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浙江省苍南县勤奋高级中学高考英语复习 模拟训练专项及详解(四)动词及动词短语(含解析)

2015 高考英语模拟训练专项(四) 动词及动词短语
1.The news was a terrible blow to her, but she will _____ the shock soon. A. get out B. get through C. get off D. get over

2.The sound of the music

____louder and louder as the band marched nearer to me. A. grew B. felt C. appeared D. remained

3. Off the east, the sky looked pale enough to ____ the storm would be passing quickly. A. suggest B. report C. prove D. explain

4.—Have you finished your homework yet? —Not yet, I ___ to do it just a few minutes ago. A. get down B. set out C. set about D. set up

5.The thing that _____ is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. A. matters B.cares C.considers D.minds

6.—So how is your new roommate? —She really _____. She’s always making loud noises at midnight and when I remind her,she always makes rude remarks. A. turns me off B. turns me down C. turns me out D. turns me over

7. To be honest, I don’t quite ____ with you some general views on the weather. A. did B. allow C. bother D. share

8. Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may ____ the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off

9. The old houses are being pulled down to ____ a new office block. A. supply with B. make use of C. make room for D. take the place of

10. It is fashionable to drive a car, but to drive a car is not nearly as difficult as it is imagined on condition that you ________ the specialized rules. A. give up 11. Will you mistakes?

B.stick to

C.insist on

D.connect to

my composition to find out whether I’ve made any spelling

A. look through B.look on C.look up D.look out of 12. As is known to us all, failure usually _ __ laziness while diligence can ______ success. A. results from, lie in C. leads to, lie in 13. He has been fired and will have to A. take B.hand B. results in, result from D. results from, result in over charge of his office tomorrow. C.get D.go

14. His aunt’s letters together in his hometown. A. call up

him of those beautiful days when they used to live for on at

15. —Did you reach the top of the mountain? —Yes. Even I myself didn’t believe I could A. work B.climb C.get it. D.make

16. In Britain today women

44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers

with children are in paid work. A. build up B.make up C.take up D.send up

17. We trust you ; only you can A. suggest B.attract

him to give up smoking . C.advise D.persuade

18. —Have a good rest ; you need to this afternoon . —Thanks a lot . A. leave

your energy for the football match



19. In that country, guests usually feel that they are not highly ________ if the invitation to a dinner party is given only three or four days before the party date. A. regarded B. thought C. admired D. concerned

20. Difficulties and hardships have ________ the best character of the young geologist. A. brought in B. brought up C. brought out D. brought about

21. Our daughter doesn’t know what to up her mind about her future .

at the university ; she can’t make


A. take in

B.take up

C.take over

D.take on

22. Ling Feng won the first prize in the national English competition and I’m glad that her efforts at last ________. A. worked out back C.paid off D.turned out

23. The Browns sent lots of invitations for their party. But because of the improper time, few people _____ it. A. attended 24. I think John will A. turn B.change B.accepted C.received D.enjoyed

a good monitor, so I’d like to vote for him. C.elect D.make

25. The girl _____ to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school. A. expects B.allows C.wishes D.promises

26.—What do you think of Andrew ? —There are some things that are not easy to A. put aside B.put up with C.think of , and his coldness is one . D.get along with

27.—Does he know how to work out the problem ? —Yes , he has a good idea to solve it . C.come up with you ? D.put up with

A. caught up with B.kept up with 28. —Will Thursday or Friday —Either will A. fit , be do 29. Eating too much fat can A. result from 30. It suddenly by his own daughter. A. happened B.occurred . , OK

C.suit , all right

D.suit ,

heart disease and cause high blood pressure . D.devote to

B.contribute to C.attend to

to the detective that the millionaire was probably murdered


D.took place

【答案解析】 1. D 本题考查相近动词短语的词义辨析能力。四个词组只有 get over 有克服之意。故选 D。

2. A grow 变得,表示一个渐进的过程;feel,认为,感觉; appear 显得;remain 保留,依然。 题干中的 as 是关键词, 表示 “随着乐队向我们走的越来越近, 音乐的声音也变得越来越大” 。 3. A 本题检测近义动词的辨析能力。suggest 暗示,意味着;report 报告;prove 证明;explain 解释。本句句义为“东方灰蒙蒙的天空暗示着暴风雪即将来临。” 4. B get down to doing sth 开始做某事,set out to do sth 着手做某事,set about doing sth 开始做某事,set up 建立。故选 B。 5. A 本句句意为:重要的事情是:不是你失败与否,而是你是否努力了。matter:be important, 故选 A。 6. A turn sb off 使某人厌烦或厌恶 turn sb down :拒绝,不理会 turn sb out :赶走某

人,turn sb over :使某人翻身。本句语言环境为:我的新室友经常在深夜制造噪音,当 我提醒她时,她却说脏话。她的这些举动当然令我生厌。故选 A。 7. A 本题的句式结构变一下,就可看出本题考查的是 share sth with sb.故选 D。 8. A 本句句意为:不要在故事的开头提及它,否则,那会泄露事故结尾。give away :泄露。故 选 A。 9. C 旧房子被推倒目的是给新办公楼腾出地方。make room for 为? 腾出空间。故选 C。 10. B give up :放弃,stick to :not change, keep to sth 坚持或维持某事物,insist on : demand 坚持要求 ,connect to 与?有联系。只要你坚持(遵守)交通规则,开车并不

像想象的那么难,故选 B。 11. A 你能否浏览一下我的作文,看一下是否有拼写错误?look through:浏览.翻阅,故选 A。 12. D

result from:因?而发生,后接原因;lie in:存在于,后接原因;result in 产生某种 结果,lead to:导致,后接结果。失败是因为懒惰,而勤奋则导致成功,故选 D。 13. B 他被解雇了,明天不得不移交对公司的管理权。hand over:把? 接收.接管,get over:克服,go over:复习。故选 B。 14. A call up:想起某事物.回忆某事,call for:需求.需要,call on:号召.请求拜访(某人), call at:拜访(某地)。他婶婶的信使他想起了他们在一起度过的日子,故选 A。 15.D make it :be successful.甚至我自己都不相信我能成功地攀上山顶。climb it 只表示爬山, 不能表示爬到山顶,故选 D. 16. B build up:变得更大.更多或更强;make up 组成,构成某事物;take up:占据;send up 发 射。今天的英国,妇女构成了劳动力的 44%,故选 B。 17. D 我们相信你,只有你才能说服他戒烟。suggest 不跟动词不定式,attract:吸引;advise: 只是劝说而已,persuade:劝服,说服,故选 D。 18. B 好好休息一下,你需要为足球比赛保存体力。save: keep sth for future use:储存.保存, 故选 B。 19. A 在那个国家,赴宴会的邀请书仅在宴会前三 . 四天收到,会让客人感到他们不被重视。 regarded:重视,若选 B,则应用 thought of,故选 A。 20. C bring in:逮捕,搜集;bring up:培养;bring out:产生某种品质;bring about:使??发 生。本句意为:困难和困苦已经使那名年轻的地质学家形成了优秀的品格。故选 C。 21. B take in:吸收.包括;take up: 从事??;take over 接管;take on 呈现。我女儿不知在 大学里学习什么专业,故选 B。 22. C

移交?,take over:

pay off:偿还,偿清,回报,努力付出终有回报,故选 C。 23. A it 指代的是 party。因为时间不合适。很少人出席了晚会,故选 A。 24. D make: 变成。 我认为 John 会是一名好班长的, 所以我投了他一票。 若用 A, 则应变成 turn into 或去掉冠词 a,故选 D。 25. D 如果那个女孩在艺校进行良好的训练, 她有望成为一名好舞蹈家, promise 使??很有可能, 有望。故选 D。 26. B put aside:储存,把??放到一边;put up with 忍受,容忍; think of 考虑;get along with: 与??相处,进展; 谈到 Andrew,有很多事情不能容忍, 冷酷便是其中之一。 故选 B。 27. C catch up with:跟上,赶上;keep up with:跟上;come up with 找到,想起;put up with: 容忍.忍受,他已找到了解决问题的方法。故选项 C。 28. D fit 作动词时,表示衣服的大小是否适合,排除 A. B 两项。若选 C,则应用 be all right。 do:be sufficient or satisfactory for sb.故选 D。 29. B 吃太多的脂肪容易导致心脏疾病和高血压,contribute to:导致.促成。故选 B 30. B occur to sb :come into a person’s mind 想到.想起。侦探突然想起百万富翁有可能被 他女儿所杀;happen to sb 某人发生了什么事。故选 B



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