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第一册 1.必修一 MODULE 1 My First Day at Senior High 升入高中的第一天 My name is Li Kang. I live in Shijiazhuang, a city not far from Beijing. 我叫李康, 住 在离北京不远的石家庄市,它是河北省的首府。 It is the capital city of Hebei

Province. Today is my first day at Senior High school and I'm writing down my thoughts about it. 今天是我升入高中的第一天,现在我就写写我这一天的感想。 My new school is very good and I can see why. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 我的新学校非常好,理由如下,老师们很 热情、很友好,而且教室很棒。 Every room has a computer with a special screen, almost as big as a cinema screen. 每间教室部配备有一台电脑,电脑屏幕是像电影 院屏幕大小差不多的特殊屏幕。 The teachers write on the computer, and their words appear on the screen behind them. 老师在电脑上写字,这些字就出现在老师身后 的屏幕上。 The screens also show photographs, text and information from websites. They're brilliant! 屏幕也能显示照片、文本以及网站下载的信息。真是太棒了! The English class is really interesting. 英语课很有趣。 The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen.老师是一位姓沈的非常热心的女士。 We're using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 由于我们使用的是新课本,沈老师的教学方法 跟初中老师完全不一样。 She thinks that reading comprehension is important, but we speak a lot in class, too. 她认为阅读理解很重要, 而我们在课堂上说得也很多。 And we have fun. I don't think I will be bored in Ms Shen's class! 我们过得很快乐。 我认为上沈老师的课我是不会感到厌倦的! Today we introduced ourselves to each other. We did this in groups. 今天我们以小 组的形式互相作了自我介绍。Some students were embarrassed at first but everyone was very friendly and it was really nice. 有些同学开始还有些难为情,不过大家都 很友好,真是太好了。 Ms Shen gave us instructions and then we worked by ourselves. 沈老师给了我们一些指导,然后我们自己活动。 Ms Shen wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting. 沈老师要帮助我们 提高拼写和书写水乎。We do this in a fun way, with spelling games and other

activities. 我们用有趣的拼写游戏和其他活动做完了这些。 I like her attitude very much, and the behavior of the other students shows that they like her, too. 我非常喜 欢她的教态,其他同学的行为表明他们也喜欢沈老师。 There are sixty-five students in my class ---more than my previous class in Junior High. 我们班共有 65 名同学 比我以前初中时的班级人数还要多。Forty-nine of them are girls. 其中 49 名是女生。In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 换句话说,女生人数是男生的三倍。 They say that girls are usually more hard-working than boys, but in this class, everyone is hard-working. 据说女生通常 比男生用功, 但在我们班, 每个人都很用功。 For our homework tonight, we have to write a description of the street where we live. 今晚的家庭作业是描述我们居住的 街道。I'm looking forward to doing it! 我正盼望着做家庭作业呢。


2.必修一 MODULE2 My New Teachers 我的新老师 They say that first impressions are very important. 人们说第一印象很重要。 My first impression of Mrs. Li was that she was nervous and shy. 我对李老师最初的印象是 她既紧张又害羞。I think perhaps she was as it was her first lesson with us. 我想她 这样也许是因为她给我们上第一节课的缘故吧。But now. after two weeks, the class really likes working with her. 两个星期过去了,现在全班同学都很喜欢上她 的课。She's kind and patient, and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it! 她友善、 耐心, 把英语语法解释得清清楚楚, 连我都懂了!--- She avoids making you feel stupid! 她不会让你感到自己是个笨蛋! I've always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly when I speak English, but Mrs Li just smiles, so that you don't feel completely stupid! 我总是不愿意犯错误或者在说 英语时念错词,李老师只是笑笑,因此你就不会感到自己是个大笨蛋!I think maybe she goes a bit too slowly for the faster students, but for me it's wonderful!1feel I'm going to make progress with her. 我想对于那些学习较好的学生来说,她的进 度也许有些慢,但对我来说正好!我觉得跟着她学习一定能取得进步。 I'd guess that Mrs Chen is almost sixty. 我猜陈老师差不多有 60 岁了。 She's very strict --- we don't dare to say a word unless she asks us to. 她很严格---如果她不要 求,我们连一句话也不敢说。She's also very serious and doesn't smile much. 她也 很严肃,不苟言笑。When she asks you to do something, you do it immediately! 她 要你做什么事,你就赶快做! There are a few students in our class who keep coming to class late but they're always on time for Mrs Chen's lessons! 班上有些同学上课老 是迟到,可上陈老师的课都很准时! Some of our class don't like her, but most of us really appreciate her because her teaching is so well organized and clear. 有些学生不 喜欢她,可班上大多数人确实欣赏她的课,因为她的讲解非常有条理,很清楚。 And a few students even admit liking her! 有一些学生甚至承认喜欢她! During scientific experiments, she explains exactly what is happening and as a result my work is improving . 做科学实验时,她准确无误地解释发生的一切,就这样,我 的学习正在进步。Physics will never be my favorite lesson, but I think that I'll do well in the exam with Mrs Chen teaching me. 物理从来不是我最喜欢的学科,但我

觉得有陈老师教我,今后考试我一定会考得不错的。 Mr W'u's only been teaching us for two weeks and he's already very popular. 吴老师 只教了我们两星期就已经很受大家欢迎了。 I think this is because he really enjoys teaching Chinese literature---he loves it, in fact! 我觉得这是因为他很喜欢教中国 文学事实上,他很热爱中国文学!He's got so much energy, this is one class you do not fall asleep in! 他精力充沛, 这是一节你不会想睡觉(感到困倦)的课。 He's about 28,Ithink, and is rather good-looking. 我猜他大约 28 岁,长得相当英俊。 He talks loudly and fast. and waves his hands about a lot when he gets excited. 他说起话来响 亮快速,激动时不停地挥动双手。 He’s really amusing and tells jokes when he thinks we're getting bored. 他很能逗乐,当他觉得我们开始无聊时就给我们说笑 话。 Even things like compositions and summaries are fun with Mr Wu. I respect him a lot. 上吴老师的课,就连作文和归纳大意这样的事情也变得很有趣,我很尊敬 他。


3.必修一 MODULE 3 My First Ride on a Train 第一次乘火车 My name is Alice Thompson. I come from Sydney, Australia and I'm 18 years old. 我是艾丽斯, 汤姆逊, 来自澳大利亚悉尼, 今年 18 岁。 Recently I had my first ride on a long distance train. 最近我第一次乘坐了长途火车。And what a ride! 一次多 么奇妙的乘车经历! A friend and I travelled on the famous Ghan train. 我和一位朋 友乘坐著名的火车 Ghan 去旅行。 We got on in Sydney and we got off in Alice Springs, right in the middle of Australia, more than four thousand kilometres away. 我们在悉尼上车,在 4,000 多公里以外的澳大利亚中部的艾丽斯斯普林斯下车, We spent two days and nights on the train. 并在火车上呆了两天两夜。 The train was wonderful and the food was great. 火车很棒,食品又美味。We ate great meals cooked by experts! 我们吃的美味饭菜是由烹任大师们做的!For the first few hundred kilometres of the journey, the scenery was very colorful. 旅途开始 的几百公里,景色多姿多彩.There were fields and the soil was dark red. 有田野, 泥土是深红色的。 After that, it was desert. 过后就是沙漠。The sun shone, there was no wind and there were no clouds in the sky. 太阳高照,空中没一丝风、一朵 云彩。 Suddenly, it looked like a place from another time. 突然之间又好像来到了 另一个时代的某地。We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago. 我们看到被遗弃了的 100 年前建造的农庄。 The train was comfortable and the people were nice. 火车很舒服,大家部很友好。 During the day, I sat and looked out of the window, and sometimes talked to other passengers. 在白天,我坐着看窗外,有时和别的旅客说说话。 I read books and listened to my Chinese cassettes (I'm studying Chinese at school). 我读读书, 听听汉 语磁带 (我正在学校学汉语)。 One night, at about mid-night, I watched the night sky for about an hour. 有一个晚上,大约是在半夜,差不多有整整一小时我部在 注视夜晚的天空。 The stars shone like diamonds. 星星闪着如钻石般的光芒。 Why is the train called the Ghan? 为什么这种火车叫 Ghan 呢? A long time ago, Australians needed a way to travel to the middle of the country. 很久以前, 澳大利亚 人需要一条去往这个国家中部的通道。They tried riding horses, but the horses didn't like the hot weather and sand. 他们试着骑马, 但那些马不喜欢炎热的天气和

沙漠。A hundred and fifty years ago, they brought some camels from Afghanistan. 150 年前,他们从阿富汗引进了一些骆驼。Ghan is short for Afghanistan. Ghan 是 阿富汗的缩写。 Camels were much better than horses for travelling a long distance. 对于长途旅行而 言,骆驼比马匹要好得多。For many years, trained camels carried food and other supplies, and returned with wool and other products. 许多年以来,经过训练的骆驼 运走食品和其它供给物,带回羊毛和其他产品。 The Afgnans and their camels did this until the1920s. 直到 20 世纪 20 年代, 阿富汗 人和他们的骆驼还在做着这样的工作。Then the government built a new railway line, so they didn't need the camels any more. 后来,政府修了一条新的铁路线,他 们就再也不需要骆驼了。 In 1925,they passed a law which allowed people to shoot the animals if they were a problem. 1925 年通过了一条法令,规定如果这些动物成 为问题, 就允许人们杀死它们。 In 1935, the police in a town shot 153 camels in one day. 1935 年,一座镇上的警察一天之内就射杀了 153 头骆驼。


4.必修一 MODULE 4 A Lively City 一个生机勃勃的城市 (XL=小李 JM=约翰· 马丁) XL: It's great to see you again, John. XL:约翰,很高兴又见到你了。 JM: It's great to see you! It's been six years since we last saw each other, you know. And this is the first time I've visited your hometown. JM:见到你真是太好了!要知道,我们六年没见面了。而且这是我第一次来到你的 家乡。 XL: Yes, I'm so glad you could come. XL:是的,你能来,我真是很高兴。 JM: You know, I've seen quite a lot of China and I've visited some beautiful cities, but this is one of the most attractive places I've been to. It's so lively, and everyone seems so friendly. JM:你知道,我去过中国很多地方,也见过一些美丽的城市,但这是我到过的最 吸引人的地方之一。它生机勃勃,人们看上去都那么地友好。 XL: Yes, it's one of the most interesting cities on the coast, everyone says so. I feel very fortunate living here. And I love living by the seaside. XL:是的, 大家都说这是最富有趣味的沿海城市之一。 生活在这里我感到很幸运。 我喜欢在海边生活。 JM: You live in the northwest of Xiamen, is that right? JM:你住的地方是在厦门的西北面,对吗? XL: Yes, that's right. XL:是的。 JM: What’s the climate like? JM:这里气候怎么样? XL: Pretty hot and wet in the summer, but it can be quite cold in the winter. XL:夏天相当热、相当潮湿,可是冬天有时很冷。 JM: Sounds OK to me. There are a lot of tourists around. Don't they bother you? JM:对我不成问题。这里到处部有游客。他们对你们有干扰吗? XL: Yes, they can be a nuisance in the summer because there are so many of them.

XL:是的,游客太多了,夏天有时候会有点讨厌。 JM: Oh, look at that huge apartment block! JM:哎哟,看看那栋高大的公寓楼! XL: Yes, they've just completed it. The rent for an apartment there is very high. XL:是啊,刚刚完工的。租一套那儿的公寓要不少钱呢。 JM: I believe you! This area's so modern! JM:这我相信!这是一个很现代的地方啊! XL: Yes, this is the business district. They've put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently. And there are some great shopping mails. See, we're just passing one now. My wife's just bought a beautiful dress from one of the shops there. XL:对,这是商业区。最近他们建造了许多摩天大厦,也有一些大商场。瞧,我 们正好经过一个商厦呢。我太太刚从那边的一家店买了件衣服,好漂亮。 JM: Maybe I could buy a few presents there. JM:也许我可以去那儿买些礼物。 XL: I'll take you there tomorrow. Now we're leaving the business district and approaching the harbor. We're entering the western district, the most interesting part of the city. It's got some really pretty parks ... XL:明天我带你去那儿吧。现在我们要离开商业区去港口。我们即将进大西区, 也就是这个城市最有趣的地区。那儿有一些非常漂亮的公园…· JM: It seems lovely. Is that Gulangyu Island, just across the water? JM:看上去很不错。水那边是鼓浪屿海岛吗? XL: Yes, it is. It's a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture. XL:是的。那是个很迷人的海岛,岛上有一些非常有意思的建筑。 JM: So they tell me. Do you think we could stop and walk around for a while? JM:他们也是这么跟我说的。你觉得我们可以停下来逗留一会儿吗? XL: Yes, I was just going to do that. We can park over there. A friend's told me about a nice little fish restaurant near here. Shall we go there for lunch? XL:可以啊,我正想这么做呢。我们可以在那边停车。有个朋友跟我说起过这附 近有一家很不错的渔家小饭馆,我们去那儿吃午餐怎么样?

JM: That sounds great. I'm starving! JM:听起来不错。我快饿死了!


5.必修一 MODULE5 Passage A (A 篇) It is hard to think of a world without metals. 很难想象一个没有金属的世界。 Different metals have different uses, for example, steel is used in cars, and iron is used in electrical equipment. 不同的金属有着不同的用途。譬如,钢用于车辆,铁 用于电器。When we use metals, it is important to know how they react with different substances, for example, water and oxygen. 使用金属时, 要了解金属和不同的物质 (例如水和氧)如何发生反应,只一点很重要。The reaction of metals with these substances can be put in order. (不同的)金属与这些物质的反应可以按顺序排列 起来。 Here is a table with the metals that react most at the top, and the metals that react least at the bottom. 下列是一张金属反应表, 列于顶部的金属反应最强烈, 下部的则最 缓慢。 Metal 金属 Potassium 钾 Sodium 钠 Calcium 钙 Magnesium 镁 Aluminium 铝 Zinc 锌 Iron 铁 Copper 铜 Heated in Oxygen 在有氧状态下加热 Burns to form an oxide 燃烧后生成氧化物 Reacts slowly 反应缓慢 Partial reaction 部分反应 Reaction with water or steam 与水或水蒸气的反应 Reaction with cold water 与冷水反应 Reaction with steam 与水蒸气反应

Partial reaction 部分反应 No reaction 不反应 Passage B (B 篇) A Simple Scientific Experiment 一个简单的科学实验 Below is a description of a simple scientific experiment. 下文是对一个简单科学实 验的描述。It shows us how iron reacts with air and with water. 这篇文章向我们表 明,铁是怎样与空气和水反应的。 Aim:to find out if iron rusts a) in dry air; b) in water that has no air in it(air free-water) ; c) in ordinary water. 目标:发现铁是否在下列状态下生锈:a)在干 燥的空气中;b)在不含空气的水中(无空气水)c)在普通水中。 Apparatus: 3 clean iron nails; test tubes; test tube holder; cotton wool; oil; Bunsen burner. 仪器:三支洁净的铁钉、试管、试管夹、棉花、油、本生灯(即煤气灯) Iron in dry air 铁在干燥的空气中 Method 方法: 1.Put some iron nails at the bottom of a test tube. 1.把若干铁钉置于试管底部; 2.Push some cotton wool down the tube. 2.顺着试管塞入一些棉花; 3.Leave the tube for one week. 3.把试管放置一个星期。 Result 结果: After one week, the nails have not rusted. 一周后,铁钉未见生锈。 Conclusion 结论: Iron does not rust in dry air. 铁在干燥的空气中不生锈 Iron in air-free water 铁在不含空气的水中 Method 方法: 1.Half-fill a test tube with water.1.在试管中加一半水; 2.Boil the water for three minutes.(this makes sure there is no air in the water) 2.将水烧开保持 3 分钟(这可以保证水中无空气); 3.Put two or three clean nails in the water.

3.在水中放 2—3 枚洁净的铁钉; 4.Add some oil to the water. This will Keep air out of the water. 4.在水中加些油。这样做可以防止空气进入水中; 5. Leave the tube for one week. 5.把试管防止一个星期。 Result 结果: The nails do not rust in the tube with air-free water. 铁钉在无空气水的试管中未见 生锈。 Conclusion 结论: Iron does not rust in air-free water 铁在没有空气的水中不生锈。 Iron in ordinary water 铁在普通水中 Method 方法: 1.Half-fill a test tube with water and add two or three clean nails 1.在水管中加一半水,并在水管中放 2—3 枚洁净的铁钉; 2.Leave the for one week. 2.把试管放置一个星期。 Result 结果: The nails in the tube with ordinary water. 一周后,铁钉在含有普通水的试管中生 锈。 Conclusion 结论: Iron rusts in ordinary water 铁在普通的水中会生锈。


6.必修一 MODULE 6 The Internet and Telecommunications The Internet is the biggest source of information in the world, and it's accessible through a computer. 因特网是世界上最大的信息源,借助电脑便能进入。 It consists of millions of pages of data. 它包含数以百万计页面的数据。 In 1969, DARPA, a US defence organization, developed a way for all their computers to "talk" to each other through the telephone. 1969 年,一个名叫 DARPA 的美国国 防组织,研发出一种使他们所有的电脑通过电话"交谈"的方法。They created a network of computers called DARPANET. 他们创建了一个叫 DARPANET 的电脑 网络。For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of communication. 在 15 年的时间里,只有美国军方才能使用这一交流系统。Then in 1984, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) started the NSFNET network. 后来到 1984 年, 美国国家科学基金会创立了 NSF 吧 T 网络。 It then became possible for universities to use the system as well. 各大学也能使用这 一系统。 NSFNET became known as the Inter-Network, or "Internet". NSFNET 作 为 "内部网络",或者 “因特网"而闻名。 The World Wide Web (the web)is a computer network that allows computer users to access information from millions of websites via the Internet. 万维网是一种能够使 电脑用户通过因特网从众多网站获取信息的电脑网络。At the moment, about 80 percent of web traffic is in English, but this percentage is going down. 目前,大约 80%的网络交流都使用英语,但这一比例正在下降。 By 2020, much web traffic could be in Chinese. 到 2020 年时,大量的网络交流有可能使用汉语普通话。 The World Wide Web was invented in 1991 by an English scientist, Tim Berners-Lee. 万维网由英国科学家贝尔纳斯· 李于 I99i 年创建。 Berners-Lee built his first computer while he was at university using an old television! 读大学时, 贝尔纳斯· 李 利用一台旧电视制成了他的第一台电脑! He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989 while he was working in Switzerland. 1989 年,当他在瑞士工作 时,他提出了(创建) 万维网的想法。Berners-Lee made it possible for everyone to use the Internet, not just universities and the army. 贝尔纳斯· 李使任何人, 而不仅仅 是大学和军队, 使用因特网成为了可能。 He designed the first "web browser", which

allowed computer users to access documents from other computers. 他首创的"网站 浏览器"使电脑用户都能获取其他电脑里的文件。 From that moment on, the web and the Internet grew. 从那时起,万维网和因特网蓬勃发展了。Within five years, the number of Internet users rose from 600,000 to 40 million. 五年内, 因特网的用户 从 60 万剧增至 4,000 万。 The Internet has created thousands of millionaires, but Berners-Lee is not one of them. 因特网造就了成千上万的百万富翁,但不包括贝尔纳斯 · 李。Everyone in the world can access the Internet using his World Wide Web system. 任何人部可以利用 万维网系统进人因特网。 He now works as a lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.贝尔纳斯 · 李现任美国波士顿麻省理工学院讲师。




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高中英语必修2全部单元课文逐句翻译(外研版)_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修二 Module 1 Zhou Kai (1) 周凯(1) When Zhou Kai’s mother saw ...


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高中英语必修5课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修五 MODULE 1 Words, words, words 词,词,词 British and American English are different ...


高中英语必修4课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修四 Module1 The City of the Future 未来城市 What will the city of the future look lik...


人教版高中英语课文原文翻译_必修1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 1 第一...1/2 相关文档推荐 外研社高中英语必修1-8课... 160页 免费 人教版高中英语...


高中必修3英语课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修三 MODULE 1 Europe 欧洲 a landmark in Paris 巴黎的标志性建筑 an art gallery in ...


高中英语必修5课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修五 MODULE 1 Words, words, words 词,词,词 British and American English are different ...

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