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阅读理解B 42、 There was once an ant that was very thirsty. It ran here and there looking for some water but could not find any. Then suddenly, when the ant was almost ready to die of thirst, a la

rge drop of water fell on it. The ant drank the water, which saved its life. The water was actually a tear from a young girl who was crying. Because of her sadness, the tear had magical qualities and suddenly the ant could speak the language of human beings. The ant looked up and saw the young girl sitting in front of a huge pile of seeds. "Why are you sad?" asked the ant. "I'm the prisoner of a giant." the girl told the ant. "He won't let me go until I've made three separate heaps of grain, barley (大麦)and rye(黑麦)out of this huge pile of seeds in which they are all mixed together." "That will take you a month!" the ant said, looking at the huge pile of seeds. "I know," the girl cried, "and if I haven't finished by tomorrow, the giant will eat me for his supper!" "Don't cry," the ant said, "my friends and I will help you." Soon thousands of ants were at work, separating the three kinds of seeds. The next morning, when the giant saw that the work had been done, he let the girl go. Thus it was one of her tears that saved her life. (1)、The ant was playing when it ran here and there. A:T B:F 答案:B (2)、The drop of water fell on the ant when it was nearly dying. A:T B:F 答案:A (3)、The young girl was crying because she wanted to have supper. A:T B:F 答案:B (4)、The giant would eat the girl if she failed to do the work. A:T B:F


答案:A (5)、The ant's friends saved the girl's life. A:T B:F 答案:A 43、 If you travel by air across the center of Africa or South America, you fly over forests for

thousands of kilometers. These great forests are the oceans of trees. There are thousands and thousands of different kinds of plants and animals. However, the world's forests are getting smaller all the time. We are cutting down the trees because we need wood, and we need more farmland. Some people say that there will not be any forests like these in 20 or 30 years. What will happen if they disappear? If we cut down our forests, a lot of plants and animals will disappear from the world. In a lot of places the new farmland will soon look like the old deserts. Crops will not grow there. It will not rain very often, and the weather will get very hot. Perhaps the climate of the world will change. This will be dangerous for everyone in the world. That is why we must take care of our forests. (1)、The passage mainly tells us about the importance of taking care of plants. A:T B:F 答案:A (2)、Forests are homes for different kinds of animals. A:T B:F 答案:A (3)、The need for more wood and more land help to protect our forests. A:T B:F 答案:B (4)、We'll have more and greater forestsn in 20 or 30 years in some people's view. A:T B:F 答案:B


(5)、The writer thinks it necessary to protect the forests. A:T B:F 答案:A 44、 eat there. Then he did something that changed all that, and in a few weeks his restaurant was always full of men and their lady friends. Whenever a gentleman came with a lady, a smiling waiter gave each of them a beautiful menu. The menus looked exactly the same on the outside, but there was an important difference inside. The menu that the waiter handed to the man gave the correct price for each dish and each bottle of wine; while the menu that he handed to the lady gave a much higher price! So when the man calmly ordered dish after dish and wine after wine, the lady thought he was much more generous than he really was! (1)、The waiter gave a beautiful menu to the guests when a gentleman and his lady friend came into the restaurant. A:T B:F 答案:B (2)、The menus for the guests were the same on the outside but different inside. A:T B:F 答案:A Very few people were coming to eat at the White Rose Restaurant, and its owner didn't

know what to do. The food in his restaurant was cheap and good, but nobody seemed to want to

(3)、The male guest could remain calm when he ordered dish after dish because he was rich. A:T B:F 答案:B (4)、The lady thought of her friend very generous after a meal at this restaurant. A:T B:F 答案:A


(5)、The story mainly suggests that people like to go to expensive restaurants. A:T B:F 答案:B 45、 After having lived for over twenty years in the same district, Albert Hall was forced to

move to a new neighborhood. He surprised his landlord by telling him that he was leaving because he could not afford to buy any more chocolate. It all began a year ago when Albert returned home one evening and found a large dog in front of his gate. He was very fond of animals and as he happened to have a small piece of chocolate in his pocket, he gave it to the dog. The next day, the dog was there again. It held up its paws and received another piece of chocolate as a reward. Albert called his new friend "Bingo". He never found out the dog's real name, nor who his owner was. However, Bingo appeared regularly every afternoon and it was quite clear that he preferred chocolate to bones. He soon grew dissatisfied with small pieces of chocolate and demanded a large bar a day. If at any time Albert neglected his duty, Bingo got very angry and refused to let him open the gate. Albert was now at Bingo's mercy and had to bribe him to get into his own house! He spent such a large part of his weekly wages to keep Bingo supplied with that in the end he had to move somewhere else. (1)、Albert lived there for many years. A:T B:F 答案:B

(2)、Albert was moving because he did not like the place. A:T B:F 答案:B (3)、Albert and the dog became friends a year ago. A:T B:F 答案:A (4)、The dog visited Albert every day because it wanted the chocolate. A:T B:F


答案:A (5)、Albert "had to bribe him" means he had to take care of him. A:T B:F 答案:B 46、 Languages are remarkably complex and wonderfully complicated organs of culture. They

contain the quickest and the most efficient means of communicating within their respective culture. To learn a foreign language is to learn another culture. In the words of a poet and philosopher, "As many languages as one speaks, so many lives one lives." A culture and its language are as necessary as brain and body; while one is a part of the other, neither can function without the other. In learning a foreign language, the best beginning would be starting with the non-language elements of the language: its gestures, its body language, etc. Eye contact is extremely important in English. Direct eye contact leads to understanding, or, as the English saying goes, seeing eye-to-eye. We can never see eye-to-eye with a native speaker of English until we have learned to look directly into his eyes. (1)、The best title for this passage is Language and Culture. A:T B:F 答案:A (2)、According to this passage, the only way to learn a foreign language is to begin by learning its body language. A:T B:F 答案:B (3)、According to this passage, gestures are pictures in a language. A:T B:F 答案:B (4)、To learn a foreign language is to learn another culture. A:T B:F 答案:A


(5)、Direct eye contact leads to understanding in all cultures. A:T B:F 答案:B 47、 Taking away a city's rubbish is a big job. Every day trucks come into a city to collect it.

Most rubbish is made up of things we can't eat or use. If we kept these things, we would soon have a mountain of rubbish. In some cities the rubbish is collected and taken outside the city to a dump. Often the city dump is placed where the ground is low or there is a big hole. The kitchen rubbish is broken into small pieces and sent into the sewage(污水,排水)system. The sewage system takes away the used water from toilets, bathtubs and other places. To keep mice and flies away, some earth is used to cover the newly dumped rubbish. Later, grass may be planted on the rubbish-filled land. Finally, a house or a school may be built there, and then you'd never know that this had once been an old rubbish dump. In other cities the rubbish is burnt in special places. The fire burns everything except the metal.Sometimes the metal can be used again in factories where things are made of metal. The food parts of rubbish are put in special piles where they slowly change into something called humus(腐殖质), which looks like black earth. It is rich with the kinds of things that feed plants and help make them grow. (1)、You can most probably read this kind of passage in a telephone book. A:T B:F 答案:B (2)、The main idea of the passage is to tell people to take useful things out of rubbish. A:T B:F 答案:B (3)、The underlined word "sewage" in the second paragraph means laundry. A:T B:F 答案:B (4)、According to the passage, the food parts of rubbish can be used again to feed plants.


A:T B:F 答案:A (5)、We should take care of a used metal box by reusing and recycling it. A:T B:F 答案:A 48、 Snowflakes look like white stars falling from the sky. But there have been t