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1. 阅读课的教学方案
1. Teaching aims: 1. Train the students’ reading ability. 2. Enable the students to realize ... 3. Stimulate(激发) the students’ interest and ... 2. Teaching methods: 1. Fast reading to get general idea of the text. 2. Careful reading to understand the passage better. 3. Teaching procedures(程序) : Step1 Lead-in Use some pictures of ... to lead in the topic. Step 2 Pre-reading 1. Play a guess game: ... 2. Play another guess game: ... Step 3 Predict(预测) 1. Ask the students to predict what the reading passage talks about according to the title and illustrations(插图) of passage. The teacher can give some clues by talking about the illustrations: ... ... Step 4 Skimming(略读) 1. Let the students skim the whole passage to get the main idea, then evaluate their predictions. During this activity, the teacher should give some guidance(指导) on reading skills. Main idea of the passage: ... 2. Let the students skim the passage and divide it into different parts to find out the main idea of every part an the topic sentences. Part 1 (paragraph 1...) ... ... Step 5 Careful reading ... (问题) Ask the students to scan the second part and complete the chart (图表) with information from the passage. Ask the students to read carefully and finish the following tasks: ... ... (设计一些问题或判断对错等)

2. 听说课的教学方案:
Knowledge aims 1. To listen to and understand the listening materials. 2. Students can master the following expressions: ... (一些句型) Ability aims 1. Enable students to catch and understand the listening materials. 2. Develop students’ ability to get special information and take note while listening. 3. Get students to learn and use the expressions of ... Emotional aim 1. Enable students to know more about ... 2. Develop students’ sense of ... Teaching procedures Step 1 Lead-in Play a game ... 1. Put students into pairs. Give them each two minutes to think of ... ... (游戏过程) Step 2 Pre-listening 1. Tell students they will listen to a dialogue about ... 2. Give students some directions and make them predict what the listening text is about. Step 3 While-listening 1. Tell students listen to the tape first to get the main idea and decide whether their prediction gist right or not. 2. Ask students to listen to the tape again. Let them listen and answer some questions. (Show the questions on the blackboard) 3. Students exchange the information and listen to the tape a third time for checking. Let them have the correct answers. Step 4 Post-listening 1. Give 2-3 minutes to students to ask questions if they have any. 2. Show students the listening text and let them read it aloud. 3. Let students read aloud the questions and expressions on the blackboard: ... (之前目标里的句型) 4. Make sure they will understand and enable to use the, Then let them in Pairs discuss ... 5. Get some pairs to act out their dialogue in front of the class. Step 5 Homework 1. Make sentences with the expressions in the lesson. 2. Surf the internet to find out more information about ...

3. 给一篇文章用来讲语法的课堂设计
Knowledge objectives To learn the use of ... (语法点) Ability objectives To use ... (语法) correctly and properly according to the context. Emotional objectives 1. To become interested in grammar learning. 2. To develop the sense of group cooperation Teaching important points Get students to learn and master the new grammar item: ... (语法) Teaching difficult points Enable students to learn how to use ... correctly. Teaching procedures Step 1 Revision 1. Check the homework exercises. 2. Let students dictate some new words and expressions. Step 2 Discovering useful structures 1. Ask students to read through the passage ... , pick out the sentences where ... (语法) are, and then underline ... (语法) 2. Let students work in pairs to translate these sentences and try to understand the use of ... 3. Have students observe the sentences and draw the conclusion: ... Step 3 Understanding and summarizing 1. Ask students to work in pairs to finish the following exercises on how ... are used. (Show the following on the screen) ... Step 4 Using structures (Show the following exercises on the screen or give out exercises papers.) Answer the following questions using ... ... 1. Ask students to work in group of four. 2. Give them four minutes to finish the work and ask each group to choose the best answers. 3. Ask students to choose the best sentences. Step 5 Playing the game Get into groups and play the game: Step 6 Closing down by a quiz. (Show some exercises on the screen.) Let students finish them within a few minutes, then check the answers with the whole class.

4. 写作课的教学方案
Knowledge objectives By the end of this lesson the students: 1. will have a better understanding of the structure and characteristics of an advertisement. 2. will grasp some useful words and expressions to describe a good restaurant such as: ... Ability objectives 1. To grasp the use of persuasive sentences. 2. To improve the ability of in gathering, analyzing, comparing and making conclusion. Moral objectives 1. To improve the students’ learning motivation. 2. To make the students become confident. 3. To improve their ability of cooperating with each other through discussing. Teaching important and difficult points Task-based approach, cooperating approach and communicative approach. Teaching procedures Step 1 Revision & lead in First check the homework of last class. Then let the students swap the homework with each other and discuss in groups of 4, take notes, find out and category the impressive sentences into 5 kinds of information: ... Step 2 Discussing 1. Show students 4 pictures of ... 2. Ask 3 students to report their work, show them the pictures of ... Step 3 Pre-writing 1. Show them the sample ... 2. Read the ... and think over what are the characteristics of ... , encourage some students to analyze and tell their opinion. Step 4 While-writing 1. Ask students to read the requirements on the text. 2. Ask them to write the topic sentence first, and then write at least 6 supporting sentences to ... Step 5 Post-writing Let them swap their passage with each other and recommend 3 most successful ... Step 6 Homework 1. Polish students’ writing and write some more aspects of ...Their final work will be modified and selected, then the most successful ones will be put up on the English Corner. 2. Review the words and expressions in this unit.

5. 阅读课的教学方案
Teaching aims 1. To know the meaning and usage of the following words: ... To understand some important sentences in the text and know the structure and usage of inversion. 2. To master the micro-reading skills through skimming and scanning. 3. To know the ability and knowledge ... and develop the ability of getting information from the passage and dealing with the information. Teaching methods Task-based learning; situational learning; group work learning. The key and difficult points 1. To enable the students to get the main idea of the passage, analyze the structure, and get useful information. 2. To train the students of micro-reading skills such as skimming and scanning, and develop their ability of reorganizing and transferring information. Teaching process Step 1 Pre-reading Question: Step 2 Skimming Questions ( To explain some words and structures.) Step 3 Detailed reading Step 4 Interview Step 5 Summary Step 6 Homework 1. Read and practice the dialogue after class fluently. 2. Find the useful words and expressions in the passage and do exercises on the textbook following the passage to consolidate them.



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