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Unit 3

The Million Pound Bank Note

考点探究 重点单词 1.scene n.(戏剧)一场;现象;场面;景色

behind the scenes在幕后;暗中
on the scene在现场;当场;在台上

come on the scene出场,登场
(1)The students were able to go behind the scenes to see how programmes were made. 学生们可以去后台,看看节目是怎么制作出来的。 (2)Firefighters were on the scene immediately. 消防队员立即赶到了现场。

scene,scenery,sight,view 分,大多包括景物中的人及活动在内。


(1)scene指展现在眼前的情景,也可以指scenery的一部 (2)scenery指某地总的自然风光或景色,尤指美丽的乡间景 色。 (3)sight既可以指场景,眼前看到的景观,也可以指名胜、 风景,在表示“名胜、风景”时,用复数形式。 (4)view常指从某个位置或角度所看到的景色,指“视野, 眼界”。还可表示“观点”。

一言辨异 The Great Wall whose scenery is beautiful is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world,but twenty years ago,beautiful as the view was from the distance, a dirty scene appeared in front of us when we arrived there.

2.permit v.许可;允许;准许;n.通行证;许可证;执照

permission n.允许,许可,准许
(1)permit do sth./permit doing sth.允许某人做某事/允 许做某事 permit sb.sth.允许某人做某事 time permitting时间允许的话 allow do sth./allow doing sth.允许某人做/允许做 (2)ask (for) permission请求许可

without permission未经许可 with sb.’s permission征得某人的许可
give sb.permission to do sth.允许某人做某事

(1)It was announced that only when the fire was under control would the residents be permitted to return to their homes. 到家中。 (2)The rules of the club do not permit smoking . 这个俱乐部规定不准吸烟。 (3)The party will be held in the garden,weather permitting. 如果天气允许的话,聚会将在花园举行。 (2008· 江西,31) 据宣布,只有在火势被控制住的时候居民们才被允许回

3.account vt .认为是;说明;总计有;n.说明;理由;账 目;报道 account for 说明(原因等);做出解释;占??(比例)

on account of 由于,因为
on no account绝不(置于句首时,句子部分倒装)

keep an account of 记录,记载
take account of/take...into account= take...into

consideration 考虑??

(1)A person whose email account is full won’t be able to send or receive any emails. 邮件。 (2)His illness accounts for his absence. 他因病缺席。 (3) On no account should you tell him. 你绝不可以告诉他。 (2009· 天津,5) 如果一个人的电子邮件账户已满,他就不能发送或接收

4.sick adj .有病的;恶心的;厌恶的;可怕的

sickness n.疾病
sick look病容 sick leave病假 feel sick感到不舒服 be sick at/about对??不舒服 be sick for 渴望??;怀念 be sick of 厌恶??的 be sick with患??病;对??感到不快

(1)The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt sick and had to use airsickness bags. (2010· 四川,完形填空) 晃动是如此剧烈,以致几个乘客感到恶心,不得不使用 晕机袋。 (2)He is a very sick man.他病得很重。 (3)I am sick at my work.我讨厌我的工作。

对点训练 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.After many years,he was given permission (允许) to look for gold in South America. 2.The first scene (场景) of the opening ceremony is excellent. 3.The reason he gave to account (理由)for his absence was unbelievable. 4.Smoking is not permitted (允许) in our school. 5.The boy didn’t come to school because of his

sickness (生病).He had to go to see the doctor. 6.Being sick (有病的),I stayed at home.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.On the top of this mountain,you can get a wonderful________ of the nearby hills. A A.view B.sight C.look D.sign

解析 象”。

get a view of为固定搭配,意思是“看到??的景

2.Seeing the happy________ of children playing in the C park,I’m overjoyed and sure of the future of our country. A.sight B.view C.scene D.sign 解析 句意为:看到孩子们在公园里玩耍的那幸福的

一幕,我欣喜若狂,确信祖国的未来无限美好。scene 场面,一幕,指展现在眼前的情景。

3.We delayed our departure ________ the bad weather. C A.because C.on account of due to D.on this account



account of为介词短语,意为“由于”,所以选C项。

4. He was always sick________ old happy times________ he A was a child. A.for;when C.about;when;that D.of;that


be sick for渴望??;怀念??;when此处引导

定语从句。 5.We are not permitted________ noise in the office. D

A.making C.make

B.made make

重点短语与句型 1.bring up抚养,培养;提出;呕吐 bring about 引起 bring down使倒下;降低;减少 bring in 带进来;赚得,有收入 bring out 取出;说出;阐明;出版

(1)He left her to bring up three young children on her own. 他留下她独自抚养3个年幼的孩子。 (2)The discussion came alive when an interesting topic was brought in. 引进有趣的话题后,讨论开始生动起来。 (3)The wind brought down some trees. 风刮倒了一些树。

2.go ahead前进;干吧;说吧 go up上涨;上升;攀登 go off离去;爆炸 go against 违反,违背 go over 走过去;仔细检查;复习 go all out (to do)全力(去做) go out 熄灭 go by流逝;过去 go without 忍受某事物的缺乏;没有某事物也可应付

(1)The bomb went off in a crowded street. 炸弹在挤满人群的大街上爆炸了。 (2)New office buildings are going up everywhere. 到处都在兴建新办公楼。

3.on the contrary正相反;反之 contrary to...与??相反;违反对抗 quite/just the contrary恰恰相反

to the contrary与此相反地(置于修饰语之后
(1)You didn’t bother me.On the contrary,I like your company. 你没有打扰我,相反地,我喜欢你的陪伴。 (2) Contrary to the doctor’s advice,he went swimming. 他不听医生的忠告,跑去游泳。 for关于;至于 as to关于,有关 as follows 如下 as usual 照例,照常 as is usual with...??和往常一样 as it is/was 事实上,照现在/后来的样子 as with 如同??一样;就像??一样

(1)As for today’s adults,if the new tax drives them to quit,they will have more to spend on their families,cut their risk of cancer and heart disease and feel better. (2009· 山东,阅读理解C) 对于今天的成年人,如果新的税收会促使他们戒烟,他 们会把更多的钱花在家庭上,减少他们得癌症和患心脏 病的风险,这会让他们感到更爽。

(2) As is usual with her,she bought the pair of shoes impulsively. 她像往常一样,很冲动地买了那双鞋。 (3)I wanted to go to Tokyo for vacation,but as it is,I’ll be lucky if I can go camping here. 我本想去东京度假,但事实上,如果能在这里野营就不 错了。

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.As for transportation,you can take Buses No.17,69 or 59. people do anything bad... this. (2009· 全国Ⅱ) (2009· 湖北) (2009· 陕西) b.As with the other idiom,it indicates the meaning that c.In my eyes,we students don’t need to be annoyed at d.Personally,we children should communicate with our parents more frequently to let them know that we have grown up and need more respect. (2009· 安徽)

5.Well,towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind.傍晚时分我发现我被一阵大风刮到海 上去了。 句式提取:find+oneself+宾语补足语 “find+oneself+宾语补足语”指不知不觉地发现自己 处于某种情况中,多表示意料之外的情况,可用形容 词、介词短语、现在分词及过去分词作宾补。,其后跟复 合宾语的动词还有:see,hear,watch,notice,have 等。

(1)Peter,who was usually shy, found himself talking to the girls. 彼得通常很害羞,但却发现自己不知不觉已在跟女孩子 们说话。 (2)After wandering around,we found ourselves back at the hotel. 我们四处漫步后发现自己不知不觉回到了饭店。

6.You must come whenever you want and have whatever you like.Just having you sit here is a great honour!您想 来的时候就一定得来呀!在这儿,无论您想吃点什么, 都是可以的。您就是在这儿坐一下也是我们莫大的荣幸 呀!

句式提取:whenever引导让步状语从句 (1)whenever,wherever,however引导让步状语从句,相 当于no matter when/where/how。 (2)whatever,whoever,whichever,whomever既可引导名 词性从句,也可引导让步状语从句,在引导让步状语从 句时相当于no matter what/who/which/whom。

(3)“no matter+疑问词”只能引导让步状语从句,可放在 主句前或主句后。 (4)however的用法主要有以下三点需要注意: ①用作连接副词,相当于no matter how,引导让步状语 从句,意为“不管怎样??;无论如何??”,具体结 构为:however+形容词/副词+主语+谓语。 ②用作连词,引导让步状语从句,意为“无论??”。 ③however还可作“然而”讲,是副词,不能引导从句, 常用逗号隔开。

(1)No matter how big or how small,an act of kindness shows that someone cares. (2007· 宁夏,阅读理解A) 一个善良的行为无论多么大或多么小,都表明有人关心。 (2)No matter when I go out on a date,it begins to rain. 每次我要出去约会,天就要下雨。 (3)Whatever you do,I will support you. 无论你干什么我都支持你。 (4)No matter who says so,it is wrong. 不管谁这样说,都是错误的。

对点训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 bring about,on the contrary,bring up,go ahead, as to/for 1.He was brought up in America. 2.—I wonder if I could use your typewriter? —Sure, go ahead . 3.—You feel tired. —On the contrary ,I am relaxed. 4.Science has lives. 5.As to/for me,I sat on his left hand.

brought about many changes in our

Ⅱ.完成句子 1. Whatever you say (不论你说什么) is right. 2.When day broke,we found ourselves lying on

the shore (我们发现我们自己正躺在上). 3.However great the difficulties are (不管困难有多
大),we must complete the task on time.

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—Do you think that housing price will keep________ in B the years to come? —Sorry,I have no idea. A.lifting up C.bringing up
解析 涨”。

B.going up D.growing up

lift up举起;go up上升,上涨;bring up抚养;呕

吐;grow up成长。由句意可知,此处表示“价格上

2.Phelps was________ by his mother after his parents C divorced when he was young. A.brought in C.brought up the meeting? —He quite agrees with you.________ C ,I am not so satisfied with it. A.As a result C.As for me B.As follows D.As usual B.brought about D.brought out

3.—Do you both agree with me about the arrangement of




4.Classical music achieves a simplicity that only a genius can create,________ popular belief that it is too B complex. A.subject to B.contrary to C.familiar to D.similar to 解析 句意为:古典音乐追求的是只有天才才能创造的简

易美,而不是人们普遍认为的复杂化。contrary to 与?? 相反。

5.This is a very interesting book.I ’ll buy it, ________. C much may it cost matter how it may cost C.however much it may cost may it cost



它。”本题A项错误在于用了倒装语序;B项错误在于遗 漏了much;D项也遗漏了no matter...much。

6.When he came to life,he found himself________ to a A tree. A.tied B.being tied C.having tied tie 解析 himself和tie之间为动宾关系,故用tied作宾补。


一、避免使用串句 串句就是句子之间由于连接错误而使句与句之间间隔 错误或没有间隔。常见有以下三种: 错误1 didn’t 错误2 句子间既无标点符号隔开,也无连接词。 work. 两个有独立意义的句子间由逗号连接。 I unpacked the typewriter then I found the back space

It was my first visit to Hangzhou,I was deeply impressed by its beauty. 上述错句可视具体语境用表达不同关系的句式改正。



but,or等。 I unpacked the typewriter,but then I found the back space didn’t work. It was my first visit to Hangzhou,and I was deeply impressed by its beauty. 方法2 用分号隔开两句。 I unpacked the typewriter;then I found the back space didn’t work. It was my first visit to Hangzhou;I was deeply impressed by its beauty.



When I unpacked the typewriter,I found the back space didn’t work. As it was my first visit to Hangzhou,I was deeply impressed by its beauty. 方法4 两句为独立的句子,均使用句号。 I unpacked the typewriter.Then I found the back space didn’t work. It was my first visit to Hangzhou.I was deeply impressed by its beauty.



The noise outside bothered me,however,I did my best to read. 连接副词however,therefore,moreover,furthermore, nevertheless等与并列连词and,but,or,so,for等不同,它们 不可直接连接句子,应采取以下两种方法组句: 方法1 方法2 以连接副词大写开始,重新另起一句。 两句间用分号,后句的连接副词小写加逗号。 The noise outside bothered me.However,I did my best to read. The noise outside bothered me;however,I did my best to read.

二、避免悬垂修饰语 放在句首作状语的短语或省略分句,若与句子中的其 他词均没有明显的逻辑关系,就称为悬垂修饰语。悬垂修 饰语有以下四种主要类型: 1.分词 Viewing from the mountain top,the city below was very beautiful.

2.动名词 From reading the timetable,no more trains were scheduled to depart today. 3.不定式 To start the car,the accelerator must be depressed twice. 4.省略分句 Though retired,their life continued to be a busy one.

上面四个句子中,主语并不是“viewing”,“reading”, “to start”,“retired”的主体,因此这四个状语就是悬 垂修饰语。消除错误的方法是:修改主句中的主谓语,使 之成为修饰语的逻辑主语。上面四个句子可以分别改为: Viewing from the mountain top,we found the city below very beautiful. From reading the timetable,they were surprised to find that no more trains were scheduled to depart today. To start the car,the driver must depress the accelerator wice. Though retired,they continued to live a busy life.

三、避免错位修饰 修饰语位置的变化,可以使句子的意义发生变化。有 关英语词序的问题,学生应记住这一原则:基本句型中每 一部分的修饰语通常应尽量靠近所修饰的部分。 The girl who had been dancing gracefully entered the hall. 句中的修饰语gracefully是修饰dancing还是entered?为明 确起见,可改为: The girl who had been gracefully dancing entered the hall.(修 饰dancing) The girl who had been dancing entered the hall gracefully.(修 饰entered)

【体验写作】 Ⅰ.改正下列句子 1.The Crystal Palace is different from all other buildings, it is made of iron and glass.

The Crystal Palace is different from all other buildings because/for it is made of iron and glass.
2.I like camping,therefore I enjoyed the trip.

I like camping;therefore /. Therefore I enjoyed the trip .

3.People should protect against serious pollution of water resources,trouble will result in water deficiency if they are careless. People should protect against serious

pollution of water resources, or (otherwise)/because trouble will result

in water deficiency if they are careless.

4.Cloudy days tend to make people gloomy sunny days make people cheerful.

Cloudy days tend to make people gloomy, but sunny days/;sunny days make people cheerful./Cloudy days tend to make people gloomy while sunny days make people cheerful.

5.My father urges me to practice bowling more, moreover he gives me a lot of coaching. My father urges me to practice bowling

more;moreover/.Moreover,he gives
me a lot of coaching.

Ⅱ.消除下列句子中的悬垂修饰语 1.On entering the lecture hall,the symposium had already started. On entering the lecture hall,we found

that the symposium had already started.
2.To get rid of bad habits,courage and a strong will are necessary. To get rid of bad habits,one needs

courage and a strong will.

3.Once out of work,the whole family will get into trouble.

Once out of work,he is sure that the whole family will get into trouble.
Ⅲ.纠正下列句子中的错位修饰 1.He said in spite of protest he would go.

He said he would go in spite of protest.

2.The horse was almost hit by a car which jumped over the fence.

The horse which jumped over the fence
was almost hit by a car.
3.They noticed some cars decked with ribbons driving down the street.

They noticed some cars driving down the

street decked with ribbons.




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