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2016年陕西省安康市紫阳中学七年级英语教案:Unit 7《 It’s raining 》Period 4 (新人教版下册)

Unit 7

It’s raining!

本单元的中心话题是谈论天气. 整个单元的内容围绕天气展开听、说、读、写的活动。 通过本单元的学习使学生掌握描述天气的基本词汇及对天气的提问, 学会准确地表达自己对 某种天气的喜好并说明原因,学会做天气预报,学生叙述在不同的天气背景下做什么。通过 以上活动,使学生能够在实践中体

会到学习英语的乐趣,更积极地运用目标语言,培养学生 在实际生活中综合运用所学语言能力。 教学目标 1、作学习重点词汇: raining, sunny, cloudy, snowing , windy, hot ,cool, warm, humid, 和部分现在分词。 2、 掌握描绘天气状态的形容词及现在分词,并学会其特殊疑问句、一般疑问句的用法及回 答。 教学重点 A 学习并掌握记汇: raining, sunny, cloudy, snowing , windy, hot ,cool, warm, humid B 熟练掌握现在进行时的用法; 学会表达对不同天气的不同态度及原因。 教学难点 学会描述人们在不同的天气里所做的各种活动。 教具:教学挂图、录音机 课时安排 第一课时 Section A 1a- 2c 第三课时 Section B 1a-2c 第二课时 Section A 3a-4 第四课时 Section B 3a-4

Period 4 (Section B 3a, 3b, 3c, 4) Teaching aims 1. Knowledge

①Words: vocation, lying, beach, group, beach, volleyball, surprised, heat, relaxed, winter, scarf, everyone, man ②Additional words: sandstorm, typhoon, tsunami(海啸) ③Sentence structures: How’s the weather? What’s the weather like? What can we do with this? When is the best time to visit your town/city? 2. Ability: Learn about different activities in different weather 3. Cultural awareness: Learn to love our nature and protect the environment. Make a donation if possible Important points: Use the words, expressions and sentence structures correctly.

Difficult points: Describe the weather in 4 seasons and people’s activities Teaching procedures Step1. Revision Show a weather map of China and get Ss to ask and answer in pairs about the different kinds of weather in some cities. Step2. Reading 1. Ask Ss: How do you know the weather beforehand? Get answers like: From the radio/121/the TV/the mobile phone/the internet. 2. 3a. Look at a paragraph, and ask Ss to find out what the show is (CCTV’s Around the World show) and where the reporter is (in Australia) .Ask them to tell what they know about Australia. 3. Ask Ss to work alone. Underline the things that people are doing and circle the words that describe the weather. They may follow the 2 examples have done for them. Check the answers. 4. 3b. Draw attention to the pictures of France and the descriptions below. Ask Ss to work alone .Have Ss fill in the blanks. Check the answers. Step3 Chant Learn a chant with the students to relax. Step4 Make an interview Ss form groups of 4. One of them works for CCTV’s Around the World show. He/She interviews the other 3 Ss what the weather is like in their hometowns and what the people are doing. Then give a report about what he/she has got. Step5 Make a survey Find out what activities people will do on certain days. And ask some to report their results in class. Step6 Homework 1. Summarize the key words and expressions in this unit. 2. Write a composition .


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