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短文改错考点3 冠词的混用、多用与少用




下列各小题中有且仅有一处错误(多1个单词、 少1个单词、错1个单词),请指出并改正过来, 然后说明理由。 1.(2015新课标卷I) Now I am living in a city, but I miss my home in countryside. the 习惯词组:in the countryside在农村。

2.(2014新课标卷I) As result, the plants a are growing everywhere. 固定词组:as a result结果。

3.(2013新课标卷I) In a fact, he even scared my classmates away when they came over to play or do homework with me.

固定词组:in fact =in reality事实上。

4.(2011新课标卷) I was going to visit a friend there, and after that, I would go to Xiamen for long holiday. a 因可数名词holiday是单数,前面应有限 定词;表示“一个” 长假,填a,与for a long time类似。

5.(2015新课标卷II) He liked it so much that he quickly walked into the shop… A woman saw him crying and told him to wait outside a shop. the 特指上文提到的那家商店,用the。

6.(2014新课标卷II) My dream school looks like a big garden. There are all kinds of the flowers and trees around the classroom buildings. 不是特指,不用the。句意:教学楼周 围有各种各样的花和树。

7.(2013新课标卷II) This custom soon became another meal of day. the

因除all day (整天), by day(白天),day by day (一天一天地), day after day(日 复一日)等固定短语外,day前应有限定 词,不可单独使用;指“一天中的”要 说of the day。

思路点拨 1.留意三无名词。遇到无冠词、无形 容词性物主代词、无不定代词修饰的 单数可数名词要注意,若根据语境不 是将其变为复数,就一定是在前面加 冠词。如[真题再练]4、7。

2.留意固定词组。固定词组常积累,就成火 眼金睛,一看便知错。如[真题再练]1、2、 3。 3.考究是否用错。要根据冠词的基本用法, 如定冠词表示特指,一般来说不是特指不用 定冠词;不定冠词表泛指,常可译作“一个/ 本/支”等,意义不通,可能有错。如[真题 再练]6。冠词的基本用法可参见语法填空 部分。

冠词在5年8套题中考了7次,可算作必考 点。主要从以下3个方面考查冠词: 1. 混用。即a, an与the的混用。如[真题再 练]5。 2. 多用。如[真题再练]第3、6题。考查 的内容是“零冠词”,即不用冠词的情况: (1)专有名词前,如Tom, China等。

(2) 学科名词前,如I like physics。 (3) 球类运动名词前,如play football等。 (4) 三餐名词前,如have breakfast等。 (5) 唯一职位名词前,如chairman, president 等。 (6) 名词前已有物主代词或不定代词时,如 my teacher, some students等。

(7) 抽象名词和物质名词等不可数名词 表示泛指时,如I’m fond of music.

(8) 可数名词的复数形式表示泛指或指 一类事物时,如[真题再练]6。
(9) 不用冠词的固定词组,如[真题再 练]3。

3. 少用。这是考查的重点,8套题中 考了4次。如[真题再练]第1、2、 4、7题。要特别留意含有冠词的固 定词组。如[真题再练]第1、2题。

一、词组翻译 1. 目前,现在 _______________ at present

2. 首先,在开始时_______________ at first
3. 放学后/毕业后 _______________ after class /graduation 4. 乘公共汽车 by bus _______________

5. 偶然

_______________ by accident/chance

6. 错误地

by mistake _______________ _______________ by hand
_______________ for example

7. 用手工(做)
8. 例如

9. 上市,出售

_______________ on sale

10. 当众,公开地 _______________ in public

reality /as a matter of fact 11. 事实上(in fact) in _________________
12. 处于麻烦中 _________________ in trouble

13. 徒然,白费力 _________________ in vain

14. 故意地
15. 展览,陈列

_________________ on purpose
_________________ on show

16. 讲得通,合乎情理 ________________ make sense

17. 平均,一般来说
18. 步行 19. 值日,值班

________________ on average
________________ on foot ________________ on duty

20. 在度假(on holiday) ________________ on vacation

21. 采取行动(take measures) _____________ take action

22. 发生(happen)
23. 参加(join in)

_____________ take place
_____________ take part in

24. 毫不拖延(immediately)
25. 无疑地(certainly)

_____________ without delay
_____________ without doubt

26. 顺便说说,顺便问问 by the way __________________ 27. 最后,终于(eventually) __________________ in the end 28. 在……的尽头/末尾 __________________ at the end of 29. 在远处(far away) 30. 在户外 in the distance ______________ in the open air ______________

31. 前天 ____________________________ the day before yesterday
32. 在……的帮助下 ______________ with the help of

33. 代替,取代(replace) ______________ take the place of
34. 总之,简言之(briefly) ______________ in a word 35. 匆忙地(quickly) ______________ in a hurry

36. 低声地____________________ in a low voice 37. 以低价____________________ at a low price

38. 用规定食谱,节食 _______________ on a diet
39. 玩得痛快(enjoy oneself) have a good time ____________________ go for a walk 40. 去散步____________________

41. 患重感冒

have a bad /heavy cold _________________ _________________ have a word with sb.
_________________ take a rest _________________ have a look

42. 和某人谈谈
43. 休息一会儿 44. 看一看

45. 坐下,就坐(sit down) ______________ take a seat

46. 对……有影响

___________________ have an effect on make a promise ___________________

47. 犯错误,出差错___________________ make a mistake 48. 许下诺言

49. 做鬼脸

___________________ make a face

50. 戏弄,开……的玩笑

play a joke on ___________________

51. 在……中起作用/扮演角色 play a part in _______________________ 52. 参观,拜访(visit) pay a visit to _______________

53. 相当多,不少

_______________ quite a few

54. 提前(earlier than expected) ahead of time/in advance _______________________ 55. 像往常一样 _______________ as usual

二、句子改错 下列各小题中有且仅有一处 错误(多1个单词、少1个单词、错1个单词), 请指出并改正过来,然后说明理由。

1. (2010新课标卷) My friend Nick told me story about his experience back in a the US…
可数名词单数story前加不定冠词,表示“一 个”故事。

2. (2009新课标卷)… and they found me a comfortable one on second floor. the

3. (2008新课标卷) We were organizing an art exhibition for high school students in city. the 应是为特指的某个城市的中学生举办的 艺展。事实上,英语中没有in city的说 法,但通常说in town。

4. (2014大纲卷)As a old saying goes, an “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

5. (2013大纲卷)My mother is very kind and is friendly to everybody. So when I have the problem, I will turn to her for help. a 不是特指, 是泛指。

6. (2012打纲I) Every one of us can make a great efforts to cut down the

use of energy in our country.

7. (2012大纲卷II) Many countries in the world find they don’t have enough water.

To deal with a problem, I think, we the/this/that should first go all out to plant trees… 特指上文提到的缺水“这个”问题。

8. (2011大纲卷I) One of my unforgettable memories of my school in Xinjiang is that

of lunches we brought from our homes.

因lunches后有定语从句修饰,特指从家里 带到学校的午餐。

9. (2011大纲卷II) If you’d like to make trip


to our city some day, I will be better than

happy to be your guide.

固定词组:make a trip to去旅行。

10. (2010大纲卷I) There was Uncle Chen, gentleman living near my a house, who was a very famous writer. 表示 “一位” 绅士。

11. (2010大纲卷II) Last year, she decided to study abroad. In other words,

we would be separated for long time. a 表示分开很长“一段”时间。

12. (2009大纲卷I) The factory… has been moved out of the city, and sports a center has been built in its place. 指建了 “一座” 体育中心。

13. (2009大纲卷II) Just before I turned corner of Park Street,
I happened to see an accident.
特指Park Street的转角处。 the

14. (2008大纲卷II) Second, I will learn more about history of the Olympics … the 特指奥运会的历史。

15. (2007大纲卷I) “Because there are more the honors and joys in my life.” 表示“更多的荣誉”是more honors, 中间不用the。

16. (2007大纲卷II) I meant to write long a letter and tell you all the things… 因letter是单数可数名词,表示“一封” 长信,要用不定冠词。




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