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北师大版必修1Unit1 Lesson2

Lesson 2
Teaching aims:


To practise listening for specific information. To use strategies to predict answers before listening to a text. To practise expressing preferences To become aware of hesitation techniques. To learn about ways of dealing with stress in everyday life. Teaching difficulties: To practise expressing preferences Teaching Aids: computer and cassette Teaching procedures: Ⅰ. Warming up T: Today we are going to study lesson 2 relaxing. What’s meaning of relaxing? S: T: Relaxing means to rest while you are doing something enjoyable, especially after work or effort. Do you know what I say? S: T: In our life we often face all kinds of stress and worries. Think about situations in your life. Use the key works to say how relaxing or stressful they are for you. Do the exercise 1. S: T: Too much stress and worries for a long time does harm to our health, we must think of ways to get rid of them, now look at the picture, stressful? S: T: Yes, they are relaxing, these are effective ways of reducing stress. Ⅱ Listening T: we will listen an interview about relaxing, but before listening we do an exercise to help you understand. Do the exercise 2, You will hear the following words in the interview. Use them to complete the sentences.

T: In order to live happily we must think of ways to reduce stress, do you think so? What ways do you have? S: T: The interview will give you some new ideas, but before you listen , read the questions carefully, try to think of possible answers. Do the excise 3 and 4 Do the excise 5 T: Now let me test your remembering ability, you read through the questions, answer them if you can remember any of the answers. Students listen to the cassette again and answer the questions. Do the exercise 6. T: We will listen to Mark’s dialogue about relaxing and stress. I guess maybe you will have the same feeling and experience. Pay attention to his stressful actives and relaxing actives to fill the blank. When students have checked their answers, ask them “Before exams and before going to parties what do you do to avoid much too stress? Do the exercise 7 Students look at the Function File activity and see if they can remember or can guess any of the missing verbs. Students listen to the cassette again and complete the sentences in the Function File. Remind students of these words’ character: v + ving. Do the exercise 9 In our oral language we often pause. Now listen to Mark again. Which words or sounds does he use to hesitate? Students listen to the cassette. After each sentence, pause the cassette so that students can repeat the hesitation device. Ⅲ Practice- Speaking In pairs students act out a role play in which one person is not sure what to say and so uses a lot of hesitation words. For example, You borrow your friend’s favorite CD last week. Now she ask you for it back you can’ t find it.

Ⅳ Homework Write eight sentences about yourself using the verbs in the Function File.


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