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高中英语说课稿模板 Good afternoon, teachers, It’s my great pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you.The content of my lesson is Senior English Book 4 Unit 1(A student of african wildlife/Why not carry on the good work)I’ll be ready to begin this lesson from five parts. Analysis of the teaching material, the teaching methods, the studying methods, the teaching procedure,and Blackboard design.First, let me talk about the teaching material. Part 1 Teaching Material: This unit is about ( Great women and their achievements , Important people,history and methods of agriculture, Different types of English humour ,Culture differences and intercuritural communication Different types of theme park) By studying of this unit, we’ll enable the students to know some great women and their achievement and what makes the great women successful The knowledge of farming and DrYuan Longping’achivevment And chemical farming and organic farming. Charlie Chaplin and his funny and encourageing humour People from different area have differert body language and use the right body language to showing our feelings. Theme park not only provid fun but also provid various knowledeg and exciting experience. this lesson not only teach the students to learn the related matreial about (1) the good character to be a successful person (2)Yuan longping’s scientific research spirit and attitudes toward life The disadvantage of using chemical frtilizers and how to increase production in organic farming. (3)Charlie Chaplin and his humour English jokes

(4)Different body language and the similarutues in body language which make the others understand our feelings. (5)Theme park but also learning ability in English . A: If Ss can learn it well, it will be helpful to make the Ss learn the rest of this unit well. B: It provides all-around practice about listening, speaking, reading and writing revolve around the topic,it is the expansion of this unit and give Ss a space to use the language So it plays an important part in the English teaching in this unit. ( As we know ,reading belongs to the input during the process of the language learning. The input has great effect on output , such as speaking and writing . )According to the new standard curriculum and the syllabus ( 新 课 程 标 准 和 教 学 大 纲 ), after studying the teaching material and analyzing the rule of children’s growing of mind,I think the teaching aims are the followings: 1.Knowledge objects: Knowledge objects of this section are 来 源 :

( - 高中英语说课 稿模板_清风无尘_新 (1)the sutdents can hear, read, and use the main sentence patterns. (2) the students can understand the content of the lesson: (3) the students can use the patterns to express their thoughes in proper situation and learn how to describe people with adjective.

Ability objects: Ability objects of this section are (1)To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and

writing. Especially speaking and writing ability. (2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in pairs. (4) To improve the Ss’ reading abilities ,especially their skimming and scanning ability. 3.Emotion objects: By reading A Student of African wlidlife /why not carry on the good work, students can learn from (1)jane Goodall in at least two aspects: one is what is the human way to study animal; the other is that it was her great personality-universal love and mercy that made her successful. Lin Qiaozhi in at least two aspects: one is what is the human way to help poor patients; the other is that it was her great personality-universal love and mercy that made her successful. (2)Dr Yuan Longping his scientific research spirit and attitudes toward life This passage what is chemical and organic farming and their advantage and disadvant age. (3)Charlie Chaplin to be optimistic to face the life’s hardships and find out the covert funny of our life. this passage jokes and its great effect to make people laugh. (4)this passage the importance and necessity of body language A B and its differences between different cultures. and how to use body language to show people’s feeling.

(5)this passage learning knowledge have many ways , we can learn knowledge and play as well in the theme park or other special situation. What is the most difficult in teaching process? Can you guess? I say one of the teaching difficult is how to enable the students to use new words and phrases in proper situation all through their daily life. The students

also find it difficult to describe their experience with the build logic and well organized language (and learn from Great women their good qualities.) Well, how to achieve the teaching objects better, how to stress the important points and break through the difficult points? According to the analysis of the teaching material and the students’learning

background ,I will use the following methods . Part 2 Teaching Methods: “Communicative” Approach(交际教学法), “Whole language teaching” (整体语言教学法) and “Task-based” language teaching (任务教学法). That is to say, I’ll let the Ss to get a better understanding of the key structure of the dialogue. According to the modern social communication teaching theories(现代社会交际教学理论), I adopt the Situtional Language Teaching method(情景教学) Task-Based Language Teaching method (语言任务教学) in my teaching. Part 3 Studying Methods: Students of this stage are quick in thought and they are eager to show what they know and they have a certain ability to read .But they are lack of geography knowledge , the cultural background of those foreign countries and the courage to express they ideas. Therefore, Accessful leader should care for their learning strategy,in this lesson,I will teach my students to master the following strategy; 1)Basic learning strategy; The students can get the meaning of the words and phrase 2)Practice strategy; Practice can help the students get the general idea and have a better understanging of the language.

And Communication strategy In a ward, I’ll 1.Teach the students how to be successful language learners 2.Let the students pass “Observation—Imitation—Prasctice” strategy to study language. Part 4 Teaching Procedure New English proverb saids that the students are real master. In this lesson they are English learners and real master .So teacher should act as a guider, an organizer and a director who play a role when necessary in teaching procedure. Step 1 Lead-in. I think the most useful method to lead the students to learn is interest stimulating and discussion by themselves.1. At beginning I will let Ss to discuss: after a glance of the title and the pictures of this passage , what do you think the passage is about? (2.At beginning I will ask Ss which place they like most and what is it famous for. Then we will do the listening part to get some information and then do the following exercise) (1)And let them to know something about the story of Jane goodall /lin qiaoyin and her full love activity. (2)And ask the following questions A What would you do if there was no rice to eat tomorrow?

Who do you think is the greastest hero for hungry people in the world.? B What do you know about farming?

What will you do to increase the crop production.? (3)a And write down you idea in one senrence,then skim the passage to

see if you are right. B And tell the Ss a funny joke. I will ask one student to make a gesture and let another student


to guess what its meaning.


I will ask one student to use body language to express his feeling and

let another student to guess what its meaning. (5)a what do you think a theme park is? With a classmate discuss what

you might do in a theme park. B What exciting experience do you want to have?

Step 2 Reading 1) canning:Then studSents are going to read the passage as quickly as they can to find out the main idea and answer the following(/ture or false) questions (1)a Who is the student?

What animals were observed? B Who is the main character in this text?

What was her job? Who was her small book intended for? (2)a when and who become the first agricultural pioneer in the world to

grow rice that has a high output? What did Yuan Longping B invent ?

Why are chemical fertilizers so popular in farming today? What is organic farming?

(3)a 1)humor is always kind.


2)charlie chaplin was born in a rich family

3)he solved a sad situation by using nonverbal humor

4)he ate the shoes bacause he thought that was very funny 5)charlie chaplin B devoted his whole life to making films

Then I will let students work in pairs to read the jokes in part

one.paying attention to the rhythm and intonation (4)a what did I do to the airport

did those international students have the same body language? If not ,give an example.


And perform the feelings you can find out in this passage to our

classmates.. (5)a What does dollywood mainly show and celebrates?

And in england’s Camelot park what can you experience? B What theme park is mentioned in this passage and what is the theme

park’s main content 2)Then we will come to the Close reading part : As we know , audio-visual method make the students have bettter understanding of the passage, so I play will the tape part by part to let my students to find out the the general idea of each paragraph and pick up their hand to give the answer. 3)Then I will let students have a dissussion about the text ,then answer some questions in detial. (1)a (What was the writer doing in the forest?

What did she discover about chimps How did jane try to protect the lives of chimps in their nature habitat?) and do exercise three. B And write down three of Lin Qiaozhi’s achievements then give the

answer. (2)a (who is Yuan Longping? How much do you know about him?

What is his job? What are his achievement? What do you think we can learn from him? Why?) B What are some of the problems caused bu chemical fertilizers.

How to keep the soil fertile in organic farming. (3)a 1)what is behind fun?

2)Why people like little Tramp? 3)Do you think charlie chaplin’s eating boiled shoes funny? why? B Then do exercise .change the story into a dialogue and act it in groups

of three—li ming ,wang fei and a special attention to the rhythm and intonation of what you say and try to bing out the humour.


What people from colombia usually do when they meet people?

What is the france custom when adults meet people they know? B What does smiling means to most people?

How to show that I am bored? (5)a B what activeties you can do in these three diffenent theme park? What are three times and three places you can visit at Futuroscope?

And this (will make the students pay more attention to themselves and people around them and) check the S’s reading fields The last reading is to emphasize and consolidate the new language of the section . I will play the tape and students are going to read the passage as to make the students to imitate the pronouncatin and intonation. After reading the students will have a discussion in pairs/ Ask and answer the following questions (1)a about what make jane goodall and the other females great women. B 1. For whom and for which purpose did Lin Qiaozhi write a little book scanning which may be an important

about how to look after babies? Why do you think it was nessary? 2. Why do you think the write chose to study at medical college? (2)a What advantage and disadvantage do you see in Yuan Longping’s life?

Would you like to have a life like his? Why B If you are a farmer which method would you choose? Why? Why do you think charlie chaplin was so successful?

(3)a B

What is the effort of jokes in our daily life? And find out every country the writer mentioned with the according


culture when people greet each other. B Why should we bu careful with our body language?

Why is it important to watch as well as listen to others? (5)a If you have a chance to one of these three parks,which would you

visit? Why?


And try to retell the first paragraph.

This part can enable students to understand the given material better, to make the students grasp the useful phrases, grammar and sentences pattern for making suggestions and replying on the base of reading the dialogue fluently. Step 3 Learning about language

After reading, I will teach the students the passage in detials about vocabulary and grammar. 1 1)new words: behave deliver human being lead a ?life crowd in by chance shade observe respect argue support

intend 2)


carry on

look down upon

For example devote oneself/sth to sb/sth It means to give one’s time,energy to sb/sth; dedicate He devoted his life to the promotion of world peace. 3)grammar: Subject-verb agreement There are two sentences in this lesson ?our group are all going to visit them in the forest ?.our group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon We can see from the sentences that the projcetes are the same but the predicates are different .why ? Because the former group means all of us ,it presents many people,the later group means the group as a whole,it is just one group. 2. new words:struggle expand rid therefore export regret focus reduce

comment phrase: thanks to lead to fouce on rid of be satisfied with would rather

keep?free from/of

structures: mainly about persuasion I’d rather?

It’s better to ? I’d prefer ?because?. This is good value because ? A Grammar:the –ing form as the subject and object

Be used as subject, we can find some sentences in this passage, for exanple: Since then ,finding ways to grow more rice has been his life goal Spending money on himself or leading a comfortable life also means very little to him Just dreaming for things ,however,costs nothing Be used as object, for exanple: As a young man, he saw the great need for increasing the rice output. Dr yuan awoke from his dream with the hope of producing a kind of rice that could feed more people. B Grammer :

Over the past half century, using chemical fertilizers has become very common in farming . They demage the land by killing the helpful bacteria and pests as well as the harmful ones Organic farmers ,therefore, often prefer using nature waste from animals as fertilizer. 3. new words:entertain overcome direct slid whisper react pick out cut off star in

phrase:up to now pick off cut up

badly off cut down

structures: the structures to express one’s emotions, such as How wonderful! It surprises me that?. I couldn’t laughing when? I don’t think that’t funny at all.

Grammar: the –ing form as the predicative, attribute ,attribute and object complement .we can find some sentences in this passage, for exanple: 1.作表语 as the predicative The acting is so convincing that it makes you believe that it is one of the best meals he has ever tasted! 2.作定语 as the attribute, He grew more and more popular as his charming character, the little tramp, became known throughout the world. 3.作宾语补足语 as the attribute and object complement How did the little tramp make a sad situation entertaining? 4. new words: represent approach defend likely ease be likely to in general ai ease

phrase: defend against lose face

turn one’s back to

structures: about prohibition , warnings and obligation,such as do not? keep away from ? be careful when? you must? you will need to?. Grammar: the –ing form as the attribute and adverbial .we can find some sentences in this passage, for exanple: 3.作定语 as the attributeer ?I saw several young people enter the waiting area?. 4.作语 as the adverbial I stood for a minute watching them and then went to greet them. 5. new words:theme swing preserve advance phrase: be famous for no wander be moddelled after

in advance

get close to

come to life

structures: about asking the way and giving direcions where is the ?? Can you show me where?.? How can I get to ?? On the north/south/east/west side of the park Follow the path to?.. Grammar: we will learn three kinds of different vocabular they are word

formation ,derivation ,conversion for exanple:indoor outdoor southeasten horseback supermarket disagree enlarge amusement careful

water(n&v) don’t water the plants with dirty water mind(n&v) hemazing has an a mind I don’t mind having dog in the house ,if it is clean. B In the passage there will be some vocabulary and structures that are

different to guess their meaning and make compenhencen of this passage difficult to Ss. So I will give the words in the blackboard and let the Ss to fill in the blacks of sentences to express their precise meaning and usage. Then the students will do a pair work revolve around the vocabulary and grammar which they have just learned and make short dialogues with them .I will give them some minutes and ask some pairs to act their dialogue out in front of the whole class. Then we will deal with some exerises in the workbook to emphasize the new knowledge. Such as filling the missing words in the blanks.And retell the story in their own words. Of course, students will make some mistakes in retelling ,I will corrcet them in time . Step 4 Post-reading Practice I say to learn is to use.After the reading, students will have some practices. It will be the most interesting part to students . why? Because

I will leave students time to talk together. 1.a The students are divided into several groups and there are four in

each group with different roles. Student A will act as an ordinary person and say what makes it difficult to success. Student B will act as a great women who has the good character. Student C will act as a interviewer who ask Student B what makes her success. Student D will have a summarze. B The Ss will have a work in groups of four to descrebe Lin Qiaozhi’s kind helpful devoted hard-working

character and quality. Such as 2. a

The students are divided into several groups and there are four in

each group with different roles.Student A will act as a person who come from Africa who’s country is lack of food. Student B will act as a great scientist who has been working on crop. Student C will act as a interviewer who ask Student B how to solve the problem . Student D will have a summarze. B The students are divided into several groups and there are four in each

group with different roles.Student A will act as achemical farmer who tell us how to grow crop in chemical method. Student B will act as a great scientist tell us the disadvantage of this method. Student C will act as a organic farmer who tell ue the way solve the problem . Student D will have a summarze. 3.a Work in groups of four .I will give the students a material of humour performance them infront of the classroom.

and let students 4.b

The students are divided into several groups and there are four in

each group with different roles .I will show Student A a picture and let the student to performan its meaning to student B. Then Student B will guess its meaning and then performan what he guess to Student C .Student C will do express that he guess by using body language to Student D . at last,Student D will guess and give the answer. 5.Work in groups of four. Discuss what is the purpose of theme park ? what kind of people do you think will visit this theme park?

Most students can take their parts in this activities, especially for the Ss who have trouble in English,. In the group activities, they can speak a little English. Without doubt, this will encourage them to speak English.In fact,it is a kind of demand of human being. A famous educator says:” In one’s mind ,there is always a kind of deeply rooted demand, this is the hope to feel oneself a finder and explorer. In student’ s spirits, such demand is specially strong.” So I will give every student a chance to spesk English in our classroom. This part also leads to the emotion objective of this lesson ,that is to have moral education in this step. You can see that the way I teach reading is to follow the bottom up teaching method. I will introduce the vocabulary first and then sentences, structures and last the language focus. Step 6 Homework Then Ss will Summarize the whole lesson, and arrange the homework. 1.Do the remaining exerises in the workbook . Check the mastering of knowledge of this lesson. 2 a b (1)write a short passage to describe a women you admire most . write a short passage to describe a women you admire most .

(2)a Design a placard focus on world food day in 2010 B Do exercise 3 to write a summary of this passage following the

procedure; 1.wirte the main idea in you own word 2.rewrite topic sentence of each paragraph write the summary. (3)Ask esch student to give a joke and present it in class next period. (4)Write a short passage about the experience you misundestand one’s body language or a body language you like most ,why? (5)Write a short passage to introduce a theme park.

Purpose of my design: I think homework is so important that the students should use English as much as they can in class and after class. It is necessary for the students to master the knowledge they learned. This contents is an extension of the previous lesson, to meet the need of incressing communicating and writing demands of some students and bring their personality into play . Part 5 blackboard Design Blackboard design should be think for a thing that attract the student’ s attention and let them to write down the important teaching points. I will divide the blackboard into two parts .The left part will be used to write the important vocabulary and grammar and their usage. It will be reserved for the whole class. The right part will be precious explanation, I will write some sentence of the words ,phrases and structures to explan their meaning . No matter which steps is taken ,the purpose is to provide teacher and studends with information and internal demand to improve teaching skill and learning quality. strategy and approach will help students become more independent and the successful learner. That’s all. Thank you.



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