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元 音 ( 20 Vowels )

/i: / / I / /e/ /?/ /? : / /?/ /α : / /? / /? : / /?/ /u:/ /?/ /eI/ /aI/ /??/ /??/ /a?/ /I?/ /e?/ /??/


? David is saying” Maybe Kate can’t skate.” ? The ugly man has one hundred ducks. ? The farmer has a large farm and a car. ? After art class we put down sunglasses and sit on the grass. ? Miss Mo, She’s tall. She has a dog, it’s small. She likes walking and riding a horse.

? ? ? ?

The baby and the lady are playing by the lake. The four tall reporter are talking about sports. I like the toy bear. I often brush its hair. I have a pear near the chair. Today is cold. Don’t forget to put on your coat. You can go to school by boat. Kate often makes birthday cakes on holiday.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? i sit rich y city system e pretty basket ie ladies sieve a village private o women u busy ay Monday Sunday ey money monkey ai mountain fountain A fall into the pit, again in your wit.吃一堑, 长一智。

? ? ? ? ? er another brother a ago along e the or actor Danger is next neighbor to security.

/? /
? ? ? ? ? o sorry top a what want ou cough ow knowledge Barking dogs do not bite.

? ? ? ? ? o woman wolf oo good wood u full put ou could would A good wife makes a good husband.

/? /
? ? ? ? ? ? o come oo flood oe does u sun ou tough Well begun, half done.

? ? ? ? ? ? e egg sell a any many eo leopard ea sweat bread ie friend East or west, home is best.

/? /
? a sat fat cat ? Every advantage has its disadvantage.

/i: /
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ee see tree ea eat meat ie piece yield ei seize ceiling e scene she i ski police eo people ey key ay quay(码头) A friend in need is a friend indeed.

/? : /
? ? ? ? ? ? ? or word worm our scourge ir bird thirst er serve herb ur fur curve ear earth early A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

/?: /
? ? ? ? ? aw law ough brought au taught a all Look before you leap. raw thought naughty hall

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? o who move oo fool cool u rude truth ou soup coup ew threw drew ue blue true oe shoe sue ui fruit One is never too old to learn.

/α: /
? ? ? ? ? ? a pass after ar art star er clerk ear heart al calm half He laughs best who laughs last.

? ? ? ? ? ? a+辅音+e take wake ei eight weigh ay play day ai aim aid a April aviator A good fame is better than a good face.

? ? ? ? ? ? i+辅音+e life advice y sky dry i China crisis igh high fight ai aisle Thailand Time and tide wait for no man.

? oy toy boy ? oi noise spoil ? Boys will be boys.

? ? ? ? ? o over ocean o+辅音+e wrote rose ow row grow ew sew All roads lead to Rome.

? ou pound loud ? ow coward ? Doubt is the key of knowledge.

? ? ? ? ? ? ear ear near eer deer sheer ea idea area ere here severe eir weird(古怪的) Experience is the best teacher.

? ? ? ? ? are care share air fair air ear bear swear ere where there Where there is a will, there is a way.

? ? ? ? ure sure lure our tour oor poor As sure as eggs is eggs.

辅音 (28Consonants)

/p/ /?/ /s/ /n/ /tr/

/b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ /g/ /?/ /f/ /v/ /?/ /? / /z/ /?/ /?/ /h/ /m/ /?/ /I/ /r/ /w/ /j/ /dr/ /ts/ /dz/

? 单音节词末尾加-er,-est ? 单音节如以e结尾,只加-r,-st ? 闭音节单音节词如末尾只有一个辅音字母, 须先双写这个辅音字母,再加-er,-est ? 少数以-y,-er,ow,-ble结尾的双音节词, 末尾加-er,-est。 ? 以-y结尾的词,如-y前是辅音字母,则变y 为-i,再加-er和-est。 ? 其它双音节和多音节词皆在前面加单词 more和most。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

开音节,音节开, 一元字母在后排; 不怕一辅堵后门, 还有哑e在门外。 a,e,o,u,i 就读a,e,o,u,i 闭音节,音节闭, 一元字母生闷气; 辅音字母堵后门, 一元字母音短急。 a,e,o,u,i

开 闭 音 节 歌

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 一般情况下,直接在动词原形后面加 -ed。 work—worked, open—opened 以不发音的 -e 结尾的动词只加 -d。 live—lived, skate—skated 以“辅音字母+y”结尾的词,改y为i,再加-ed study—studied, hurry—hurried 以“元音字母+y”结尾的词,直 接加-ed play—played, stay—stayed 重读闭音节结尾单词,末尾只有一个辅音字母时, 双写这个辅音字母,再加 -ed。 ? stop—stopped, plan—planned

一.请 “ ”出该单词的正确音 素. 1.peach ( ), ( ) 2.former ( ), ( ) 3.matter ( ), ( ) 4.large ( ), ( ) 5. cloudy ( ), ( ) 6.strange ( ), ( ) 7.thousand ( ), ( ) 8. weather ( ), ( )


Recite the following proverbs 1. Deeds are better than words. 2. Few words, many deeds. 3. Fine words dress ill deeds. 4. Never is a long word. 5. What is done by night appears by day. 6. Seeing is believing. 7. Nothing venture, nothing have.


1.爆破音/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/任意相 邻时,前面的一个发不完全爆破音。

Eg: This is a no(t)e book. Do you have a re(d) pen? She too(k) goo(d) care of the children.

2.爆破音/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/后面是 /f/,/v/,/s/,/z/,/θ/,/?/,/?/,/3/,/r/,/h/等 摩擦音时,爆破音失去爆破。

Eg: This is a bi(g) chair. Let’s meet a goo(d) friend. I can’(t) sing.

3. 爆破音/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/后面是 /t ?/,/d3/,/tr/,/dr/,/ts/,/dz/等破擦音的任 何一个时, 前面的爆破音失去爆破。

Eg: Tom is in tha(t) tree. Sto(p) drinking. Do you rea(d) the book abou(t) tha(t) child.

4./t/,/d/,在/m/,/n/,/l/的前面时,/t/,/d/ 要发不完全爆破。这在一些单词读音中表现明显。

Eg: Frien(d)ly Doesn’(t) Sally tell you anything abou(t ) Lucy.

Practice makes perfect(熟能生巧)

1. The first picture 2. Good morning! 2. Please sit down. ! 3. I would like to have a little piece of bread, please. 4. I don’t like the way you speak. 5. What time is it by your watch? 6. Welcome back to school! (在失去爆破的字母上划一横线)

Let’s listen and practice

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are new to the city of London. One morning they get up very early. After they have breakfast, they leave their house at seven thirty. They get to the shop at seven fifty. In the shop they see a lot of clothing. Mrs. Brown likes them. So she buys a pair of shorts for their son, a pair of shorts for their daughter, and a scarf for Mr. Brown. She buys a pair of socks for herself, too.

Let’s listen and practice



The shopping basket is full now. Mr. Brown looks at his watch. Then he says, “Oh, it's twelve o'clock. I think we must go home now. It's too late.” So they go out of the shop and begin to go home, but they lose their way. Mr Brown drives (驾驶) along the street. He can't find the way. Then he drives his car over to an old man and asks, “Excuse me, sir. Where am I?” The old man looks at him and their car. “You're in your car, sir,” he says.

曲名:The day you went away 歌手:M2M Well I wonder could it be When I was dreaming about you baby You were dreaming of me Call me crazy, call me blind To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time Did I lose my love to someone better And does she love you like I do I do, you know I really really do CHORUS Well hey So much I need to say Been lonely since the day The day you went away So sad but true For me there is only you Been crying since the day The day you went away

I remember date and time September twenty second Sunday twenty five after nine In the doorway with your case No longer shouting at each other There were tears on our faces Then we were letting go of something special Something we will never have again I know, I guess I really really know The day you went away The day you went away Why do we never know what we have got till it is gone How could I carry on The day you went away Cause I have been missing you so much I have to say Been crying since the day

Showing surprise(P34)

Listen and practice

? ?

A: John got the first place this time. B: Oh, really!
A: John wants to get a pet dog. B: A dog ! I don’t believe it. He doesn’t like dogs.

? ?




There is a little bee. Coming from the apple tree. Flying in the flowers. And can’t see me.

The brown cow is out now.

Bark.Bark.Bark. The dog is barking after the car.

Look.This is little John. Goes to bed with his trousers on. One shoe off and one shoe on. Look.This is little John.

Today is cold. Rose is in the boat. She wants to have a coat. Put on your coat. You know you have a cold.

Tomorrow is my birthday. But I have a stomachache. My parents always say: Don't eat too much cake. Don't forget. Kate! Ok.Ok.Ok.

Hello Kate,hello May. They are playing by the lake. David ,David .You are so late. Come on ,David. Let’s make a birthday cake

Who runs fastest? You or me?No,no,no. Tell me,tell me ,please. Cheetahs,teetahs. Now you know. Yes,Thank you ,Rose. Who is the ugliest ? You or me? No,no,no. Tell me,tell me ,please. Crocodiles,crocodiles Now you know. Yes.Thank you,Jone.

元 音(20个)
1 单元音(12个)

/i: I e ? ? α : u: ? з : / /? ? ?

: /

2. 双元音(8个)

/eI aI ?I ?? / / a? I? e? ?? /

1 发音时气流受阻碍的音素

/p b t d k g/

2 无摩擦音或滑音


n η/







/? ? ts dz tr dr/

/ f v ? ?s z ? ? h /



/j/ /w/

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