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Unit 4 Astronomy
the science of the stars

Are you interested in Astronomy ?
Step 1

A quiz on astronomy

Part 1: True or False 1. The earth moves around the sun. T 2. It takes the earth one day to move around the sun. F a year 3. Earth is the only planet moving around the sun. F 8 planets

5. The earth is the only planet in the T solar system which has living creatures.
4. There is atmosphere on the moon. F no

Mercury 水星
Venus 金星 Earth 地球 Mars 火星

Jupiter 木星

Saturn 土星

Uranus 天王星

Neptune 海王星

Let’s brainstorm the following questions 1. Do you know how the universe began according to chinese culture ? In China, we all know that Pangu separates the sky from the earth.

Chinese Legends (传说) ?Pangu separated the sky from the earth.
?His whole body then turned into all

kinds of things in the universe.
盘 古 开 天 辟 地

2.Try to put the ⑥ right order of development of life on the earth? ? ? If you want to ⑤ know more, please turn to Page 25

Look at title and the pictures. Can you get some information about what we will learn from the text ? How life begin on the earth Big bang ??? The evolution(development) of life on the earth ??? The text may tell us the ___________ of the earth and the ___________ of life on it.

Fast reading

Match the main idea with each paragraphy.

Para. 1 Para. 2 Para. 3

Para. 4 Para. 5

The formation(形成) of the earth. The importance of water for life. A widely accepted theory about the formation of the universe. The arrival of humans and their impact on the earth. The development of plants and animals on the earth.

Careful reading Task one (para 1)
What is the widely accepted theory in Para 1? The universe began with a "Big Bang" that throw matters...bodies.

Task two (para 2)
How did the earth come into being(产生)?
Big Bang a solid _______ ball/globe

dust a cloud of _____
slowly combine

fire and _____ rock it exploded loudly with _____ atmosphere the earth’s ___________

cooled down the earth ______

Why is water so important for the beginning of life?

Because water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into

the oceans and seas.

Paragraph4 What life developed after water appeared? small plants green plants forest
early shellfish and all sorts of fish

insects and amphibians

reptiles mammals

Para 5
About 2.6 million years ago Now

Answer question After the clever animals (humans) became important on the earth, what happened? Humans produce too much carbon dioxide , making the earth too hot to live in.

④ ⑤







Let’s check whether we put the right order at first. Are you right?

Task three
Please read the text again, then put the order of these sentences. ( exercise 2, page 27) □ Insects and amphibians appeared □ The earth became a solid ball □ Reptiles appeared. □ The earth was a cloud of dust. □ Shellfish and other fish appeared. □ Clever animals with hands and feet appeared.

□ Dinosaurs appeared. □ Small plants grew on the water. □ Plants began to grew on the earth. □ Water appeared on the earth. □ The universe begin with a “big bang” □ Mammals appeared.

clever animals● humans mammals● ● reptiles● dinosaur


plants grow on the land● insects and amphibians ● small plants● shellfish and fish

water appears⊕ ⊕solid globe ⊕dust Big Bang Big Bang

Time 2.6 Now million

4.5-3.8 many million billion years later

Sum up formation of The text may tell us the ___________ water appear, the earth and after ________ development of life one after the ___________ another on it.

In the last paragraph, we know humans face seriously global warming problem, which is threatening our existence. Can you write something to call on us to protect our environment ?

The earth we live in is becoming more and more terrible, so we must take measures to deal with it Firstly: Secondly: Thirdly: We hope the environment will become more and more beautiful.

The earth we live in is becoming more and more terrible, so we must take measures to deal with it Firstly, the government should pass laws to prevent people and factories from polluting the environment. Secondly, everyone should realize the importance of the problem and try their best to protect the environment and fight against pollution. Besides, it’s a good ideas to plant trees to improve the environment. We hope our earth will become more and more beautiful.

1. Learn the new words by heart 2. Listen to the recording of the text, and paraphrase the difficult sentences in the text.


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