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Unit 13 EQ:IQ

Unit 13

General good-looking, ordinary-looking thin, tall, short …



happy, sad, confused, Facial Warm up serious expressions excited, worried,
Age middle-aged, teenager, in one’s (early) twenties …


white, black …

Hair dark, red, shoulder-length, straight, short, long, blond…

cap, high-heeled shoes, longClothing sleeve shirt, T-shirt, sunglasses, uniform

Special features

moustache, beard, straight nose, deep-set eyes


She is goodShe has long looking with red hair. curly blond hair.

She has shoulderlength dark hair.



He’s wearing a long-sleeve / short-sleeve shirt. He was last seen wearing sunglasses.

They are in uniform. She likes to wear high-heeled shoes.

Special features

He is wearing long beard.

He has thick moustache.

Listen to the police description. Who are they looking for?

The IQ Test


The EQ Test

Warm-up a)–how intelligent you are

b)--how well you use your intelligence


First reading
Read Passage 1 and answer the questions.
1 What does the recent research say about a person’s success and his or her IQ? Success is not simply the result of a high IQ. 2 What does Prof. Salovey study? He is an expert in the study of EQ and the inventor of the term.

First reading
3 How does Professor Salovey describe EQ and IQ? At work, it is IQ that gets you hired but it is EQ that gets you promoted. 4 Why do some smart students end up failing exams according to Prof. Salovey? Perhaps their failure is because of their low EQ.

Second reading 5. Can a person’s EQ be improved? What about his IQ? Can you give some examples? Yes, it can. But IQ could not be improved. For example, after normal students helped the disabled students, they were more willing to help people. They also showed a better understanding of the disabled students’ feelings compared to students who hadn’t been introduced to disabled students. Disabled students become more positive and more eager to try new things.

6.What’s the meaning of “ people skills” ? Is it important to improve them if you want to be successful in life ? Why /Why not?

“People skills” means ways /abilities of doing things. Yes , it is very important to get them improved. Because better skills help you do things more easily and make you successful.

Decide whether the following are right or not. EQ&IQ 1. EQ can help you achieve success in your scientific research work. F IQ 2. It’s said that EQ gets you hired at work. F EQ 3. A person’s brainpower decides whether you will succeed in his future work. F 4. EQ is not the opposite of IQ. T 5. Professor Salovey may think a person’s EQ could be raised. T 6. People who can better adapt to the environment are more likely to survive and succeed in life. T aren’t 7. People with high EQ are easily troubled by obstacles(障碍).F 8. Pessimists differ from optimists in EQ. T

First reading
Read and decide which is the main idea of Passage 1.
a) EQ is less important than IQ. M b) EQ is as important or more important than IQ. c) A person’s EQ equals to his IQ.

First reading

Success is not simply the result of a high IQ.


The difference between IQ and EQ.


There’s no definite association between IQ and EQ

Second reading Read Passage 2 and give the general idea of it. EQ can be improved.

学案练习 VII


Second reading
( 1 ) Comparison—People with high and low EQ in life.
( 2 ) Statement—EQ has a lot to do with education. ( 3 ) Supporting evidence—There are changes in people’s EQ after education.

( 4 ) Conclusion—High EQ helps people get ahead in the world and lead a happy and successful life.

Second reading
Researcher Research subject Prof. Mayer Changes to people’s EQs
People with high EQ

People with low EQ




are open to new ideas; have positive attitudes towards life; are less likely to be troubled by problems.


often have problems getting on with other people and dealing with difficult situations; have a harder time surviving in life.


IQ is determined by birth.

EQ has a lot to do with education.

? end up failing exam ? There is little / no doubt that… ? There is a marked change in… ? It is also worth remembering that…

Smoothin g away reading difficulties

Contents Definition At work Predicting future success

How smart you are Get you hired

How well you use your smartness Get you promoted

Not always / help Always /help you you in some ways even more
People with low EQs have a harder time surviving in life

Cases of high IQs High IQ and quick-witted students end up failing and low EQs Be raised or not Survival ability

Facing problems

Genetics / no Socialist / yes Socialist / yes Most adaptable Biggest/ smartest/strongest Pessimists / worriedOptimists/ untroubled by obstacles about problems

Recognition of the text
What style is the text? A. Narrative(叙述文) B. Exposition (说明文) C. Practical writing (应用文) D. Argumentation (议论文)

Tips of the argumentation

1. Subject (论题) 2. Argument sentences (论点) 3. Supporting sentences (论据) 4. Concluding sentences (论证)

Success comes with a high EQ.

EQ is more important than IQ
IQ gets you hired;EQ gets you promoted. Best and quick-witted Ss may fail. Low EQ people find it harder to survive.

EQ could be improved.

Normal Ss become willing to…and better understanding…

Disabled Ss become more positive… and more eager…

Adaptability, optimism and diligence are important factors in surviving and succeeding…

Discussion of the text
Which helps you more in your studies, IQ or EQ?

Please give some examples.

? Finish off vocabulary exercises in Part 4. ? Finish off grammar exercises (past participles) in Part 6. ? Write a short passage to present your ideas about EQ or IQ.



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