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随堂练习之 2012 年陕西省单选及词汇真题
IV 单项选择。 本题共有 10 个小题,请从每个小题的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 21. Look at _________ eraser on the floor. Whose is it? A. a B. an C. the D. /

22. —Who did you go to the mo

vie _________? —Nobody. I went alone. A. with B. about C. for D. from

23. —_________ can I get the book if I order it today? — In a week. A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How many

24. I am going to the supermarket to buy some _________ this afternoon. A. paper and pencil C. milk and eggs B. apples and banana D. bowl and spoons

25. The workers in the Huashan Mountains have to ______ rubbish to keep the mountains clean. A. turn up B. pick up C . mix up D. give up

26. —Sam, come downstairs, please. I need your help. —Sorry,mum. I _________ on the phone.. A. am talking B. talked C. was talking D. have talked

27. Ten years had passed _____ the CCTV event People Who Moved China took place in 2002. A. when B. while C. before D. since

28. This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party. We should find a _________ one. A. big B. small C. bigger D. smaller

29. A new club _____ in our school at the beginning of this year and now it has many members. A. starts B. is started C. has started D. was started

30. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I don’t know _________. A. what can I do for my father C. where I went with my father B. what I will get for my father D. where will I go with my father


VII 完成句子。 根据所给中文意思,完成下面各句。 56. 英语是你最喜欢的科目吗? Is English your __________________? 57. 每天读书是个好习惯。 It’s a good habit to __________________ every day. 58. 帮助别人就是帮助我们自己。 Helping others is helping __________________. 59. 汽车站离我家很远。 The bus stop is very __________________ my home. 60. 他通常在放学后踢足球。 He usually plays soccer __________________. VIII 短文填空。 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文完整正确。 (每个单词限用一次)

bad, know, win, example, can,


be, she, hard, take

Bethany Hamilton, from Hawaii, likes surfing very much. She began to surf (冲浪) at the 61.________ age. At the age of eight, Bethany took part in her first surf competition and 62.________. This started a love for surf competition in her. On October 31, 2003, while she 63. ________ surfing, a big shark (鲨鱼) came over to Bethany suddenly. The shark got her left arm, and hurt her 64. ________. Luckily, she tried her best and swam back to the land. Bethany lost over 60% of her blood and was 65. ________ to hospital. The doctors saved her life. The girl was brave and strong-minded. Though she lost her arm, she 66. ________ still surf. Later, Bethany returned to the water. She didn’t give up 67. ________ dream of becoming a surfer, but she had to practice 68. ________ than before. The next year, Bethany got the first place in an important surf competition. As time went by, people all over the world began to 69. ________ about Bethany and her story. In 2011, a movie about her was made. She is one many good 70. ________ to teenagers through the story of a brave girl with strong mind and hope.


随堂练习之 2012 年陕西省单选及词汇真题
IV 单项选择。 21~25CAACB VII. 完成句子 56. favorite subject 57. do some reading/ do the reading /read a book/ read (some) books 58. ourselves 59. far (away) from 60. after school /when school is over VIII. 短文填空 61. young 66. could 62. won 67. her 63. was 68. harder 64. badly 69. know 65. taken 70. examples 26~30ADCDB




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