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高中英语 Unit 2 The United Kingdom Learning about Language课件 新人教版必修5

人教课标版 高二 必修 5 Unit 2

Discovering useful

words and expressions

Choose the correct words below to complete the passage.
enjoyable kingdom unwilling convenience construct accomplish administration clarify

“Why are you _________ to accept this unwilling wonderful opportunity?” asked the boss on the phone. “Have you read the description carefully? You will live in a town close to the ___________ countryside in England in a furnished house with all modern _____________. conveniences

Our office in Beijing will be able to _______ any problems using fax or clarify internet. Your task will be to examine the possibility of ____________ a new factory constructing in the united _________. We need you to Kingdom become familiar with the administration _____________ and rules for such a project. We hope you will be able to accomplish this easily _________ within six months and that it will be an _________ experience for you. enjoyable

All of the words below can take the place of said, but they are used under different conditions and in different situations. Choose the correct word from the list to fit each of the sentences. whisper smile ask advise



suggest decide
scream complain

1. “Why don’t you want to accept this wonderful opportunity?” _______ the asked boss on the phone. 2. “Shall we leave now?” he _________ to whispered us and we left the room very quietly. screamed 3. “Help! Help! I can’t swim.” ________

the frightened boy.

4. “Please don’t hurt my cat,” begged ______

Sarah as her brother picked it up by
one leg.

5. “ I’d like to live in a castle of my own agreed too,” ______ the young prince.

6. “Yes. I bought a car and a new flat

this winter,” ________ my father. answered
7. “Are you coming with us?” _______ shouted

Li Ming to her friend on the other
side of the room. 8. “I didn’t like that meal at all,” complained __________ the customer.

9. “Perhaps you would like to go this way?” suggested the man shyly. ________

Discovering useful structures

1. Can you find the following sentences in the reading passage? Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well.

have get

﹢ past participle

V- ed

Three more sentences in the reading
passage. 1. …to form the United Kingdom by getting Ireland connected in the same peaceful way. 2. You find most of the population settled in the south… 3. It has the oldest port built by the


2. Complete the sentences by using the
words in brackets and the structure

have / get / find something done. have got the house mended 1. We _______________________ now.
2. You look different today. ________ Have you had your hair cut? ________________

have the dictionary 3. Do you want to _________________ ________ to your house or would you delivered prefer to come to the shop for it?

4. A: Could I have a look at the photographs you took when you were in Europe? B: Sorry, I __________________ haven’t had the film _________ yet. developed 5. On my way to the station my car broke
down. When I got to the repair shop I ____________. found it closed

6. The computer doesn’t seem to work well. You’d better ____________? get it repaired 7. Jill and Eric _____________________ got all their money stolen while they were on holiday. 8. The listening text might be easier for the students if you ______________ into two have it divided parts. 9. At yesterday’s meeting Tony ___________________________. had some of his points clarified

10. Chris _______________________ to had / got some flowers sent Sarah on her birthday. Then Chris asked Sarah to marry him and they _______________ in the newspaper. had it announced They had no time to arrange their own had it organized wedding, so they _______________ by a company.

过去分词做宾语补足语 Past Participle as Object Complement
作宾语补足语的过去分词一般来自 及物动词, 表示被动和完成意义, 说明宾 语所处的状态, 一般跟它前面的宾语在逻 辑上构成主谓关系, 表被动, 其结构形式 为:主语+谓语动词+宾语+过去分词。 一般可带过去分词形成宾语补足语的动 词可以分为以下三类。

find / … ﹢ past participle / V- ed
?带有“致使” ① have, get, make, help, leave 含义的动词

② see, hear, watch, feel,
think, find, notice ,

?表示感觉和 心理状态的 observe 词 ?表示“希望、 要求等意义 的词语

③ like, want, wish, order

【拓展】 1.过去分词和动词-ing形式作宾补的区 别:动词-ing形式作宾补时,所表示 的动作与宾语之间有逻辑上的主谓关

系,表示动作正在进行。及物动词的 过去分词作宾补说明其与宾语之间有 逻辑上的被动关系;不及物动词的过 去分词作宾补说明动作已完成或处于 某种状态。

2. 过去分词和不定式作宾补的区别:过 去分词和不定式作宾补都可指动作已 经结束,但是过去分词作宾补时宾语 与补语之间是被动关系或指的是宾语 处在一种状态下;不定式作宾补时宾


在 have 或 get 后面的复合宾语中,宾


I had my car repaired.
我把我的车修好了。(别人修的) I had my hair cut.

我理发了。(别人给我理的) have sth. done

have的复合宾语的过去分词的动作有时 不一定由别人来完成,而是表明自己的 经历。如: Hunk had his arm broken.


1. You can make yourself _______ pretty well if you keep on speaking the

understand B. understood



D. to understand

2. The manager discussed the plan that
they would like to see _______ the

next year.
A. carry out C. carried out B. carrying out D. to carry out

3. --- I can’t see the words on the blackboard. --- Perhaps you need __________.

A. to have your eyes examined
B. to examine your eye

C. to have examined your eyes
D. your eyes to be examined

4. They woke up, finding everything around ________. A. changing C. changed B. change D. to change

I. 下列各句均有一处错误,请指出并改正。

exciting 1. I found the game excited. 2. We usually work only five hours a day, so we have plenty of spare time visit the to area and have fun. 3. I want to have the flowers deliver to my delivered mother on Mother’s Day. 4. Would you like to get the building completed this week? complete 5. He made his house be decorated by a famous company.

II. 用括号中所给动词或短语的适当形式填空。

broken into 1. Linda found her house ___________ when she came back. (break into) 2. The murderer was brought in, with his hands _____ behind his back. (tie) tied 3. Tom, did you see anyone go / going out of ____________ the classroom? (go out of) 4. One of his teeth aches painfully, so he pulled out wants it ___________. (pull out) 5. At night, I suddenly heard someone _____________ into my bedroom. (walk) walking / walk

6. This is the first time that I have heard spoken the poem ______ in English. (speak) 7. On the top of the hill, I could see smoke _____ rising from the chimneys in the village. (rise) 8. I was wondering why they kept the door _____ locked for such a long time. (lock) pat 9. The little girl felt someone _____ her on the shoulder. (pat) 10. My brother had that door ______ last painted week. (paint)

III. 根据句意,选择适当的单词或短语填空。

1. break down; break in; break out; break through; break away from a. Scientists say they are beginning tobreak _____ through ________ in the fight against cancer. b. A big fire __________ during night. broke out c. My car broke down just in the south of __________ London. d. When I was reading at home, he broke in _______. e. The south ________________ the north. broke away from

2. take the place of; take place a. I’ll take the place of Jane, as she can’t ______________ come to the meeting herself today. b. The ceremony will _________ next month. take place 3. arrange; range a. I have ________ to meet France next arranged Thursday. range b. The children’s ages _____ from 5 to 15.

从A、B、C、D中选出最佳选项。 1. To learn English well, we should find C opportunities to hear English ______ as much as we can. (江苏 2008)

A. speak
C. spoken

B. speaking
D. to speak

2. The director had her assistant ______ C some hot dogs for the meeting. (2008 全国卷Ⅱ) A. picked up B. picks up C. pick up D. picking up 3. Jenny hopes that Mr Smith will suggest a good way to have her written English ______ in a short period. (福建 2007) A A. improved B. improving C. to improve D. improve

4. —Did Peter fix the computer himself?
C —He ______, because he doesn’t know

much about computers. (安徽 2007)
A. has it fixed B. had fixed it

C. had it fixed
brush your teeth. A. run C. being run

D. fixed it
(天津 2004) B. running D. to run

5. Don’t leave the water ______ while you B

6. She wants her paintings ______ in the D gallery, but we don’t think they would be very popular. (2007上海春) A. display B. to display C. displaying D. displayed 7. In the dream Peter saw himself ______ A by a fierce wolf, and he woke suddenly with a start. (2006上海春) A. chased B. to be chased C. be chased D. having been chased

8. A good story does not necessarily have
to have a happy ending, but the reader A must not be left ______. (天津 2006) A. unsatisfied

B. unsatisfying
C. to be unsatisfying

D. being unsatisfied

9. He looked around and caught a man

D ______ his hand into the pocket of a
passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting (2004北京春)

10. Laws that punish parents for their little children’s actions against the A laws get parents ______. (重庆 2004) A. worried C. worrying B. to worry D. worry

Learn the new words of this unit by

Make up a story, using as many

past participles and vocabulary in this
unit as possible. The beginning of the

story is as the following:

The city found itself flooded over a
night. So many terrified people were

walking on the water-covered road.
They found a frightened girl ere a pub,

trebling. All the drivers found their
car engines…



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