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新人教选修六 Unit 4 Global warming-Using language[课件]

人教课标版 高二选修6 Unit 4

Unit4 phrases
1.compared to/ compared with…. 与…作比较 children to flowers./ compare teachers to gardeners 把…比作… 3.come about= take place/ happen 4.There is no doubt that…毫无疑问 5.subscribe to…(opinions, ideas/suggestions ) = agree to sth./ with sb.= approve sb. of sth. 赞同 were 6. Quantities of nuts _______on the table. was A quantity of nuts ______on the table. quantity是单数 后面谓语动词就用单数 quantity是复数(也就是quantities) 后面谓语动词 就用复数

7. small amounts of gases 少量的气体 a large amounts of/ quantities of/ a great deal of / a lot of大量的… 8. Does it matter? 二、matter作动词,意为"有关系;要紧"。通常用 于否定句和疑问句,句中常常含有what, who, where, if等词,一般以it作主语。例如: It doesn't matter if I miss the train, because there's another later. 我要是误了这趟火车也不要紧,因为晚些时候还 有一趟车呢。

Does it matter a great deal to her whether they come or not? 他们是否来,这与她有很大关系吗?

9。result in=lead to 导致 10.tend to do sth. 趋向于做某事 11.go up=rise 上升 go down= fall 下降 12. on the one hand, on the other hand 13. be opposed to object to + sth./doing sth. be against 反对 我反对他的意见。

I am opposed to /am against/ object to his opinion.

14.environmental consequences 环境影响 15.a greater range of animals 种类繁多的动物 a range of/ a variety of/ a series of… 大范围的/种类繁多的/ 一系列的 up 聚集 17.even if 即使 18.keep on warming持续温暖

? ? ? ? ?

on the whole/ in a word/ all in all 总的说来 on behalf of… 代表…一方;为了…利益。 put up with= bear/ tolerate/stand so long as= as long as and so on

Using language

Skim the letters and find who the writers are and what their purpose of writing the letters is.

The first letter is written by a student who is asking for suggestions for his project — global warming. The second letter is written by an editor of Earth Care magazine. He offers the student some suggestions on what to do about global warming.

List Earth Care’s suggestions and then in groups, discuss whether you think you can carry out each suggestion. Earth Care’s suggestions If you are not using electrical appliances, turn them off. Can you Reasons carry it out? Yes

Save energy

If you’re cold, put on Yes more clothes instead of turning up the heat. Motor vehicles use a lot of energy, so walk or Yes ride a bike if you can. Recycle cans, bottles, plastics and newspapers Yes and buy things made from recycled materials.

Save energy Save energy Save energy

Get your parents or friends to buy products that are made to save energy.


Save energy

Plant more trees. Yes

Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

Talk with your family and friends about global warming and tell them what you’ve learned.


Together, individuals can make a difference.

Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.
What can we do about global warming? ◆ Turn a(n) 1 _________________ off electrical appliance when you’re not using it. ◆ Put on more clothes instead of turning up the 2 _____. heat ◆ Walk or 3 ride a bike instead of taking _________ motor vehicles. Recycle ◆ 4 ________ cans, bottles, plastics and newspapers.

◆ Buy things made from 5 __________ recycled __________. materials ◆ Buy products that are made to save energy 6________. ◆ 7__________ in your garden or your Plant trees school yard. ◆ Talk with your family and friends global warming about 8_______________.

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母 或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 cans 1. You’ll need three large c____ of paint. 3. I got out of the car but left the m______ motor running. nuclear 4. They decided to set up a(n) ______ (核 的) power station. 5. I’ll heat it up in the microwave (微波炉). _________

II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. There was _____________ (disagree) disagreement among doctors about the best way to treat the disease. Pollution 2. _________ (pollute) from cars is the main cause of global warming.

III. 根据括号内的提示将下列句子补充完 整。 put up with the conditions 1. If she could ______________________ there ________ (忍受那里的条件), we would take her with us. 2. I don’t mind your knowing it ________________________ so long as it goes no further (只要事情不 进一步发展). 3. If you want to save energy, you’d better not use the air conditioner, the heater and so on _________ (等等) when it is not necessary.

4. I realized that she was right — and it _________________ (有影响). made a difference


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