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Teaching Plan for the Reading and Vocabulary in Module 4, BookⅠ
执教学生:2010 级 英语本科 1 班 罗喻宁 ; 指导老师: 代礼胜

Topic: A Lively City (15min) Contents: 1. The new words and expressions in

this part; 2.The use of the present perfect tense(aspect). Teaching aims: 1. The students will be able to master some key words which are related to location,climate and tourist spot. 2. The students will be able to use present perfect tense to describe some events. 3. The students will learn to analyze a reading material and obtain some useful informations. 4. The students will learn to love our city, our hometown, and our motherland. Teaching methods: Oral Approach, Task-based Teaching Teaching focus: Students will be able to describe some events by using correct tense, vocabulary, and phrases. Teaching difficulties: Help the students to use present perfect tense correctly. Teaching aids: A computer Teaching procedures: Step1 Greetings &Revision 1. T (teacher): Good morning / afternoon, boys and girls! 2. Reviewing what have learned last class. T: Do you still remember what we have learned in last class? T: Good, we have learned some words and phrases to describe some places and constructions. Can you tell me where Fujian province is located? Any volunteers? T: Good! And the capital of Fujian province is Fuzhou, which is a big and beautiful city of Fujian, and there is another big and famous city in Fujian province, do you know the name of this city? Step 2 Pre-reading Task 1 Showing some pictures of Xiamen on the PowerPoint, and ask the students some questions to activate the atmosphere of the class and try to arouse their interest in learning the text. T: Now, please look at the screen, Are these pictures beautiful? And do you know where these places are? T: Very good! Now I will give you three minutes and please work in pairs to discuss with your partners the three questions on the slide. Then I will ask several pairs to give me your answers. Show the questions on the slide. 1. Have you ever been to Xiamen?

2. If you have been to Xiamen, what impression does it leave on you? 3. If you haven’t, can you imagine what it is like? T: OK, time is up, any volunteers? T:Thank you! You have done a good job. Task 2 Explain some new words for students in the dialogue T: Before reading the dialogue, some new words and phrases will exist in the passage.Now, please finish Exercise 3 on page 33. Step 3 While-reading Task 1 Let the students read the text individually and answer some questions according to the text. T: Please read the dialogue quickly and answer the questions on Page 33. 1.John Martin is visiting... 2. Xiao Li lives ... 3.John and Xiao Li are... T:Have you finished these questions? Let us check the answers. Task 2 Ask students to read the dialogue and answer the following questions. T:Now, you should work in pairs to read the dialogue. One is Xiao Li and the other is John Martin, understand? Then answer the questions on the slide. 1. For how many years haven’t John and Xiao Li seen each other? 2. Has John ever been to China before? 3. Does Xiao Li enjoy living on the coast? 4. Are there very few tourists in the northwest of Xiamen? 5. Are there a lot of new high-rise buildings in Gulangyu Island? 6. Are there any interesting buildings on Gulangyu Island? (OK! Time is up. I will check your answers.) Task3 Ask the students to do exercises 3,4 on page 33. T:Now please finish Exercises 3,4 on Page 33. I will give you several minutes. Then we will check the answers. Task 4 Explain difficult language points. T: Now let’s deal with some difficult language points in the text. Look at the following sentences. . 1. It’s been six years since we last saw each other, you know. “Since” is often used in the sentence structure: It is / has been+时间段+since ... e.g. It has been three years since he joined the army.他参军已经三年了。 ... but this is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to.

(sb.) have been to a place(某人)到过某地(该人现已不在那个地方)
比较: (sb.)have gone to a place(某人)已去了某地(该人不在说话现场)

e.g. A: Where have you been? We have been looking for you. B: I have been to the library. I was looking up some information on the Internet.
A: 你上哪去了?我们到处找你。 B: 我去图书馆了,在网上查了些资料。

Mr. Li isn’t in. He has gone to the town.

T: I’d like to hear some sentences from you by using these two language points. Volunteers, please? Step 4 Post-reading T:By learning the dialogue, I think you have known something about Xiamen, right? Good! Now I’ll give you three minutes to work in pairs. Suppose you are a guide in Xiamen, please introduce it to your visitors using the informations that you know. Go! T:OK, who wants to be the volunteer as a guide. Step 5 Homework 1. Retell the whole passage by describing the city of Xiamen and the neighborhood where Xiao Li lives in the third person. 2. Find out all the sentences in present perfect tense in the text. Layout of blackboard a.Important words and phrases District Shopping mall Friendly Lively Attractive Gorgeous b.Important sentence patterns 1.This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to. 2.It ’s so lively, and everyone seems so friendly. 3.They’ve put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently. c. Homework Write a composition to introduce your favorite city.




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