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Unit 3 life in the future

耶鲁大学 Yale University 总统的摇篮

Princeton University 普林斯顿大学

? 美国政治家的摇篮 33位诺贝尔奖得主

麻省理工学院 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 科技宠儿的摇篮

剑桥大学 University of Cambridge

牛津大学 University of Oxford

Harvard University

The University of Sydney

? $

having a lesson

studying together

having a party

Do you want to go abroad for a further study?


Keep it up, Xie Lei Chinese student fitting in well


What is the main idea of the passage? Give one sentence to describe it. It talks about______________________. Chinese student Xie Lei’s experience

in the UK.

Fast reading
Para.1____ C Para.2____ A

match the main idea to each paragraph. B Para.3____ Para.4____ F

G E Para.5_______ Para.6_______ Para.7_______ D
A. The general introduction to Xie Lei and her study B. The advantages of living with a host family. C. Xie Lei, a Chinese girl, is studying in a foreign country--London. D. Xie Lei is getting used to the Western University’s way of
learning. E. The newspaper will follow Xie Lei’s progress in later editions. F. The difficulties Xie Lei met while living in London. G. Xie Lei feels much more at home in England now and is living an active life.

go to London

Para. 1

live and study in London Para. 2-6 Best wishes


1 It was the first time that Xie Lei had left her home country.
2 She has come to the England University to complete a literature qualification. business 3 Most foreign students must complete the preparation course before entering a course.

4 Xie Lei lives in student apartments with her classmates. with a host family.
5 Now ,Xie Lei doesn’t feel much more at home in England.

1 Read the text carefully and choose the best answer. 1). According to the first paragraph, which of the following is TRUE about Xie Lei? A. She went to London first by plane and then by bus. B. This was not her first time to be abroad. C. She was not willing to go to London. D. She had been in London for half a year. D

2 Why did Xie Lei’s tutor seem dissatisfied with her first essay? A. Because she didn’t give her own A opinions at all. B. Because there were too many mistakes in it. C. Because what she wrote made no sense. D. Because her opinions were different from her tutor’s.

Detailed reading
While studying in London, Xie Lei has some difficulties as well as benefits. Read the passage again, and try to find them according to the diagram given.

Benefits of doing a preparation course learn how to _______ Western fulfill _________ ____________ . academic requirements 2. to get used to a new __________________________________. way of life and improve her English of living with a host family learn more about _____________. customs have people explain things _______________ not understood

of having a tutor explain about why you cannot

______ other people’s work without use
_______________it acknowledging ___________ you to contradict the encourage authors


at the university lots of different texts 1.learning to read ______________________________ and ________the texts. analyze expressing 2. ___________one’s own opinion
of a new way of life 1. finding a __________ between study balance and a _________. social life 2. making new __________. friends

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a foreign country? A: advantages 1. We could learn standard English. 2.We can communicate with the local people 3.We could know the manners and customs of the country better.

B: disadvantages : 1.It would be difficult for us to communicate with the foreign people and we should adapt to the situation quickly, 2.We can’t understand the language very well, so it’s difficult for us to do everything even some simple things. 3.What’s more, we will miss our homes, miss our parents and friends.



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