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人教版必修一 unit3 reading

Here are some famous rivers in China. Do you know their names?

This river is called our mother river.

The Yellow River

This river is the longest one in Chi

The Yangtze River

This is the famous river in Guangdong Province.

The Pearl River

TheMekong River

?The river has two names. ?This river begins in Qinghai Province and flows through several countries.

The Yellow River

The Yangtze River

the Nile

The great rivers

the Thames

the Mississippi

the Amazon


The countries the Mekong River flows through:

China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam




What are they dreaming about?

Taking a great bike trip
Who is the author?

Wang Kun.
Who will take part in the trip?

Wang kun, Wang Wei and their cousins Dao Wei and Yu Hang.

Where and How

They have the idea to cycle along ___ _____the Mekong River. From ______ where it begins ______to where _____ it _____. ends

Detail reading: Is it easy to travel along the Mekong river? Why? The data of the river:
Source of the river altitude

Wang Wei’s reaction: A determined look wouldn’t change her mind excited about it Interesting experience

Qinghai Province More than 5,000 meters Hard to breathe Very cold

air weather

Interesting experience

Careful reading
Para. 2: True or False? ? ( ) 1. Wang Wei insisted she organize the trip, because she knows the proper way to get to the places. ? ( ) 2. Once Wang Wei has decided something, nothing will change her mind. ? ( ) 3. Wang Wei feels worried when she learns about the difficulties of the trip.

determined careful energetic (full of energy) brave reliable

shy stubborn helpful

Multiple Choice: 1.The Mekong River flows through _____ countries.
A. 3 B. 4 C. 5

2. The source of the Mekong River is in _____ Province.
A. Qinghai B. Yunnan C. Sichuan

Multiple Choice: 3. The river’s delta enters _____ .

A. the East China Sea
B. the Yellow Sea C. the South China Sea

Let’s try to find out the geographical terms (地理术语).
rapids glacier waterfall valley


bends/ meanders


The Mekong begins glacier on a in a ______ Mountain in Qinghai.

As it enters Valley Southeast Asia, it information about Find out more plain runs slowly. ItMekong changes. how the Waterfall bends or makes ______ glacier meanders to the _________ Delta ________. plain
Rapids Bend Meander

Then, it becomes rapids _____ as it passes through deep valleys _____, sometimes waterfall it becomes a _______.

At last the river ______ delta enters the ______________ . South China Sea

? How did Wang Kun and Wang Wei make a plan for their journey?
schedule destination information about the place

traffic tool expectation


Our Travel Plan
Destination Traffic Tool Schedule Information about the place Our expectation ……


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