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reading (公开课)M6U3

accumulate unbelievable embarrassing

? a thing to help you remember a place ? beyond belief or understanding

? gather together, collect
newly-weds souvenir clarify participate bride

? a lady who has just been married ? make it clear to understand ? cause a feeling of shame or awkwardness ? people who have recently got married ? take part, get involved

South America Japan Middle East Thailand USA Holland

Step 1 Fast reading

Please go through the dialogue quickly and then answer several questions. 1.Where did this dialogue take place? 2. How many people are involved in this dialogue? Who are they? 3.Where do they come from?


Step 2 Fast reading
Ma Li L1-4

try to accumulate /?'kju:mjuleit / some more information about cultural differences.

listen to the tape: spot the topics that are mentioned in this
dialogue. 1. Thanksgiving 2. eye contact 3. wedding in Brunei 4. Wedding in Italy is different from one in the UK. 5. body language 6. Common people can’t wear yellow. 7. People open the present as soon as he is given it. 8. Chinese people greet each other by shaking hands. 9. Take off shoes before going inside a house. 10. Use thumb to point

Step 3 Detailed reading
presents (L23-29)

the UK the USA

open the present the moment he is given it

do the same


Strange; rude
To see the person’s reaction

Wedding traditions in the west (L29-44)
similarities throw confetti


the newly-weds are expected to give their guests presnts as a souvenir

the UK

the guests are expected to give presents to the newly-weds

a man has to sit with the bridegroom and the other men Wedding traditions in Brunei

a lady and bride have to sit in a different area

food, soft drinks, tea and coffee but no alcohol is served

to use thumb to point

other cultural differences in Brunei (L49-56)

shouldn’t wear yellow

to take off your shoes before going into someone’s house

(L12-18) ? In which country is Thanksgiving celebrated, the USA or the UK? ? When is Thanksgiving? ? What is thanksgiving to do with?

1.Peter has to do a piece of homework on culture differences. 2.Americans and the British people have the same culture. 3.The British people eat the huge turkey during Thanksgiving. 4.If you get married in the UK, you will expect a present. 5.Both Americans and British people open the presents the moment they receive them. 6.In Brunei people point with their first finger. 7.Yellow is the royal color for the Sultan and his family. 8.In a wedding in Brunei, you can expect some alcohol.

Step 4

? Step 5 Post-reading:
? Review the language points of the passage.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.文化差异 2.获得一些信息 3.母语 4.当谈到 5 .为了庆祝 6.毕竟 7.结婚

cultural differences accumulate some information mother tongue /native language when it comes to… in celebration of after all get married

8.参加 9.婚礼招待会 10.食指 11.适应 12.在期末典礼上 13.下线了 14.聊天室 15.脱下

participate in a wedding reception the first finger adjust to…(prep) at the end-of-term ceremony log off chat room take off

cultural Mali has to do her homework on1______ differences. So she goes online to chat with information others and find some 2__________she needs. She gets to know English and American unbelievable people have 3__________ differences in culture even though they both speak English. puzzled For example, The British may be 4_____ when Americans talk about thanksgiving and turkey the huge 5____ they eat.

reactions There are different 6______ in the West and the East when they get presents. Westerners like to open them as soon as they get them. Though there are similarities traditions 7_______ between wedding 8_____ in the west, there are also differences between different western countries. In Italy, guests except to get presents from newly-weds the 9________ while the guests are expect to give presents to them in the UK.

In Brunei, a male guests has to sit bridegroom with the 10 _________and the other men and a 11 _____ guest has to be female with the bridge and the other women in a different area. What’s more, if you go to Brunei, you should point with your 12 thumb instead of your _____ index finger. You shouldn’t wear yellow 13______ either. Appropriate 14 ______ is always behavior welcome. So remember when in Rome, (入乡随俗) Romans do as the 15_______ do.

? Homework
? Read the passage again, and write a summary of this article on cultural differences in about 120 words. ? Visit the website to get more information about cultural differences


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