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1) Mark often attempts to escape ____ whenever he breaks traffic regulations. A)having been fined B) to have been fined C) to be fined D) being fined

2)I really appreciate ____ to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself. A) you to offer B) that you offer C) your offering D) that you are offering

3) The thief took away the woman’s wallet without____。 A) being seen B) seeing C) him seeing D) seeing him

4) No one can avoid ____ by advertisements。 A) to be influenced B) being influenced C) influencing D)having influenced

5) They are considering ____ before the prices go up。 A) of buying the house C) buying the house B) with buying the house D) to buy the house

6) If I had remembered ____ the door, the things would not have been stolen。 A) to lock B) locking C) to have locked D)shavingslocked

7) My transistor radio isn‘t working。 It ____。 A) need repairing C) needs repairing B) needs to repair D) need to be repaired

8) It is no use ____ me not to worry。 A) you tell B) your telling C) for you to have told D)having told

9) He is very busy ____ his papers。 He is far too busy ____ callers。 A) to write ;to receive C) writing ;receiving B) writing ;to receive D) to write ;for receiving

10)The suspect at last admitted ____ stolen goods but denied ____ them。 A) receiving。 。 。selling C) to receiving。 。 。to selling B) to receive。 。 。to sell D) to have received。 。 。to have sold

11) She apologized for ____ to come。 A) her not being able C) not being able B) her being not able D) that she’s not able to

12) Please stop ____, boys, I have something important to ____ you。 A) saying 。 。 。talk B) telling 。 。 。 sayC) talking 。 。 。speak D) talking 。 。 。 tell 13) Tony, would you go and see if Sam has any difficulty ____ his tape recorder? A) to fix B) fixing C) for fixing D) fix

14)I remember ____ to help us if we ever got in trouble。 A) once offering B) him once offering C) him to offer D) to offer him

15)John regretted ____ to the meeting last week。 A) not going B) not to go C) not having been going D) not to be going

16) Do you feel like ____ out or would you rather ____ dinner at home? A) going。 。 。to have B) to go。 。 。to have C) to go。 。 。having D) going。 。 。have

17) We had some trouble ____ the house and nobody seemed ____where it was。 A) in finding。 。 。knowing C) to find。 。 。knowing B) finding。 。 。to know D) to find。 。 。to know

19)It is no good ____ remember grammatical rules。 You need to practise what you have learned。 A) trying to B) to try to C) try to D) tried to

20)I don’t like ____ at me。 A) them laughing B) their laugh C) them laugh D) them to have laughed

21)We suggested ____ in hotels but the children were anxious ____ out。 A) sleeping。 。 。to camp C) to sleep。 。 。to camp B) sleeping。 。 。camping D) to sleep。 。 。camping

22)The match was cancelled because most of the members ____ a match without a standard court。 A) objected to having C) objected to have B) were objected to have D) were objected to having

23)After ____ him better, I regretted ____ him unfairly。 A) getting to know。 。 。to judge C) getting to have know。 。 。judging B) getting to know。 。 。to have judged D) getting to know。 。 。having judged

24)He is looking forward to ____ his holiday in Britain。 A) spend B) have spent C) spending D)having been spending

25)“Why were you so late for work today?”“____ to the office was very slow this morning because of the traffic。” A) Driving B) I drove C) To drive D) That I drove

26)It was impolite of him ____without ____good-bye。 A) to leave, saying B) leaving, to say C) to leave, to say D) leaving, saying

27) He kept ____to his parents。 A) putting off to write B) to put off to write C) putting off writing D) to put off writing

1.Taking pictures___ very interesting.

A. is B. are C. to be

D. be

2.______ the bad news made him cry. A. Hear B. Heard C. Hearing D. Is hearing 3._____ a desert had always been a risk adventure. A. being crossed B. Having crossed C. Crossing D. To have crossed

4.Before he came , I’d finished _______ the whole book. A. to read B. to have read C. reading D. read

5. I always enjoy ____ to popular music at night. A. to listen B. listening C. that I can listen D. if I can listen

6.We are considering ________ a trip around the island. A. take b. to take C. to be taking D. taking

7.I hope you don’t mind ____ at your newspaper. A. I look B. my looking C. I looking D. my to look

8.When a man’s heart stops ______ , he dies. A. to beat B. beating C. beat D. beaten 9.I can’t help _______ he is still alive. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought of 10.So far as I am concerned , I prefer reading ________ . A. than meat B. for joy C. instead of sleeping D to drinking

11. It goes without _______ that knowledge is important. A. talking B. telling C. saying D. mentioning

12. we are looking forward ______ our friends next week. A. to see B. to seeing C. to be seeing D. shall see

13.He spent a lot of money _____ books and magazines. A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought 14.The silkworm is an insect worth _____. A. to know B. knowing C. to be known D. being known

15.She went out without ______ good-bye to us. A. say B. to say C. saying D. being said

16.The curious student kept on _______ questions. A. asks B. asking C. to ask D. asked 17.He is such a strange person; there’s _____ what he’ll do next. A. no knowing B. not to know C. not known D. being unknown

18.When she heard the bad news, she burst______. A. into crying B. out to tears C. crying D. out crying

19. You must never cross the street without ______ the light to turn green. A. waiting B/ to wait C. waiting for D. to wait for

20. Scientists succeed _____ protein out of old newspapers. A. to make B. at making C. making D. in making

答案:1-5 DCABC 6-10 ACBBA 11-15 ADBBA 16-20 DBAAA 21-27 AADCA/AC

1- 5 CCABD 6-10 CBABC 11-15 BDCCB 16-20 CCDDB




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