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河北省保定市高阳中学 2014-2015 学年高二英语上学期第二次周 练试卷
1.The rural environment was having a ________(积极的)effect on the children's health. 2.I asked him to leave at once, but he stayed there without

________(行动). 3.He walked past him without a ________(向后的)glance. 4.He is ________(热情的)about helping others. 5.The Earth is only one of the numerous planets in the________(宇宙). 6.The suggestion put ________ by Mr.Li sounded quite reasonable. 7.________ conclusion, he has done his best and it's unfair to scold him. 8.There is no doubt that Lu Xun was one of the greatest writers ________ his day. 9.Mr.Green was so absorbed ________ his work that he didn't notice a man slipped into his house. 10.There is no need to say that everyone should be strict ________himself and everyone should be strict ________ his work. 11.To be honest, I can't make sense ________ what he said just now. 12.Apart ________ their house in Guangzhou, they also have a house in Shenzhen. 13.________(surprise)and________(excite), Tony stood up and accepted the prize. 14.When ________(compare)different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the similarities. 15.Several new programmes ________ (add)to the concert seem more attractive. 16.The ________(excite)people shouted at the top of their voice, but no one knew why they stopped all the shouting and became________ (disappoint)all at once. 17 . No matter how frequently ________(perform), the works of Beethoven still attract people all over the world. 18.The wild mountains ________ (cover)with deep snow looked charming. 19.Five people won the “China's Green Figure” award, a title ______(give)to ordinary people for their contributions to environmental protection. 20.______(blame)for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. 21.The temple ________(build)almost 2,000 years ago needs repairing. 用与 sense 相关的词语完成下列小片段。 Yesterday my boss gave me a poem and asked me to help him (22)__________ its meaning.I read it over and over again.To be frank, (23)________, the poem (24)________ at all.That's to say, there was (25)________ reading such a nonsense.So I advised the boss to throw the poem into the dustbin. 二、用过去分词形式完成下列句子 26.我们要去看那座建于几百年前的桥。 We'll go to visit the bridge______________________________________________. 27.你为什么总是看上去很疲劳?这些日子睡得好吗? Why do you always___________________________________________________? Do you sleep well these days? 28.我对昨晚看的电影很失望。我原以为它能好些。 I ________________________________________________________________________ the film I saw last night, I had expected it to be better. 29.听说那位明星死了,人人都很惊讶。

Everybody ________to hear the death of the famous film star. 30.要去动物园了,孩子们非常兴奋。 The children ______________________________________________going to the zoo. 31.他的伤口感染了一种新病毒。 His wound _____________________________________________________ a new virus. 32.我多懊悔在树林浪费的时光啊! How I regretted the hours__________________________________________________! 33.我喜欢穿这种布料做的衣服。 I like wearing clothes____________________________________________________. 34.鲁迅写的书很受欢迎。 The books ________________________________________________________________. 35.丢了钱他自责不已。 He __________________________________________________about losing the money. 语法填空 Affected by the lightning, the electricity system in our school hall was out(36)__________order so the ball(37)________(hold)by the Students' Union had to stop. For the sake of(38)________(safe), students(39)________(tell)to remain seated, (40)________workers would soon have the(41)________(damage)system fixed. After a while,(42)________was ok and the students continued singing and dancing. When asked to dance, Mary felt embarrassed , (43)________(stand)there. Greatly inspired by their(44)________(encourage), Mary began to dance to the music played by the hand. Never in her life had(45)________danced so beautifully!


7. In 8. of 9. in/into 10. with;in 11. of 12. from 13. Surprised;excited 14. comparing 15. added 16. excited;disappointed 17. performed 18. covered 19. given 20. Blamed 21. built 22. (to) make sense of 23. in a sense 24. made no sense 25. no sense in 26. built hundreds of years ago 27. look so tired 28. was disappointed with 29. was shocked 30. are really excited about 31. became infected with 32. wasted in the woods 33. made of this kind of cloth 34. written by Lu Xun are popular 35. got blamed 36.of 37.held 39.were told




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