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Unit 1 Friendship Warming up 1.CCTV public opinion about the poisonous milk powder . A. made a list of B. made a record of C.made a survey of D.made fun of 2.The visiting Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with his talks , that he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added add C.adding D. added 3.His whole income no more than 1,000 yuan per month. A.added up to B.added to added to D.added 4.Though he was angry at the naughty boy's rudeness, he himself and talked to him with patience. A.persuaded B.prepared C.hid D.clalmed 5.As he has been ill in bed for several months, he was of the new development in his field . A.aware B.conscious C.ignorant D.ignorance 6.The best way to deal with an impolite person is to him. A.ignore B.neglect C.omit D.overlook 7.Because he didn't finish the workon time and was fired by the company, he was very about it. A.upset B.worried C.anxious D.nervous 8.That's very kind of you . I wish I give you so much trouble. A.have't to B.don't have got to C.mustn't D.didn't have to 9.I usually get up before 5:00 am, to prepare breakfast for my family. A.need B, have to C.have got to D,haven't to 10.If you can't finish the work before Friday , you may work on the weekend. A.must B.have to C.have got to D.haven't to 11. English is concerned, he is first in our class. A.As B.As soon as C.As far as D.Now that 12.The meeting was concerned reforms and everyone present was concerned their own interests. A.with ; for B.with ; with C.for ; about D.about ; with 13.It's dangerous the streets of New York alone late at night. go walk drive run 14.Anyone who is caught others out of their money shall be punished by law. A.getting B.cheating C.robbing D.persuading 15.We should be careful of cheats who often some poor men believing them. A.cheat ; out of B.cheat; in C.cheat ; into D.cheat ; to 16.She would like to know the reason fewer and fewer students are showing interest in her lesson. A.for B. why C.for that D.which 17.What do you think of the reason he explained in his last letter refusing the job? A.why ; why B.that ; for which C.which ; for D.that ;because 18. is crazy you to go out in such hot weather .

A It ; of B.It ; for C.That ; for D.This ; for 20.Please on this piece of paper all the things you want me to buy . A.make B. take C.list D.think 21.---Are all the telephone numbers in the directory ? ----Yes, all Jane's A. listed ; included B.listing ; includes C.listed ; including D.being listed ; includes 22.I've won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I my mum . taking B.have taken C.take D.will have taken 23.The police the building hoping to catch the thief . A.looked for B.searched for C.found out D.went through 24.A terrible noise the house and then we felt it shaking. A.went through B.went into C.looked into D.held into 25.As little Tom didn't want his sister to share chocolate he somewhere in his room. A.put it away B.sent it away C.hid it away D.hid away it 26.While in the countryside , he made many friends with the native there . A.worked B.working C.he works D.he is working 27.She the VCD player on the table and went out . A.set out B.set up C.set down D.set on 28.Students should form the habit of everything important in class. Which of the following can't be put in the blank ? A.putting down B.taking down C.seting down D.tearing down 29.I have everything that happened , as I remember it . A.set down B.set up C.set out D.set off 30.Two of textbooks will have been tried in these two provinces in the next three years. A.series Bserie C.copy D.set 31.A series of TV play on Channel 4 these days. B.was C.are D.were 32.Cleaning women in big cities usually get by the hour . B.paying C.paid pay 33.I was the point of hanging up the receiver when he answered it. B.about D.on 34.There seems to be no point about it any further. talk talking talking D.being talked 35.The clock hands pointed twelve . C.out 36.She opened the door quietly only a stranger face face with her. A.finding; to find ; to C.finding ; with find ; with 37.The two girls are good friends. They always walk in the street. Which is wrong ? A.hand in hand B.arm in arm C.shoulder to shoulder D.side to side 38.Everybody can see that she did it not by chance . purpose B.on purpose purpose purpose 39.--did he tell me his telephone number ? --- I have no idea .

A.For which purpose B.For what purpose C.For the purpose of D.What purpose 40.In order to make our city green, . is necessary to have planted more trees B.many trees need to plant C.our city need more trees D.we must plant more trees 41. late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm clock. A.So as to sleep B.Sleeping C.To sleep D.Having slept 42.I wondered how he that to the teacher. A.dare to say B.dare saying C.not dare say D.dared say \ 43.---Do you know our town at all ? ---No, this is the first time I here . A.was B. am coming C.came D.have been 44.It was the first time I in public. A.have spoken B.will speak C.had spoken D.will be speaking Language point



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