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牛津高中英语模块五 Unit 3 Science versus nature

1. On (the) one hand, some scientists point out …On the other hand, many people, including some scientists, disagree and afraid that, if man

kind toys with nature in this way, we may be on our way to producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster. (L2-7)

On (the) one hand…On the other hand, 一方面……另一方面……, 通常引出的是不同


? 我不想去旅行,一方面我没有时间,另一方
面我没有钱。 I don’t want to go traveling. On the one hand, I have no time; on the other hand, I have no money.

point out 指出 ?她指出了他的做法的不公平。 She pointed out the unfairness of his actions. They pointed at her head but she was not afraid. 习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为 “指着”,at是介词,着重于指的对象。 The compass needle pointed to the north. 多用来表示指向离说话人较远的事物,意为 “指向”,to也是介词,着重于指的方向。

on one’s / the way to (doing) sth. 正在做…的过程中

? 他离成为一个导演不远了。
He is on his way to becoming a director.

? 我正在去上学的路上,这时我偶然

遇到了我的一位朋友。 I was on my way to school when I came across a friend of mine.

by the way in the/ one’s way in a way in this/that way by way of 顺便问一下 防碍,挡道 在某种意义/ 程度上 以这/那种方式 经过

2. However, in general the scientists were praised for their wonderful scientific advance. (L12-13)
in general 一般说来,从总体上看,大体上 be praised for… praise sb. for sth. in praise of 赞扬 因为…受到赞扬 因某事而赞美/称赞某人

3. However, some people believe that cloning human embryos with the intention of destroying them shows no respect for human life. (L18-20)
with the intention of 为了,有…目的或意图 ,打算

= with the purpose of

= with a view to

? 为了给自己创造更美好的未来,他已决定去 深造。 He has decided to further his study with the intention of creating a better future for himself.

have every intention of doing sth. 一心想做某事 have the intention of doing sth. 有意/打算做某事

have no intention of doing sth. 无意做某事
without intention 无意地 充满善意/ 好心

be full of good intentions

intend v. 计划;打算;想要 intend to do 打算做某事 be intended for 为…而打算,为…而准备

n. 尊敬, 尊重

show respect for/ to

(pl)敬意,问候 Give my respects to your wife. 方面 in this respect in all respects in respect of with respect to the recent flood respect oneself

vt. 尊敬

4. Even though human cloning is causing a lot of anxiety, it is good news… (L21)
anxiety [u] or [c]
show anxiety about/ over cause sb. (great) anxiety

对…感到焦虑/ 不安 引起某人的不安

with anxiety = anxiously 焦急地
worry 担心 concern 关心

5. I am anxious to have a child of my own. (L21-23)
anxious adj. (1)担心的,担忧的 (2)渴望的,盼望的 of one’s own on one’s own
be anxious about/ for be anxious to do

属于某人自己的 独立地, 主动地

6. I don’t want to adopt someone else’s child----if I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now. (L21)
(1) adopt an orphan 领养一个孤儿 adopted adj. 被领养的,被采用的 adopted children/ words adoptable adj. 可收养的,可采用的 (2) adopt one’s suggestion / an idea 采纳某人的建议/ 想法 adopt measures/ new methods 采用措施 / 采取新方法

If I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now. If引导虚拟条件句,从句谓语用一般过去式did,主 句用would+ do, 表示与现在事实相反。

从句谓语 与现在事实相反 与过去事实相反 与将来事实相反 did/were had done did/were to do/ should do 主句谓语 would/ could/ might/ should + do would/ could/ might/ should + have done would/ could/ might/ should + do

? 如果明天下雨的话,我们会取消比赛。 If it were to/ should rain, we would call off the match. ? 如果他快点的话,他能赶上火车。 If he had hurried, he would have caught the train. ? 如果我是你,我就会努力学习。 If I were you, I would work hard.

错综条件句: ?If you had followed my advice, you would be better now. ?If you had studied hard before, you would be a college student. 省略句/ 倒装句: ?If you had followed my advice, you would be better now. Had you followed my advice, you would be better now.

7. While cloning human embryos is not legal in many countries, some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby.(L25)
push ahead with 推进,推行,毅然继续做某事

It is hard to push ahead with (推行)such an unpopular policy.

句中while作从属连词,引导让步状语从句 ,意思 是虽然,尽管。 while 引导时间状语从句,当…时。 John came in while I was typing a letter. while 作并列连词,引导并列句,而,然而。 English is understood all over the world while Vietnamese is spoken by few people outside Vietnam. n. for a while 一会儿

8. China has succeeded in producing clones of cows and goats, and continues to research ways in which cloning can benefit mankind. (L30)
succeed in doing sth. 成功地做某事 (反义词组)fail to do sth. After practicing more, he succeeded( 成功) passing the driving test.
success (n.) successful (adj.) successfully (adv.)

benefit n. 利益,好处;(pl.)救济金 be of benefit to 对…有益/好处 It is said Yoga is of great benefit to your health. for the benefit of…为了…的利益 v. benefit sb./sth. 使某人/某物受益 Such foolish behavior will not benefit you. benefit from/by 从…中获益 We all benefited from her success.
beneficial adj. be beneficial to (doing) sth. 对…有益/好处

9. If we toy with nature, we will have to deal with the consequences.
in consequence of 由于,因为 In consequence of its rise in temperature the iron expands. in consequence 因此 因此,结果

as a consequence/ result

10. I am in compete agreement with human cloning. (L45-46)
in agreement with 同意,与… 一致

This is in agreement with the experiment result.



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