 No doubt every Senior 3 student wishes to be successful in the National College Entrance Examination. _





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